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  1. If someone's name is clicked via the chat window, and one clicks "Get Global Name" from the resulting menu, this will sometimes return the error "Unknown command: get_global_name." This does not happen all the time and seems to lack rhyme or reason for why it occurs,
  2. The invisibility option for Stealth on the beta server is not as transparent as the Invisibility power itself currently is on the live server. For reference, see below. The top is from beta while the bottom is from the live server.
  3. I think we'll see something related to henchmen customization eventually, at the very least. They've indicated that it's a popular request and the recent changes with Illusion Control this year make me hopeful.
  4. Mastermind customization, hopefully. I'd like to see something similar to what the Thunderspy server has but more properly implemented. Or hopefully some content in Kallisti Wharf. That'd be fun, too. These are more hopes than guesses, I suppose.
  5. Personally, I think the best change in regards to difficulty should come from the top up. A new trial of some kind at the end game to really test people's mettle would go a long way. It would give people something to do with those incredibly powerful builds they've thrown together. This would, of course, be a lot of work. I'm probably underestimating the amount of effort that would go into such an idea. However, posthumous content additions such as Market Crash and the Vigilante/Rogue story arcs have actually been really well-polished and fun. If the team were to ever create a new challenge
  6. Bump! The time approaches! Be sure to come on out. It'll be great!
  7. I want this too. I want both.
  8. Speaking as someone who is on fleek, I am inclined to endorse this suggestion.
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