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  1. I think some of these "advantages" you're stating are inherent to other toggle mez protects as well, though. Because of the change to toggles #3 isn't really relevant anymore... since toggles don't drop when you're held unless they affect the enemies. #5 isn't relevant because if you have the toggle on in an alternative pool, you won't have to worry about doing that to begin with. #1 kind of goes back to the advantage of end drain... in that a toggle with end drain is only coming off if you run out of end. Which, is kind of the same advantage of not having to worry about a toggle that costs end. I will concede that stacking the effects is a significant advantage, although I don't think I've run into many situations that I'd have been held with a toggle mez protect anyway. That said, You're completely right. I don't think there is a need to add another auto power activation toggle just for mez protect... but I do think it would be a nice QoL change, allowing sets with these mez protects to have more of a "choice" when it comes to where they want to auto cast. But, I don't know much about the coding in the game and what would be difficult and what would not be. If that is a significant amount of work for a small QoL change, then sure let it be. But, if it's not, it seems like a good change.
  2. yeah, except if you get knocked up on repeat then you can't fire it off. I don't think it's a substantial buff, if a buff at all. It's more a QoL change I'm looking for. clicky mez protects last reasonably long as is, so being able to have it on auto means that it likely would fire off before a fight begins... meaning the power queuing wouldn't affect it anyway. I understand the general concern about power creep with small changes like this but I don't really feel like it's a buff as much as a QoL change. substantial advantages? it has exactly one advantage: you don't have to run another toggle that costs end. I don't really feel like the 'cost' of running a clicky mez being that you have to remember firing it to be a particularly compelling cost if it's going to have one.
  3. Things like SR, Shield Defense, etc. that have a clicky mez protection are required to choose between auto-casting hasten (or whatever their auto cast choice would've been) and auto-casting their mez protect (which, if they forget to click in the middle of a long fight, could end up killing them. I understand why auto-casting multiple abilities has potential to break the game, and I understand why it's currently limited to one. But if there were an option for Defensive Powersets to be able to Auto-cast one power as normal, and in addition the option of auto-casting their Clicky Mez protect ONLY (not just any extra power they want) that would be a huge QoL thing for those sets. I know that the benefit to having clicky mez protection is that you don't have to worry about End Drain from a toggle. But, it feels kind of whack that if you're in that Powerset you're basically required to auto-cast your clicky mez anyway unless you have a killer memory as to when it's going to drop. I've found that in intense fights, it's easy to get focused on all kinds of other things and then sometimes it drops because I was trying to do everything else I could to stay alive and then I'm mezzed to death. Not fun. Sincerely, Someone that wants to be able to auto-cast hasten and my mez protect so I don't die. thx.
  4. WOW i didn't know this!!! I'm going to make a soldier now 😄
  5. I mean, it's not like playing around with it affects the live game. They have a beta server for a reason and I'm sure they have a hidden test server as well where they make changes before they even put it in beta. the literal only reason I don't have interest in VEATs is that I hate that I'm locked into costume pieces that I find to be really ugly.
  6. You're insane if you think wild bastion is useless. Nature is an incredible set that doesn't need any help right now.
  7. Personally, an inherent that gives to-hit and perception to the team and self seems more useless than the current inherent. Especially in end-game content, people aren't really missing their abilities since they have so much accuracy from set bonuses. -Res, however, is always useful.
  8. Hi there! If you have PvP questions a good place to check would be the Homecoming PvP discord: https://discord.gg/g94GmP That said, defenses aren't terribly good in PvP except while your T9 is up (Elude), and to-hit debuffs are ok but the to-hit buffs from a Sentinel's dark blasts are pretty low and unlikely to affect accuracy that much, especially when the opponent has aim or build up. Sentinels are reasonably good in PvP though from what I understand due to their high HP cap and ranged damage. HP tends to be more important in PvP than defenses/resists because it all gets DR'd pretty hard. Everything I've said is pretty general, and I don't PvP very much anymore. But, check out the discord and most people there would be happy to explain and answer any questions you have about PvP in the future.
  9. God dude people get so triggered any time a PvP only change is suggested. This is purely a PvP QoL change that takes basically no resources to implement.
  10. I can't get the 'check for updates' button to do anything at all. I'm updated on .NET framework and all that. fresh install. What's going on??
  11. Martial Combat for blasters has an 'automatic' version of buildup! It's not as intense but it's always up and procs when you attack I believe!
  12. I agree that Time Bomb and Trip Mine need updates in the Traps variant as well. I dont care if its the SAME update, but Time bomb is useless on my traps and honestly trip mine kind of is too.
  13. I actually really like that idea. I know absorb is the popular option. I think that's a good buff idea, but again I've never felt like my FF defender was lacking in giving people defenses so it feels redundant. But a smashing damage proc seems cool!
  14. Yeah, I understand the sentiment of wanting it to be exclusively a buff/soft control set. Problem is the soft control is the most useless control in the game in team settings, and FF being a buff set means you generally WANT to be in a team. Anyway, if we're keeping that theme I think that's fine. It just needs a +ToHit or +DMG or something in their buffs in order to keep up with other sets. Other sets just have way too much packed into them and it honestly just makes FF obsolete. My Nature Corr runs circles around my FF defender in terms of usefulness.
  15. It says that Time Bomb's changes are only for devices on blasters. Is Trip Mine's change proliferated to traps sets then? Honestly, I'm no devices expert but I'd guess that Time Bomb (while better now) is probably still not terribly useful in most teams. Maybe that's ok. But I think the trade off for having to wait for it to go off should be more damage or some other effect (like a debuff). Doesn't have to be strong or overpowered, but if I'm in a group and I'm a devices player I can't imagine very many scenarios where I waste time using Time Bomb.
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