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  1. A different take than the one that has been given, I created a more Mace Windu type of Jedi, able to use the whole force, did a DB/Elec scrapper that came out very well. Purple Sabres and lightning.
  2. Thank you for the comment; I replaced the proc monster portions of both Quick Strike and Repulsing Torrent with the relevant purple sets to gain an extra 30% accuracy and 10% global recharge. Seems to help.
  3. Inspired by a post in the Tanker Proc Monster Thread, and a classic disco song by Carl Douglas, I decided to attempt a tank centered around a Proc Monster Kinetic Melee. I thought that the extra recharge in Electric Armor would prove to be helpful in a proc monster build, and I really do not enjoy playing Bio, despite how solid it is. The Build: My experience with tankers was pretty much limited to my namesake, Pyro Beetle, a Fire x3 Tank from I1 through sunset. I have so far found this build fun to play. The lightning field is constant damage and procs the two ATOs consistently. The cone I usually use on my way into combat to delay the alpha with the knockdown, and use a pop and shoot when I use it during a fight. It is less than ideal, but it is doable. A single small purple will softcap the Melee Defense, and the build is at 90% S/L/E and good F/C/Psi. Toxic is of course a hole, but is fairly rare to encounter in large amounts. I am not all that great at theory crafting, and am hoping that posting this build here will excite some comments among the experts here on how to improve the build. Thank you,
  4. I can run the S/L farm on +4/x8 on my Time/DP/Soul Defender, as well as most other content
  5. This is my take on a Staff/EA Stalker One should note that for leveling purposes I used Overwhelming Force in Mercurial Blow, Scirocco's Dervish in Eye of the Storm, Decimation in Serpent's Reach, and Positron's Blast in Exploding Shuriken Final build achieves: soft cap to S/L/E/F/N, perma Hasten, and given a proc of the FF in Eye or SR perma Energize Musculature Alpha, Barrier Destiny
  6. I must say I have been leveling a slightly modified (I adjusted the order of powers to my own taste) version of your V3.0 and it is about the easiest leveling toon I have had up to L26...with Tornado now, crank up the mob size a little and keep the spawns rolling. Thank you Myshkin, great build and makes Energy Blast downright useful
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