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  1. My main(s) are just what's most fun for me. Ciaraine (Armored Blaster), Kiski (Armored Time/), Kate (Kat/Bio) ... but many more as well, that's just the current top 3.
  2. Linea

    Level 37 Healer

    You can res with temp res powers from p2w. Absorb pain will be your most common cause of death. you use it, you pull aggro, you die, and you can't even be saved by another teammate because of the -heal. If you're dead you're not keeping other teammates alive. Here are 2 relatively less expensive SLE armored builds. You can drop the price even more by pulling out some of the more expensive pieces and the build will still function. At least 1000 ways you can modifiy and improve these. I've posted similar with even more armor if you search the forums and discord. Emp Energy - Burke IO - [i26].mxd Emp Energy - Strauss IO - [i26].mxd
  3. The EAfn design is genius. It props SO builds up, while simultaneously holding the excesses of Tier 4 IO builds back.
  4. CM will probably never bey AoE, but Fort could be made AoE as well, similar to the aoe upgrade to bubbles. I would not mind if a CM alternate power pick worked like the EAfn bubble. But I know the devs have said they really don't like alternate power picks.
  5. Empath Solo +4x8 ITF: Emp/Sonic Thread: I've also posted offensive empath builds in various discords. Any changes to empathy should be additive or optional, but not change the base for those players that like it and use it as-is. Primarily because I'd hate to see Green Machine builds broken. Green Machines can wreak havoc even on SO only builds. Otherwise, just design a completely new set. That's probably the better route to go.
  6. As said above. That's complicated. It depends very much on each build. I have Mirrored Armored Self Damage Cap* Builds for Nature/Fire Defender and Fire/Nature Corruptor: The Defender does 3% more ST damage and 6% less AoE damage. Because of the way multiplier numbers work, and the lower damage cap of the defender, the defender build is essentially self-damage capped, while the corruptor with it's lower multipliers and higher cap is not damage capped. The defender build is also easier and more flexible to build. But if you join a team with other +damage boosts, or a Kin, then the corruptor's higher caps come into play and it will then, on the team, while damage buffed, assuming you stay damage buffed, then do 5/4 damage vs the defender due to the higher caps. On the other hand, the defender with it's higher multipliers will have the team as a whole putting out more damage. So which is better? Higher ST damage? Higher AoE Damage? Higher personal damage on a team? Higher team damage on a team? Better durability? More build flexibility? Easier and Simpler to Build? Define 'better'. That definition will determine the answer.
  7. It's how you build the build. If you want to do everything, you really are going to have to invest in a build. Exactly how to build varies widely, and will vary widely player to player. I heavily armor my builds so that I can solo 'main-tank' stuff that is well beyond average difficulty. +4x8 Council are not at all the same as +4x8 Resistance, as an example. Here is an older chart of various builds. For AVs you want at least 250 ST DPS ... for AOE you'll have to decide that yourself by the % listed. MPL is minutes per level, smaller is better. This can be used as a proxy for AoE potential. Note: Some players say pylons and mpl are not valid ways to measure dps. ... For Pylons, IMO they are a decent proxy for AVs, and for the most part I only care about ST damage vs AVs or GMs. Just be aware that Avs can run, and that running can halve your applied dps. "Yay, Track Stars!" ... However, if you are worried about damage vs Bosses and EBs, you may want to do a 3rd ST DPS test for those purposes. .... For MPL, mostly I just say to be aware that if a build does not have an immobilize/taunt, it will be at a roughly 10:7 disadvantage; and that's why I have two columns for mpl. Dur is the durability rating. It is both objective and subjective at the same time, and based on me doing the driving and my playstyle of +4x8 pulling the entire map well over aggro-cap such that you might just end up facing down 16+ Bosses+. Soloing a +4x8 ITF you can end up facing 8 EBs, 8 Bosses, and that is going to be a real problem for Ciaraine who is rated 18, it will be 3 times more taxing for Faidh who is rated only 6.
  8. Yes, but. +0, cake walk. +4, with difficulty. You'll have to use lore, keep your lore alive, buffed, and on target. And you may even need to use some reds. I soloed a +4x8 ITF back on live with Time/DP, but I really wouldn't want to duplicate the 4 hour task. I don't expect it to be nerfed much, if any. The 'bug' that was an issue has already been fixed. If it does get nerfed, it will likely only be the Clarion_Special*PBU*Farsight combination; and hopefully that isn't completely nuked. Considering how hard that is to pull off, I don't see that much of an issue with it.
