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  1. I had stepped away from the game for a while, but everything that @oldskool says applies, but the primary consideration was the AoE Immobilize. It fills a hole that is inherent to the Sentinel.
  2. If I were to make another change beyond fixing the Harrison Bergeron like target cap handicap, I would also add an inherent taunt to the AoE, both ranged and PBAoE powers. This would allow the Sentinel to also focus as a "ranged tank". Please note that I am also in the Sentinels are awesome camp. I find them playable as is, but hope that they will be balanced out in regards to the other ATs. Personally I think the target cap would accomplish this, and would only look at minor tweaks after that...maybe limit the taunt to the epic PBAoE as an extra incentive to take them, even if you
  3. I honestly do think that lifting the target cap would go a long way towards fixing the AT. It is not unplayable in any way in its current state, I have a handful of sents that are my favorite tools including one that has become my main. All that being said it is okay that they are lower damage than blasters due to the uptime of the nuke. Fixing the target cap would remove what is otherwise just an additional penalty. As has been pointed out the inherent is a take it or leave it proposition, it has its uses now, however limited they are, but the target cap just seems like an artific
  4. I use an Electric/Energy/Electric Sentinel for the same reason...it might not be the fastest around but it is one of the most reliable characters I have played. Relaxing is a good word for the playstyle. My alpha combo is available every 25 seconds, and if I havent killed all of the first spawn I will move onto the next, the helpless end drained bosses might follow me into the next group, they die shortly thereafter. I did the wolf world mission from Unai Kamen, notoriously cannot be snared, and routinely had 3 or 4 groups running off at slivers of health only to return and die. S
  5. That is a very good description.. I tend to not worry about the mechanic beyond the 20% resist ring which is useful on hard targets in a group. The defensive opportunity an be helpful while leveling on an end heavy build, but for the most part whichever of your T1 and T2 attacks has the better DPA is the one you should be taking.
  6. I used ageless for the debuff resistance and the haste, seemed to work well. I also used this on my SR sent. I use barrier on my Energy Sentinel, which also works well.
  7. This is what I do with my Sentinels, I place the Sentinel's Ward set in the nuke, start every fight off with about a 30% Absorb Shield. As far as the runners go, that is why I hit them with Electric Fences after the nuke 🙂
  8. I played this combo for a while with a build quite similar to what you have posted. Runners were a problem because Thunderous Blast drains way more than expected, especially when running the damage alpha. I swear after a while it felt that bosses would start running when they saw me coming. I changed to running Elec/Energy/Elec, though I suppose it would work replacing Psi with Elec as well. Personal taste. I do continue to run Psi on another sent and must say that it does do more damage, both ST and AoE.
  9. I was asked to post this by request. I am not seeking expert advice. As built it is softcaped to S/L/E/N/F/C without running Barrier, with permanent Hasten and Energize, and at least 25% resistance to all. When I have the ability to run Barrier, I remove the Recharge/+effect Winter IO from Charged Bolts and replace it with a damage proc, I remove the Acc/Dam IO from Zapping Bolt and replace it with a Decimation chance to build-up, and I replace all but the Acc/Immob from Chain Fences with procs (Trap of the Hunter, three ranged AoE damage procs and the Annihilation -res proc). Sentinel's Ward
  10. As has been stated multiple times it really is pointless to compare blasters to sentinels, their roles are different from each other. A ranged only blaster, as has been stated, is going to be quite limited because they ignored a large portion of their secondary, and this is not the purpose of my statement. By dint of having their resistances and or defenses baked into their secondary, a sentinel has a greater range of builds and sets available to them. My Psy/SR is procced to the gills to achieve respectable results, which he does just fine. My Elec sentinel less so, or the procs a
  11. I love Dominators with a particular affinity for Mind on a dom...however Illusion Control would be unbalanced on a dom, or would have to be changed so much it would be a different set entirely. The problem, as others have stated is Phantom Army. Obviously PA is unbalanced even on a controller, but giving it to a dominator would just be wrong. Gang War or a similar as a replacement would also be unbalanced. I vote to keep Illusion on controllers as their speciality.
  12. I must say that to me it is all build dependent. There are blaster builds which are good, but against anything that debuffs defense or has hard single damage that breaks through defense, I struggle to solo against. I have many a debt badge on my purple IOed to the gills fire/fire blaster. Great fun to play, and capable of amazing damage but lives on the knifes edge. He also has to eat purples with regularity. On the other hand, as multiple posters have said, I have a couple of Sentinel builds that do tolerable clear speeds solo, take the alpha in teams and are survivable enough in
  13. This is an error that is also occurring for me. I did try uninstalling and then launching again and this did not work. I also tried manually updating and this did not work. ****definately bizarre, but as said by SteelTouch, updating the Beta Launcher did the trick for me too****
  14. A different take than the one that has been given, I created a more Mace Windu type of Jedi, able to use the whole force, did a DB/Elec scrapper that came out very well. Purple Sabres and lightning.
  15. Thank you for the comment; I replaced the proc monster portions of both Quick Strike and Repulsing Torrent with the relevant purple sets to gain an extra 30% accuracy and 10% global recharge. Seems to help.
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