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  1. If you want new and interesting, dig around the forums for Proc Builds and/or EnM builds. An EnM Proc build would probably be the ultimate in single target damage, and with all new mechanics should be a new and interesting experience. In normal official content Tanks have more than enough native durability to devote most of their resources to offense instead. I recommend: Defense Armor: EnA (Any AT), Inv/ and SD/ as the Tank Alternatives. Inv/Radm - Autopilot SD/Radm - Intermediate Resist Armor: RadA (Brutes and Tanks Only). RadA/Kat - I'm jus
  2. Congrats and job well done. I solo a +4x8 ITF on all my characters, all ATs and builds. I consider it a rite of passage. I recommend sealing resists first on a resist build. A fully resist based build will work, and work nicely as you have discovered. (It's complicated, but bottom line is a Full T4 IO T4 Incarnate resist armor build can (resist, heal, regen) through -35 to -40 defense, and it doesn't take much in the way of a small purple to keep you off the -defense floor, and in turn the actual floor. Prior to the full monty, defense is a nice easy crutch. Defense is
  3. I'd love to have a PvE only No-FX version that's even less FX than the current minimal-fx version.
  4. Here's an old one of mine. I rebuilt it later as Rad/Kat. Both of these are old, non-proc durability builds, not offensive builds. Rad Staff Tank - Radicat - Mu 3 (Psi-Tank) - [i25].mxd Rad Kat Tank - Radicat II - Mu 3f - [i25].mxd
  5. I recommend: Defense Armor: EnA (Any AT), Inv/ and SD/ as the Tank Alternatives. Resist Armor: RadA (Brutes and Tanks Only) Heal Armor: Bio (Any AT, paired with a Defensive Weapon). If there can be only one: SD/Radm Good Luck, and have fun storming the castle.
  6. /Bio has my seal of approval, and is probably my first pick for offensive armor, followed by /SD. My primary tank is a Kat/Bio scrapper ... you could mirror that build into a Stanker. (I couldn't resist. What else do you call a tank built stalker?) "If you see me take damage, I'm in trouble." My health from the outside perspective should always be 90% or more. I perma the absorb. I use DNA as an Alpha, they should all be dead before it wears off. I use the Heal/Endurance as a reactive. I also use Void Judgement -damage as an alpha. And tend to run
  7. Any. I generally recommend Fire, Water, Ice. Many like Emp/Sonic in particular. I know one guy that used Emp/Energy to great effect. Fire - Damage Water - Utility Ice - Utility and Holds, and Proc Builds. Sonic - Debuff Energy - KB/KD and Soloing. Also Proc Builds. DP - Proc Builds, and GunFu. Beam - Single Target Damage and Style.
  8. I always recommend Partial Radial T3, and Radial T4.
  9. Published a shorter version of 801.F ... no time to test it today, but we'll test it soon(tm).
  10. Many Thanks to: MidnightBloom, Sinaptiko, Lowflow, Prophet of Pain, Rosa Crux, Baby Biscotti, Tyrant-Chula, and Lucy Medrano ... For Successfully completing 801.F
  11. tldr: I suspect you have corrupt files. I suggest disabling any local autosave feature like dropbox, google drive, synology, etc while editing AE Arcs. I currently use microsoft, which does appear compatible, but you may want to disable it as well while editing for good measure. CoH also can somtimes re-read all the AE files anytime any of them are changed externally. ALL THE FILES. *IF* you're using dropbox, drive, synology, etc to constantly backup your directories, you may need to disable this while writing arcs in AE. The only one that I can verify DOES work wh
  12. For my builds, no. But every build is different. You should test your build. For me it's always either been neutral, or in a very few cases hurt dps to wait.
  13. Here is an Heavily Armored EAfn/Elec using Rune/Hybrid/Rune/Demonic/WeddingBand. I'm also including Myshkin's Offensive Procced and Armored /Fire, which I'm not translating to /Elec, but you should be able to do so for yourself. And I'm including an Offensive non-proc Resist based /Fire, which I'm also not Translating to /Elec, but again, you should be able to do so for yourself. All of these should help give you various ideas to work off of, or even translate and use directly. EAfn Elec Defender - Alpha 1 - [i26].mxd EAfn Fire Defender - Myshkin 1 - [i26].mxd
  14. SD and SR can both DDR cap. That can be invaluable.
  15. This is rare, but ... Sometimes this happens, and once he gets into the 'ignore taunt' mode, nothing but immobilize will stop him.
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