  9. That which kills AVs best is not necessarily that which kills hordes well. 8/10 of my builds have soloed a +4x8 ITF, but I'm not sure I'd recommend any of them for the job. The ones that take out the AVs most easily struggle with the hordes, and vice versa. All of the following have soloed a +4x8 ITF. At least once ... and probably never more than once as it's a non-trivial task for most build. Kat/Bio* - The more durable DB/Bio, 801 certified. It struggles more on the AVs due to lower ST dps, but the durability more than makes up for it. This is probably my top pick for the job. DB/Bio - less durable, more dps, assuming you can keep yourself alive, it chopped up the AVs very nicely. Armored Illusion/Rad - Destroys AVs, takes out 54+ GMs in 3 minutes. By far one of the best AV/GM killers in the game. But it struggles vs hordes, the AoE damage is relatively low. Armored FIre/Atomic Sniper Blaster - This one will be difficult from a player resources perspective. Consider it an advanced class. But the payoff is nice. you walk into a room, stroll around collecting up the whole room .... then nuke the whole thing flat in about 10 seconds. Then with roughly 325 ST DPS you have enough firepower to take out most +4 AVs, it won't be fast, but you can do it ... assuming you can juggle your survival ... and use pets as available to speed things up. StJ/EnA Stalker - 500+ ST DPS or more *rolls eyes*, but roughly equally durable as the armored blaster. Harder to put in the durability hole as compared to the blaster, but once it's in the hole it has a harder time digging itself out of the hole as compared to the blaster. Roughtly equal overall durability. Also relatively low AoE, most stalkers have relatively low AoE due to an AoE Attack being sacrificed in order to add the Assassin's Strike. Kat/EnA - Most broken (in a good way) build I've ever played. The ST dps is probably too low for lots of +4 AVs without using reds. The worst part of the build is the heal comes late-game. Bots/Traps - Classic AV killer, but may struggle on some of the harder AVs or in over-aggro situations. Relatively low objective DPS. subjective DPS is much higher. Time/(FIre,Water,Ice,DP)/(Dark,Soul,Mace) - Tank-Mage, but depending on build may need reds for the harder +4 AVs. Armored Nature/Fire/Dark Self-Damage Cap Defender - I do not normally recommend resist based builds on 75% resist cap ATs ... but this one is might just be worth the cost. Armored Water/Atomic Blaster - This is my "main tank". Very Durable (at least in my hands), and good overall damage. However, ST damage is a bit weak, you'll need reds or pets to take out any of the harder +4 AVS. Armored Procced Storm with (Fire, Ice, Water, DP) - This is probably the very advanced class. I'm not even sure which way I'd build it Def vs Cor, but probably Def. Then balancing Armor vs Procs will be a nightmare. However, the DPS potential along with debuffs is just plain old silly. I can see a build like this hitting 500+ ST dps, more than enough to take out stubborn AVs in 5 minutes or less. Add pets and you should have enough offense to rival the classic Illusion/Rad and have more overall AoE capabilities as well. But it won't be an easy build to design nor easy to drive, at least not when facing +4x8 over-aggro cap hordes. And more ... there are lots of builds that can do the job. I've even soloed a +4x8 ITF with my Empath, but I really don't recommend that, it was a 4-6 hour run. There is absolutely no build that is best at all three, Farming, ST, AoE, and Durability. The closest you'll get would be Titan/Bio, but Titan/Bio really needs to be built toward relatively high recharge and not armor. Titan without enough recharge falls off both an objective and subjective dps cliff. If you can't build it to it's strength, you're better off with a different set, like DB/Bio. Titan build correctly would be even less durable than DB/Bio, but higher dps. But that in turn means you have to work much much harder to keep it upright vs the harder enemy groups and/or AVs when solo. Teamed this isn't an issue, but solo can be a different story.
  10. Yeap, been there, done that with my Huntsman too, very similar tactics. The "Track Star" drives me batty.
  11. Defenders are, IMO, the most versatile AT. I can build one defender to be tougher than tanks and have equal to greater damage than that tank (But I don't taunt as well). I can build another to rival scapper's damage (The scrapper can have better focused damage to cut through the middle of a pile, but much less AoE, and little to no debuff for hard targets). I can build many that push into the blaster spectrum of damage, and have better survivability than blasters (blasters have better alpha burst, but not long term sustained damage). The only thing really holding back defenders are the AT caps. There's just very little I can do about the damage cap and resist cap. That skews builds toward defense, which means you have to counter DDR, but that's not an impossible thing to do. And it skews you to defender damage caps which limits your burst damage, but when you can sustain that cap longer, your overall long term sustained damage can be greater. Depending on exactly which sets, builds , teams, and targets, sometimes a corruptor is better; but by and large the greater flexibility of the defender build usually ends up better. I probably play my main blaster more than my defender or any other build, but I also wholly acknowledge that the defender is overall the more powerful build, only slightly less durable than the tank, and only slightly less damage than the blaster. The defender however, does take a lot more player resources and in-game resources, the blaster, scrapper, and tank are much easier, simpler, and cheaper to drive.
  12. Here is how I rank blast sets. Based on my playstyle, +4x8, Solo, Linea-Style Armored Builds, No-Procs (this was pre-proc builds), Harder Mob Types like Incarnate Resistance that don't clump or play nice for AoEs and Debuffs, etc ... other significant changes have likely happened since then as well .. But the bottom line is, there are plenty of viable choices other than Sonic.
  13. That's how I approached it, mostly. I think I'd pull the one unique slot from Weave back into AB to guarantee it's recharge. Otherwise, that looks like the best build yet.
  14. I generally recommend: Fire, Ice, Water I personally like DP, and dislike Sonic, but those are personal tastes, neither objective nor even subjective to performance.
  15. Put the acc proc in weave, it's sooner. You might not even need the acc proc, given you slot tactics sooner in the build. With that in mind, replace the acc proc with better slotting in tough, or with a resist unique in weave or ... Also move the resist unique in maneuvers to Weave so it's available sooner.
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