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  1. why is -end considered part of the power budget? -end is not generally a useful debuff, especially on harder targets since they have resistance to this. To me, -end is mainly thematic but should not be part of the overall budget of power in this set. I may feel differently when the new IOs go live and I can play with those on my electric blast defender, but I've never felt like the -end on his abilities were in any way useful.
  2. New set looks really cool - I wish it had some kind of -regen. There are already plenty of support sets that do not offer -regen and it's pretty important for AVs/GMs.
  3. Also confirming for shriek on sonic attack. I just played my sonic defender and the activation time is WAY longer than usual.
  4. I must have missed this thread before, but I love all the suggestions in the poll and they are great examples of how to increase difficulty. I don't think that leveling is too easy. It's mainly endgame that's the issue when it comes to difficulty in that it's too easy. It's a tough balance because you don't want progression to grind to a halt after 50, but that progression has made a lot of the content really trivial. In 50 teams, I literally never die on any of my characters (defenders, corruptors included). It's hard to enjoy the content when all of it feels like just running through mobs and obliterating them before they can even respond.
  5. I've already said I'm interested in trying an SO only character. The problem with this is that I either need to just never team with anyone ever (because nobody else will be doing this, and they will just steamroll content FOR me) or just exclusively play with a group of friends that are only using SOs (which is certainly an option, albeit difficult to get everyone on the same time schedule and means I can only play when everyone else can play). Like it has previously been stated, difficulty is something that can and should be critiqued in games. Saying I have to go out of my way to make the game more easy is the equivalent of saying that I'm making the game easy literally by playing it the way it was intended to be played (which is using the enhancements that are built into the game). Of course I can lock myself out of entire pieces of content to make it difficult. I could only play psionic clockwork missions to make sure I take some damage when I actually get hit, too. Just because there are options to make the game more difficult doesn't mean the game isn't overall extremely easy when playing it through all of the normal channels of gameplay. These include: Teaming with people literally ever, unless there's some kind of gentlemen's agreement to only use SOs Using IOs literally at all, even though years of design went into them I feel generally exhausted by even having this conversation because this community is very stubborn when it comes to change. I suspect the Devs of Homecoming feel like they have to really tip-toe around balance because, being that this is a private server, if they decide to change something that people don't like then there could be an exodus to another server that had COH just how they liked it. This server is supposed to be the 'future' of CoH. But, it's impossible for CoH to have a future without change. The general argument in this thread is this: I'm having fun the way it is, so don't change anything. But nobody is telling you to stop having fun. We're just saying the community will probably shrink over time if the game remains this easy. We're not saying 'doom and gloom' nobody will be playing. But, part of the joy of any MMO is seeing lots of people around. Not everyone is going to find it fun to steamroll through the same content for years and years - and that will make the game LESS fun for those of you that stick around. Because a giant world that feels* empty of people isn't the CoH as you remember it. *note it doesn't have to literally be empty of people to feel empty. If you go into atlas and only see 2 people there, even if 80 people are online on your server, in such a large world it will feel more empty than the current state of the game where hundreds are logged on at any point in time. And if we can't agree on this, then my further involvement in this thread is completely pointless.
  6. Nobody said you shouldn't even try to solo. Are you even reading? I said if the game were more difficult, support classes would have more trouble soloing than scrappers and the like. And that's true. Were you around in issue 1 and 2? that would definitely have been the case then... Maybe I should be more clear. I'm not saying more difficulty means that these support classes CANT SOLO. Just that it would be more difficult, or time consuming. This is currently the case, but would be more noticeable with an increase in difficulty. And saying that "calling them support classes is Holy Trinity BS" is also false. It's literally in the game. See image below.
  7. If you're talking about soloing, I agree that more difficulty means that support classes will suffer. But they are support classes - they're not really designed to be solo artists. That said, support classes would FLOURISH all the more in more difficult content on teams, because their buffs and debuffs are that much more useful to keeping the team alive and helping the team deal damage effectively.
