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  1. it’s been an absolute blast leveling my grav/earth dom. singy porting is the way and i don’t even have enflame (fold space instead)
  2. level 14 travel powers was good. wish they hadn’t changed that on live
  3. how do you set up shift + Lclick for teleport?:)
  4. i’ll be able to apply a lot of this to my new gravity/earth. probably gonna go psy for epic. im really bummed that stone mallet isn’t as good as i thought. does mids account for the shorter animation times implemented in the past by HC?
  5. this has really turned doom and gloom huh lol game is still fun. so don’t worry about the grandscheme. i have faith we will see more tough content in the future
  6. is there a reason we don’t raise the aggro cap on tankers? seems like that would help a lot with these issues.
  7. man i really hope we get it! Wind/Storm please come in to my life!!
  8. Here is what I have been able to put together for this build. So far this combination is really promising! I would love to improve this. I neutered Shock and Galvanic sentinel since Darkness Control really needs lots of slots and procs to do its thing. I do think stun proc galvanic sentinel will be a lot of fun though. I have capped S/L resists and then some so there is definitely some room to clean that up but I lack the experience. I do not intend to solo very much at all as teams are the most fun in COH. I do want to be as effective as possible though! Any advice is appreciated. I do have t
  9. I am currently working on this combination as well. I should hit 50 with mine tonight and it’s been a ton of fun. I don’t have a build yet really but i am trying to figure out what powers are skippable and what sets are good for electric affinity. Hoping someone more experienced weighs in.
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