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  1. Keeping this for future use (and editing) - Streaming copypasta


    See if this helps for the future:


    The Streaming Copypasta

    As the topic repeatedly comes up - and becomes locked - it appears a Streaming Copypasta is needed. I did these on live for common suggestion topics as a means to gather all the information we had in one place, with references whenever possible, to try to answer questions and stop arguments. So here we go:

    Homecoming's stance on streaming:

    The Homecoming team is in negotiations with NC (formerly NCSoft) to become a "legitimate," licensed server for City of Heroes. These negotiations as of 12/30/2020 are not yet concluded, and have (as of that date) been slowed down farther because of Covid.


    NOTE: I am not part of the homecoming team or a mod. I am not claiming to be, or to have any sort of authority here. I'm just gathering information and dumping it out in a nice, easy to use, fat free, low sodium format.

    Homecoming's code of conduct as of time of writing (12/31/2020) includes this clause:


    Video Policy

    Whilst Homecoming is still undergoing efforts to become a legitimate operation, live broadcasts or uploads of gameplay footage are not permitted.

    Fairly straightforward. No streaming, no uploads, no Twitch, Youtube, or wherever else the kids are showing game footage these days.

    If this policy is changed, the Homecoming team will make an announcement (as they would with any policy change.)

    Links to Homecoming team commentary on the streaming policy:

    August 20, 2019, "A note on Streaming," by GM Tempest:


    We've had a lot of people asking us about streaming the game over the last few months. Given our current circumstances and desire to turn Homecoming into a legal, above-board operation, we cannot at this time endorse anyone streaming the game as it violates the ToS of various streaming platforms. Once our talks with NCSoft are complete there should be no issue with streaming the game again.

    March 7, 2020, "Homecoming code of conduct updates - March 7th, 2020"


    As we requested a few months back, we would prefer if streams and videos of gameplay on Homecoming were not broadcast or uploaded whilst we are still working on legitimizing the server.


    We’re now going to be enforcing this as part of the Code of Conduct:


     Any videos uploaded before tomorrow (March 8th) will be left alone, but any new videos or streams will be treated as a Code of Conduct violation.


    While we understand this may be frustrating, it is unfortunately a necessary step we must take. This rule will only remain in place whilst these efforts are still ongoing - we will be lifting this restriction once this process has reached its conclusion.

    Just as a side note, the topics tend to get locked because they tend to become ... unproductive quickly. So don't be surprised when that happens.

    Frequent questions:


    "But I found X video from Homecoming?" (Past content, pre-March 8, 2020.)

    In the same note on streaming, GM Tahquitz noted:


    The most current info is here. Our current policy is that users refrain from streaming all video content of Homecoming game play.  Videos released before March are grandfathered, but no more new ones are to be published, past replays or otherwise.

    That means if it was uploaded prior to that announcement, it can stay. If you're streaming now, or even if you have a video from March 8 or earlier but haven't uploaded it - don't upload it until the policy changes.

    "But server X allows streaming?"


    The simple reply to this is that whatever other server that is is likely not in any sort of negotiation with NC to become licensed or otherwise "legit." Policy there is not policy here. Homecoming *is* in negotiations with NC, and so has to keep its nose clean, ducks in a row... heck, has to keep those ducks' noses (bills, whatever) clean, too. Greater scrutiny. So, no streaming, altering the Homecoming logo as requested, maintaining a policy of genericizing potentially copyright infringing names and/or costumes just like on live, the works.


    The choice is "Stream now and make negotiations more difficult (and risk action against your HC account,)" or "Don't stream now, make things less difficult and get to stream from a legit server later." Please, don't make things more difficult for everyone else.

    "I don't believe there are talks," "Negotiations are taking so long/why are they taking so long?" "Why doesn't the Homecoming team say something more?"


    We've been told the talks are under an NDA. (Not unusual for talks like this.) There are also other things in play, like cultural differences, Covid during 2020, and we don't know what else. Honestly, almost anything anyone *not* a Homecoming team member says about it is speculation. And because of the NDA, the Homecoming team - no matter their desire for transparancy - *can't* say anything (unless cleared.)


    We obviously don't have and can't guess at an ETA. When there's something to be said that can be said, the Homecoming team will announce it.

    "How can it be against TOS if person from Server X can put their game on Twitch?"


    That's up to Twitch and server X. Also, see prior answer - the other server is likely not in negotiations to become legitimate or meet any standard.



  2. To all those looking here, I say...


    What'chu lookin' at, Willis?



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