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  1. There is now a SG and most of the streamers are on Everlasting right now
  2. This is why there is no teams. It is simply a solo adventure unless you are with other Iron person participants.
  3. Yeah it is a time process and some have that skill it is more about the journey then the goal in this case.. so far of the 10 or so streamers everoyne is having fun
  4. We made two images to use in your overlays if you wanna use them to signify you are doing the challenge.. GOOD LUCK FOLKS!
  5. What it basically is is a small group of dedicated CoH streamers are goign to be using those rules and creating characters.
  6. Right this is just a static groudwork and any more or complicated rules you wish to instill are perfectly fine. And yeah it is a chalenge for me as well but i think it will be both fun for myself and entertaining for viewers.
  7. What I mean is that you cannot get any items from outside influences. You can use the Ah but all money must be made through your own means likes running missions or the like. And exactly a few days hard effort is what it is meant to be. This is a challenge in seveor factors but the death thing is the main challenge .
  8. Yes i know but i wanted ot make it INTRESTING stalkers and trollers can survive a LOT
  9. The second rule is cause they are easily soloable.. gotta hanve a challenge!
  10. So myself and other CoH streamers have developed a play on the classic "Iron man Challenge" that was popular for a time. As such i am inviting others to come along for the ride. The Iron Man challenge is designed with streamers in mind but anyone can participate with using the honor system! The Rules for the Iron Man is as follows Must be a newly created character. Cannot be any of the following AT’s: Brute, Tank, Scrapper, Sentinel. No Power Leveling or teaming with any other live player unless they are also participating
  11. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/28867-whats-your-stream/
  12. Now that the news of CoH/CoV being able to be streamed has dropped. Lets get some viewers active.. so What is your stream folks. Mine is
  13. Would this be a good time to advertise my stream since i can now stream Coh *lol*
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