  8. I don't think that this is true. At all. First of all, there are a lot of ways to increase difficulty. I'm not asking for +5 and +6 enemies. But, even if there were +5 and +6, controllers WOULD be more valuable because things wouldn't instantly die. Second off, what is with all these controllers talkign about how much they love their controller and then saying it's illusion? Illusion is the LEAST CC controller there is. And it really isn't even talking about the same thing. Phantom Army is a different kind of control that is pretty much always going to be useful. Most other types of controllers aren't very useful in the meta right now unless you're doing a Hamidon Raid and need to kill mitochondria or whatever they're called. That said, Hamidon Raids and the Hamidon mission in LGTF are great examples of content that is more difficult without increasing the level scalar. In addition to this, I think the game in general would be more fun and difficult if less classes had access to soft capped defenses. I don't know if that means giving more enemies -Def powers or what. Because I know people will rage if you take away their set bonuses, even if (in my opinion) nerfing defensive set bonuses would be extremely good for the game when it comes to difficulty and teaming and usefulness of classes. Don't respond to that last sentence as if that's the crux of what I'm arguing, because it's not. Point is, we need more difficult content. there are a variety of ways to go about that.
  9. I haven't read this whole thread, only a couple pages. But I agree with the OP actually.... I miss the days of feeling like city of heroes was a challenge. Unforunately I think incarnates and IOs/set bonuses killed this. I know that people are saying to just 'play with SOs' then... and maybe that's worth a spin if I got a group together to do that. But, I think for the long term health of the game, there either has to be more challenging content or some stuff has to be nerfed. I know the community would outrage if stuff was nerfed, and so that's not an option. And, I agree, some ATs feel completely obsolete. Controllers especially in a team that's actually IO'd feel useless. Why do things need to be held if they're dead? Why do things need to be held if they're alive but the whole team is soft-capped to defense? Controllers actually used to be (arguably) the strongest class. Now, they've been powercreeped out of usefulness. Can you play a controller and still enjoy it? Sure. You can. But it feels silly playing my controller on teams that are actually competent because the only things that actually matter in 99.9% of the content in this game is damage and survivability. Not debuffs, not control, not buffs. Hell, buffing defenders are hardly ever seen because of this. Force Field? Sonic Defenders? why would you pick that when everyone's running around with soft capped defense and close to capped S/L resistance? I don't know. I get why people are upset by this thread because you're having fun with the game still. I'm glad that you are. And I know that there are others that are still just as captivated with City of Heroes at its current state as they ever have been. But for a lot of people, including myself, I worry that there's going to come a day when I get bored of steamrolling through 4x8 missions with ease.
  10. I do the same thing with shiftt+click. Very useful, especially on burst of speed since you can use it 3 times in a row!
  11. I'll be honest I only glanced over this, but my initial reaction is this: How is this different than a blaster that is using either /devices or /ninja? In the case of /devices, your first attack after not attacking for a while does an increased amount of damage (like a buildup type of thing). It refreshes in the same amount of time as a stalker hide. Shinobi from /ninja is also intended to offer something like this. Neither of these offer the range you're thinking of I'm guessing, or perhaps you're really wanting a "crit" instead of just a buildup. I do really like the idea of being a 'ranged' stalker with a narrow cone nuke. Seems cool. I will say, I don't see why this set should receive mez protection. The only ranged character with mez protection is Sentinels, who suffer from lower damage output than their other ranged counterparts (except defender).
  12. look - I'm not saying that it shouldn't sound the way it does... but why is it like 30 decibels higher than all the other sounds in the game? It makes it impossible to have the other sounds in the game at a reasonable volume. Its either I turn down all the sounds so I can hardly hear anything and then Ball Lightning is at a reasonable volume, or I turn them ALL up to a normal volume and the occasional ball lightning makes my ears bleed. who the hell designed that?
  13. as long as the targetting stays shitty I guess I'm happy. otherwise you're changing what the power originally did.
  14. it actually was extremely satisfying to use the Repel ability (Ki Push) from /Martial and then burst of speed into them.
  15. not having any AoE's DOES make a set wildly different. What the f?
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