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  1. Discord: Allastor#6106 Timezone Currently: GTM-3 Availability: Evenings & Weekends (Limited - to be discussed) Demo Reel: W.I.P. (Old 2016 Demo Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw0G_Mi9Xo0) Skills 3D Rigging & Animation 3D Modelling & Texturing 2D/3D VFX MEL Scripting (basic) Software proficiency Autodesk Maya Unity3D Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Flash) Interested In 3D character animations (player characters, monsters, etc). VFX for new power sets, buffs, etc. Experience 8+ years experience in the industry of videogames for web, mobile, and some next gen. consoles as a Rigger, Animator and VFX Artist, as well as knowledge in the pipeline for integration of assets in Unity3D. Modelling & Texturing are secundary skills used for both character development, props, etc. Most of my career I have worked as a Rigger & Animator for a couple of companies in Latin America as well as outsourced products. Currently hired by Pomelo Games (Uruguay), hence the limited availability. Some architectural background.
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