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  1. Found it. Its the Positioning effect to force the ranged AI that can bust stealth. The fear is on it, not you so it won't show up in Surveillance.
  2. Aren't Cabal the ones with the aura debuff that counts as an attack and cancels your invis?
  3. Sorry, but those are just placeholder headers, no new guides have been submitted. You can find the same section with the old material in the pre-shutdown Guide to Guides that this one's formatting is based on. Plenty of game world linked articles there. Or over on the Paragon Wiki.
  4. Kinetics: Repel. Blech. Such an endurance pig even the Empress of Endurance set can't afford to run the toggle. And multiple kin powers heavily reward being in the scrum for use, like effin' Transference, making it counterproductive too. Kiss your endurance goodbye if you so much as brush something that resists its KB! It would be so much more useful as a click power. Worth using on Test Server for Bowling for Skuls though. Have you ragdolled all of Perez Park today?
  5. ... Basically? Swarms are underlings. That's what the inf was from, incidental sub-minion death.
  6. My final screenshot, of my final group, on the final server: Test. That's a pile of DE GMs in RWZ for those that missed the event Leandro et. al. ran. I missed the gathering at the Vanguard base due to being under such a large pile. Took 7 years but the refugees finally made it to a new universe.
  7. Thanks for the submission. Updated.
  8. You can skip one mission a week by talking to the contact. I've never used it, so someone else will have to fill in details if you wind up needing them.
  9. And there's always one hiding in a niche whose gaolers don't agro as you run by 43 times. So you sit there chagrined as the GM summons you 12 whole feet to the one you missed. The key to the Skipper mission is to wait at the portal to defeat the first group or two then alternate between defeating a group running to the portal and sweeping a group idling in the fields. Start on the east path and all of the many remaining groups will path the same way. And don't bring a large team or you'll let 15 past if you miss a single group.
  10. 🤦‍♂️ Whoops. I was watching for forum notifications, not the thread itself. Updated.
  11. I got monkey'd while in a pile of Monsters on a Hami raid. It was hilarious. Especially as right then Hamidon spawned and everyone bailed, leading to me hopping away from a swarm of DE. I love this dumb effect. The worse the timing, the funnier it is.
  12. Her power to make everything about her even extends to forums she isn't on! 😉 Buttflap.
  13. Added Harlequin's guides. I'd still like to find people to administer AT specific indexes. While the number of AT guides is low right now, it could easily balloon. It would be nice to have those nice and tidy in their own threads with other people updating them so I can focus on keeping up with everything else. Having specialists archive for the ATs might also be useful for encouraging updating or at least exporting old guides off the web archive. Many are plenty good, but the stored state is sluggish enough I don't want to directly link to them. Though if there are only a
  14. A random thought just occurred to me. In game we can link powers by placing the power name in brackets. [Sprint] for example. I've noticed the forum has a related feature with names (e.x. @KnightSoul). I'm wondering if the software has the capacity to bring that in game function onto the forums. I'll poke around the the instructions , but its not my area of expertise. Obviously it would be a huge data entry project to do so, but we can crowdsource it if the PTB determine that they have the technology and drive.
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