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  1. Souvenir text: Coral Bonanza Paragraph 3: "But she was curious about" Sentence ends prematurely - suggest it should be: "But she was curious about them." Also Parapgraph 3: "She sent you to the famed vodoun master," Vodoun is a proper noun; this should be capitalised.
  2. Found a couple of typos in the Souvenir 'Lost and Found' The first sentence currently reads: "Timothy Raymond was once a normal man, as normal as anyone can be in the Rouge Isles" That should be 'Rogue Isles'. In the second paragraph of the same souvenir, second sentence: "He makes your on anger rise just by standing next to him." Should be: own.
  3. Found a typo in the Souvenir text of Project Fury: In the last paragraph, I'm pretty sure that 'seizing' should be 'ceasing'.
  4. /macro NAME "powexec_location me Tar Patch" 'NAME' should appear on the button. You didn't mention using quotes anywhere when trying to create the macro. I can't log in right now, but that might work.
  5. I'm hoping a server reset flushes the errors out. Hope the characters don't get too wet. :)
  6. Hi, I have a character that is 'Still Logging off' on Torchbearer, and has been for about an hour now. I have a character on Excelsior that was doing an AE mission, On completion, 'cannot find map' error, which persists after logging off. Neither can be logged on. Is there any way to resolve these errors?
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