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  1. @Jacke This is intentional. The faster you move through the maps the more resistance you'll catch. The fact that 7 and up actually kick you out the front door, I find that is unintentionally working as intended. Each tier of 801 has 3 missions of increasing difficulty. Each successive tier has more difficult mobs. If you are a small weak squishy team without buffs, you may want to skip up the ladder 0, 3, 7 sticking to the easiest mission per tier, these can probably be run safely by 3-man teams. Avoid A and up entirely, they don't play by any rules. Charging i
  2. The following should be AFK-able in both SL and Fire farms. Std def with 1 target, i-cap defense saturated ... I kept as much Energy resist as I could, but supplement with Kinetic Dampeners if needed. WEAK TO PSIONIC. I stripped most of the psionic to seal up def/res in SLFC (I had already stripped psionic in favor of SLE). You can likely improve it even further. Inv RadM Tank - SL Fire Farm 4 - [i26].mxd
  3. For an SL specific build, I'd say Inv/. I parked Skylark AFK in 709 and Briggs S&L ... she could have stood there for hours taking no damage. ... Then I toggled off everything except 'Temp Invul' .... and they still couldn't kill her. She did ok in Briggs regular Fire Farm as well, but you can't AFK. You can Alternate Hybrid Core T4 to seal up Fire resists, with Dull Pain 60s (halfway) into the gap between hybrids. You could Rebuild for more Fire Resist, she's built for 801. You could put Rebirth on you or your wife to cover when he goes afk too long. I'd probably rec
  4. It's mostly just Lucy's build won't benefit much from it. Unless it procs off contaminated damage? If it's only the actual AoEs, those are a bit sparse to be effective at applying the debuffs. A build like Asja that's almost all AoE all the time when inside piles could really stack the debuffs on. But Asja is already running mid-70s to mid-80s defense, so if I did anything on her it'd be the -damage, and that's the worst possible proc, you're lucky to get -10 damage even with her AoE centric capabilities. If I rebuilt her with darkest night, the stacking -damage would probabl
  5. WARNING: Do not attempt 801.7 and above unless you have tried the lower difficulties and found them too easy. I suggest starting with 801.2. Published 3 more maps: 801.A-Short, 801.B, 801.C A shorter version of A that should be a little more accessible to more teams. And a pair of more difficult versions for those crazy people that thought A was too easy.
  6. I generally do use Void Judgement. I generally don't use Diamagnetic, but I have. I generally don't use paralytic, but have done that as well too.
  7. Instead of nuking rune to make us pick other less useful or non-existent options, give us more options to fill the same hole in different and interesting ways. Then let us choose. I'd rather see a slightly less effective rune with the longer duration, as I posted before. I'd also like to see the other origin pools buffed. It should be a hard choice, which one I prefer. I'd like to see other mez protection options in other/new origin pools. Something like /Martial's mez clicky for blasters comes to mind as one example. That one would be perfect for low end builds. I
  8. EnM would have been either an @Infinitum build or @Hyperstrike Build. They both contributed builds and ideas. I personally don't do EnM. I would suggest Inv/ with RadM or DM. The more Psionic resilient builds of Infinitum and Hyperstrike will make the better overall builds. DM is less fiddly than RadM, adds to-hit buffs and endurance management, but at the cost of lower AoE and lower Self-Healing. SD has better peak performance and better psionic performance, but requires more player resources, and possibly temp powers and extras. I plan on making a Psionic variant of S
  9. I do the following, in the order listed. Fire Farm, or SL Farm - This is a pretty basic level of durability Cimmie Test - aggro three groups of +4 cimmies, making sure to keep the 6 bosses aggroed, then grab your ankles for 10 minutes. No offensive powers allowed, only defensive. Solo +4x8 ITF - This gets a little hairy on the dps check to kill a +4 AV that runs like a madman, so I don't worry too much if that is the only failure point. So far it hasn't caused any complete failures, but I have had to use reds on a few low damage builds that didn't have either a taunt nor im
  10. Lucy Medrano +4x16: Nuking a Room full of Unlimited Aggro. Some combinations are worse than others, and pulling half of two groups can get overlapping doubled debuffs that don't normally happen in a single group. Build: SD RadM Tank - Prototype 801 - Build i4 - [i26] This build is both more durable and less durable at the same time, and requires considerably more player resources and concentration as compared to the Inv. 9 and down, I'm gonna give the star to the Inv. It's just so steady state, and overall in one run of a 9 I used a whole total of 2 medium lucks.
  11. That's a can of worms. There are biases baked into the game at every level. I'm also probably going to test Hybrid Radial T4 on the Inv to to fill in the DDR troughs. That's a bit of a first. Resists were (almost) never an issue, so Demonic/Wedding Band can cover those tiny 10-15s holes easily. I've always said the best tanker armors are probably Inv and SD. I'll be testing an updated SD build next. The Inv is just damn comfortable. It's not immortal, but it's very comfy. Unless you let yourself get distracted (trying to save the team, taunt, type in chat, tak
  12. Skylark Walker +4x16: Nuking a Room full of Unlimited Aggro. Some combinations are worse than others, and pulling half of two groups can get overlapping doubled debuffs that don't normally happen in a single group. Build: Inv RadM Tank - Prototype 801 - Build i3 - [i26] Primary Hole is Defense and DDR. When DDR drops, cascade can happen fairly quickly. Monitor Ageless and DDR closely. When Defense starts dropping below 57 to 59 … cascade slowly starts happing. Demonic, Purple Candy, Combat Armor (Accolade), as well as Team Buffs 801
  13. I'd love to see more difficulty options in everyday content. ... With increased rewards, as most players will never touch increased difficulty without increased rewards. I'd love to see official content built like 801 (AE 801 link), and scaling all the way from 0 to A (10). Most teams don't want a challenge nor do they want to need to work together, they actually 'want' easy-peasy Rofl-Stomp, maximum reward, zero danger. On average, one person rage quits even on a 0 difficulty 801 run. The average team on a 10 difficulty run goes through 16 people, despite being warned "Incarna
  14. Published 3 more new 801.7 missions: Random New Warehouse Maps, Random Praetorian Tech Maps, Random Praetorian Biolab Maps.
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