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  1. The honor is to give! Thank you for your efforts.
  2. Done. Happy to help out. Keep up the good work, cats. ^_^
  3. I was in the mood to make something a bit Running Man-esque with a dash of Death Race 2050 in there... The SUPERBrawl Games is the brainchild of an eccentric and self-proclaimed "great showman" named Chester Tickle, who has gathered a collection of champions, an inexhaustible supply cannon fodder enemies, and cheesy gimmicks to put together a grand showcase of meta-human abilities for all the folks at home... and you just received an invitation to Tickle Island to participate in the next episode. Arc contains EBs, AVs, and customized enemies. Feedback is always welcome. ^_^
  4. Glad I was finally able to donate something this time! Keep it up, and thank you!
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