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  1. Overload is not in the brute build, and overload would not be perma, ever. Overload could make silly ludicrous, but given the current defense numbers I'd rather have more resist. I've given almost all the armors this treatment. The one armor that I broke worse than any other was EnA. I highly recommend Bio (heal armor), Rad (resist armor), and EnA (defense armor). Balance set based on Linea Build: NO! . . . balance should be primarily around SOs, with tertiary consideration to IOs. However, you can't ignore IOs entirely either. I need to look at this very carefully before just tossing it onto tanks with higher defense modifiers: Yes, definitely. Stalker Version, much tamer. However, I built it for it's 500 ST DPS offense, not defense.
  2. Kat/Ena Brute with a Rune/Hybrid/Rune/Kitchen Sink Build Top I can do all day Bottom is me being a little silly, you can ignore that one. (I can do that almost all day too, but for balance purposes it should be ignored) Psi hole is an issue, and it's the only thing keeping the set from being ludicrous. Yes, this is an extreme example, but testing extreme examples is what I consider fun. Bio, RadA, EnA all get gold stars. Inv, SD, ... get silver stars, etc. Here's an older one from my archives. Not sure what's different here, but I'd guess a different Alpha. It's too old for me to remember. I'd have to get back on test and try to duplicate it to figure it out.
  3. But I love running around mid 70's defenses (plus resists) on my brute, I can't wait to make that mid 80's (or higher?) on a tanker! 😜
  4. RE: Fury I always used 70% in my calculations. It felt right, for regular missions, and regular play. I wouldn't use anything less than 60, and going much over 70 is probably equally impractical (for average play in average missions on average teams) ... Farms, yeah, 90 or 95 is likely more accurate. It stays very high, but I've never hovered over it to see what the actual number is.
  5. "Time waits for no tank." - Graywalker "Time doesn't need a tank, but they are really useful for vengeance." - Linea
  6. Dissing Fulcrum Shift pretty much makes my brain explode. This is not entirely true, simply by the fact Fulcrum can double stack, and scrapper damage caps are considerably high. Buff the scrapper and twiddle your thumbs and you've probably added more damage than a second scrapper, do something other than twiddling your thumbs and it's going to be hard to not surpass the scrapper pair ... Solo you'll be more like the "average" scrapper in that damage capped corruptors and defenders push into the (average) scrapper range for ST damage and Surpass (average) scrappers for AoE damage. There's also no reason for a high level defender with an IO build to not be nearly as durable as the average scrapper. (Note: Scrappers vary in both damage and defense capabilities and I am not using Titan/Bio as a benchmark. I'm looking more at the 300 ST dps range, and the 10 to 15 mpl range that is a bit more common.)
  7. "Healers" are probably (almost) never "Needed". "Healers" are probably the least needed subset of builds once you pass the very very early levels. However, Empaths are almost always useful. Empaths are not "healers". Empaths are a great deal more than just "Healers". I also have a nearly, but not entirely, useless Empath that can solo +4x8 with firepower nearly equal to a blaster, and armor nearly equal to a scrapper. So even if you think empaths are useless, you can still enjoy playing one as an armored blaster that occasionally buffs the team if that's what you want to do. There's plenty of room in the city for lots of play-styles, even Petless MM Empaths. I also disagree that survival buffs/debuffs are less useful or useless late game. Sure, I can solo that on my (defender, controller, scrapper, tank, ...). Give me a defense buff and I can solo it even faster because I can let loose even more offense and no longer have to worry about DDR. Give me a resist buff and I can again, let loose even more and not worry about my own resistance buffs so much. Give me an Adrenalin Boost and I can crank out even more damage. The same can be said for pretty much any buff/debuff. Sure I can solo it. Sure I don't "need" that buff. But each of those buffs really do make subtle differences even if I'm running fully independent self-sufficient builds. If you want to focus on the highest of the high-end content and team with only the highest of the high-end builds, then sure, some buffs may be more useful than others, but that definitely will not be every player's experience, nor every team. Everyone isn't running an UberBuild, defenders of all kinds are useful, and they are useful in all kinds of content.
  8. You get 125 Threads at VL 1,2, Skip, 4, 5, Skip, ... 11, None after 11. You get Front loaded 6 Empyrean Merits decreasing over time to 1 Empie @ 99 at VL 3,6,9, ... 99, none after VL 99. (Set no-xp double influence once you hit 99) You can expect approximately: - Unlock all slots by VL 7. Alpha VL 1, Judgement and Interface VL 3, Lore and Destiny VL 5, Hybrid VL 7 - one T3 of each slot by VL 12, aka run 6 +4x8 ITFs. - VL100 - one T3 of each slot and 360 Empies, 710m influence, 1068 Threads, 136 Shards, 13 Reward merits, 8 Cats, 96 Converters, 1 Booster - This is also enough to build one T4 of each slot and at least 1 additional T4, if not 2 or 3 by VL 100.
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