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  1. Traps Beam Sniper - Quarterback 1 - [i25].mxd Traps Beam Sniper - Soldier 2 - [i25].mxd Traps Beam Soldier - Soldier 1 - [i25].mxd
  2. Slows do not count. Rune/Hybrid (Core T4)/Rune/Demonic/Kitchen Sink add significantly to your survivability. Overkill if you're not soloing +4x8 or main-tanking, so it's going to vary significantly by player. If you aren't going melee, I'd recommend Assault Radial.
  3. Re Procs: I build builds as a whole, and that proc in that power costs the build as a whole something, does what it gain offset what it costs? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Just brainstorming, off the top of my head, I think I'd love to see a fully procced DP/Storm, but that still retained armor. That should be a tricky and interesting build, with nice ST damage and I'd be curious to see where the AOE damage clocked in. Re Benumb: I mourn the loss of Benumb. Benumb does more than just that -regen, the -damage -special can completely gut an AV. But Vengeance can indeed turn the tide of a battle. I'm very torn on which I'd pick, but I think I'd lean just the slighted bit toward Benumb. But my Cold/ spedialized in killing AVs, so the emphasis is a bit different, and that perspective and purpose influences everything.
  4. Zip Format - Part 2 Mids Archives - Part 2.zip
  5. Zip format - Part 1 Mids Archives - Part 1.zip
  6. Clarion*PBU*Farsight is the order I use due to duration 12 on Clarion and Duration 10 on PBU, I should have been more clear, it didn't occur to me. Clarion Radial should not be modifying PBU, this is probably a bug.
  7. In general you'd want a /Kin to take advantage of the higher damage cap. However, depending on build, I can see exceptions to that rule.
  8. You can take one of the PBU builds and work that with Clarion Radial for more support. PBU*Clarion Radial T4*farsight is plain silly. 4b is a beam translation and pretty close to what I ran on live (live wasn't beam). (Note: if you use PBU or Clarion Radial you can NOT recast farsight when they are down, or you will overwrite a 35-45 defense bubble with a 20 defense bubble.) As for procs, that wasn't a thing at that time, and I've not looked at those builds since. The offensive build would be my choice ... Time Beam Sniper - Quarterback 1 - [i25].mxd Time Beam - Sorcery 4b - [i25].mxd
  9. Standard Linea Rune/Hybrid/Rune/Kitchen Sink builds. Kate Wolf Kat/Bio Scrapper (also Amhra) Allmhara DB/BioScrapper Kat Bio Scrapper - Alpha 3 ITF - [i25].mxd DB Bio Scrapper - Alpha 2 ITF - [i25].mxd
  10. Standard Linea Rune/Hybrid/Rune/Kitchen Sink build. Lucy Medrano - Shield Defense/Rad Melee SD RadM Tank - Alpha 5 - [i25].mxd
  11. Bio/Anything is good. For stupid silly There's BioCat, Bio/Katana with Dampeners, Amps, Base Buffs, More or less Caps everything and massive regen healing too. Absolutely no reason to ever build this build, it's just something I've threatened to do repeatedly. ... and yes, I know your defense can be stripped, but considering what I do with a Kat/Bio Scrapper, I really wouldn't be that worried here. Of course considering what I do with a Kat/Bio Scrapper, I'll almost certainly never build this either. Note: This is WITH Amplifiers, Dampeners, and Base Buffs turned on. Bio/Katana Silliness Bio Kat Tank - Beta 1e - [i25].mxd
  12. I've not done any regular arcs here. Cathan - Is probably the best bet for a regular team. 801.1 - Is designed for a team of four to six Level 50+3 Tier 4 Incarnates. It Is my Standard Incarnate Test. This is where I take an armor (solo) to break it, learn it's limits, and make it better. About a third of my builds can solo it +4x8, Most of the rest +1x8. I've been taking various size teams through it as a challenge and change of pace. I'd be happy to duo it with you if our schedules allow. And you're welcome to run it with any teams you want, just be clear about what to expect. STANDARD WARNING: If someone doesn't die every 30 seconds we're doing it wrong. You can expect multiple simultaneous EB Ambushes, Pulling 12+ spawns into a pile while already fighting 6 others, … INCARNATE WARNING: This is Incarnate Content, intended for a team of 4 to 5 level 50+3 Tier 4 Incarnates with Defense Buffs, Resist Buffs, Debuffs, Controls, and Armor. 801.4 and 801.5 - This is where I go to break the best of the best. Both are designed similar to my Cimmie Test. Aggro an intersection and survive 10 minutes without using any offensive powers. It's a bit luck of the draw on damage types, so you might have to run more than once. Cimmie Test - My Basic Melee Durability Test. Survive 10 minutes with 6 Bosses and all the rest of 3 spawns of +4x8 Cimmies aggroed while using no offensive powers. You have to make sure to keep the bosses aggroed, the riff raff just fill in the rest of the gaps. This shows you can survive -defense debuffs (the 6 bosses), and that you can handle any crash or transition in clicky armors.
