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  1. But isn't the Defense Softcap of 45% based on fighting equal level normal mobs? And don't most of us usually fight Red or light Purple Lts and Bosses? So what's the odds of a Red Lt hitting me? Because the real softcap is likely 5% less than THAT number, not 50% - 5% = 45%
  2. I'm actually wondering if I'm missing something. I'm not powerleveling. Should I be? Also, are 50 person attacks on Hamidon a thing again?
  3. I see lots of invites for farming and other power-leveling. I don't want to tell anyone else how to have fun, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something. Is their great content when you reach level 50? Are Hamidon raids a regular thing again? Is the content notably better than the content when one is Level 20? Or is it just that people like the rush of their character becoming more powerful? Now, I can sort of understanding doing Death from Below as a way to rush your character up 10 early levels, if you're leveling yet another alt -- the primary content at those levels you've likely already done with several characters. But am I missing by not powerleveling my character? What are other people seeing in powerleveling that I'm missing?
  4. I have several role-playing ideas for costume stuff, and was wondering how the mechanics of them would work. One is the classic 'Clark Kent', where you have a different costume for you day job. I gather there are now special transitions one can use to switch between them, ala Diana Prince / WonderWoman's twirl? How does one get to those? How many costume slots can one reasonably get at level 20? I have an idea for a Mimic character, who would often appear to look like the mob he's fighting -- he'd use every costume slot available to look like a Hellion, Tsoo, Lost, Skyraider, etc., and switch to that costume whenever he's fighting that character. I also thought about having a Mastermind who looked the same as his dominant summoned allies -- and in RP terms, he's duplicating himself. I haven't played a Mastermind -- how would this work with the various summons that each Mastermind class has? What type of summon might work well this, this could be well replicated in the character creator? Thanks!
  5. I've found that Ninja Run + Sprint + Jump Pack (which is also free from P2W) is good enough to avoid getting a real travel power. Ninja Run can either be used to run or jump (so it's really more of a Jump power), and the Jump Pack is for when you need to temporarily fly (it's really more of a Fly power).
  6. It sounds like the animation time on Energy Transfer needs to be lowered, and that would go a long way towards making EM a reasonable set. Have the new Devs made any such balancing changes to anything yet? Or is that something that haven't started doing yet (just quality of life improvements.)
  7. And here I thought this thread was going to be about the ridiculously high XP rate in Death From Below. Gotta say, I do not like the fast speed of leveling, and it's particularly ridiculous of Task Forces like this. I want to take my time, and punch the roses. At least for me, I found Level 50 less interesting than lower levels.
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