  13. It's archived. I'll look into pulling it out. The AE 3 arcs limit is a PITA. If you're feeling sadistic and masochistic try 801.1, but do NOT take a team of lowbies into any 801 arcs. Cathan.zip
  14. Do you really need to be this tough: No, not at all. It really depends on the team. I'll second what Hyperstrike said about how to build. I'll add that for heal-tank armors a defensive weapon like Katana can really help. For a Tank I recommend: Other armors as well, but these are my top picks in each armor type. Defense Armor: */EnA (brute only armor), Inv/Rad, SD/Rad; ( for a cheap SO only build, I'd probably recommend the Inv/Rad or Kat/Ena ) Resist Armor: Rad/Kat; Heal-Tank Armor: Bio/Kat; ( My "Main Incarnate Tank" is a Kat/Bio Scrapper 😜 ) My standards are as follows: Note the following are SLE heavy tests, you also need to evaluate your other types of defenses and resists. SL > EN > FC > TP, where TP can be half that of SL. Base Level: Solo +4x8 Council. If as a tank you can't do this, I would say you need to work on your build or the Incarnate content will shred you like tissue paper. Squishies: Survive a Fire Farm or SL Farm Patrol Cave Intersection on +4x8 for 10+ minutes ... at a very minimum set for no-bosses, but preferably set with-bosses. Melees: Survive 10 minutes with 6 Bosses and all the rest of 3 spawns of +4x8 Cimmies aggroed while using no offensive powers. You have to make sure to keep the bosses aggroed, the riff raff just fill in the rest of the gaps. This shows you can survive -defense debuffs (the 6 bosses), and that you can handle any crash or transition in clicky armors. Tanks: Solo +4x8 AE Arc "801.1"
  15. As to the ITF. It's entirely more likely that the issue was the healing nictus, and not lack of -regen. If it /was/ lack of -regen, then just carry Envenomed Daggers, you can typically double stack them and get way more debuff from that source. If you really are paranoid about -regen, then just get at least one other person to carry daggers, then you can have 4 stacks, that should be enough for all but the worst of teams. /IF/ you do hit a wall, you can buy from p2w in Pocket D even during a TF, and just load up on daggers, or have the whole team load up on daggers. Note: ONLY the Pocket D vendor will sell to you during TFs. The healing nictus cheats and heals from /all/ entities nearby, including it's allies. Kill all adds, and defense buff all pets. Also, Do NOT use Carrior Creepers in range of the nictus if the nictus in in range of Rommy. (unless you can defense buff them, and I'm not sure you /can/ defense buff them. Or if you optionally just have massive overkill dps, it is possible to power through, but I advise that you ditch the creepers). Rommy Running can cut your effective applied dps in half. Immobilize him, or taunt him. The taunt can be as little as a scrapper taunt aura, it doesn't have to be an actual taunt. This means think ahead and try to have control or taunt on the team. If you don't, then it's often easier to kill the nictus instead of Rommy due to his running, but this will be more difficult than killing an immobilized/taunted Rommy. Immobilized/Taunted Rommy > Kill the Nictus > Kill Trackstar that runs everywhere like a maniac. The Autohit is the other major issue. Stay outside it's circle. It's power has a very obvious graphic circle, Stay outside that circle. Alternately -damage debuff it, and/or +resist buff the team.
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