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  1. 16 hours ago, xl8 said:


    There's zero evidence of this. If i were true, why would it go on for years and why would they be threatening legal action against other servers already?


    Right. So what you're saying is HC is a pack of liars who just *say* they've been talking to HC?


    Also, the "go on for years" has been discussed elsewhere. Easy enough to find.


    Legal action against other servers is between those servers and NC and frankly about as relevant as saying "Oh yeah? Well if my car's out of gas how come my microwave still works?"

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  2. 2 hours ago, xl8 said:

    Given it's on Thunderspy and the HC devs are extremely reluctant to use other servers' ideas, I don't see it ever happening.



    No, many other servers are very happy to use the spaghetti on wall approach and throw stuff out there, no matter how complete or stable it is.  (And wipe or roll things back when, oops, that must be why it wasn't live, it broke stuff.)


    HC seems to take a more cautious approach and actually... have things *work.* And look decent. More ... like a development house.  Given they're in negotiations with NC for licensing and whatnot, being shown to be serious (and cautious and thoughtful) about maintaining and developing it further is a *good* thing.


    Also, there are two 'branches' of code servers seem to be using, and from my understanding not everything is compatible. One uses "just as it was on shutdown" code and goes off from there, the other (including HC) uses code expanded and worked on since through SCORE (and possibly others.) '


    There's no "That other server uses it, so now it has their stench, we'll never touch it" involved.

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  3. 4 hours ago, SuperPlyx said:

    Only the ones already in your tray will come back after respec.

    I respec alot and I make a lot of macros. if they all ones I messed up and removed came back after a respec, I would need more trays.


    I had to double check that (on test) since I remembered them coming back - but I don't have a lot of characters with macros.

    That said, another place they don't show up is a second build, which means there's another place having a "macros" window where they can persist and move to and from would be nice.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Robertium77 said:

    Yes Please!!!!! Customizable briefs too. With stars, stripes, dots, etc.


    If they're done under the "bottoms with skins," they wouldn't be able to, as I understand it, since the "skin" takes the other colors. (I don't know why they can't use patterns like tights, I'm assuming because they wouldn't be able to stop them from going over the skin.)

  5. 3 hours ago, Glacier Peak said:

    Look if you need it broken down to an easier level to understand level, the event purpose is to stop the prisoners from escaping. If that occurs, you basically fail the event. Or if you would rather finish the event, go find the prisoner that escaped and defeat them. It's not broken, there ya go. 


    Wow, I know it's "talk like a pirate day" and people are talking booty, but this is just being an ass.


    If the event had an intentional "Keep them from escaping" - such as, say, the "Prevent 30 fir Bolg from escaping/stop the ritual" from Skipper's ark in Croatoa - there would be a "X have escaped" fail notice, and the event could reset. There is not one. Therefore, no, the point is not actually "stopping prisoners from escaping" in a game mechanics sense. The prisoners also make no attempt TO escape - they will, if people leave them alone, happily stand there staring at the PPD. They only run when generic NPC "run" conditions are met, like any other mob... and then do not return.


    ANd that, of course, is only the first and third parts of the event, and utterly irrelevant for the second, which can *also* fail with a (flying, typically,) Freakshow mob haring off somewhere. They are not trying to "escape," which makes your point moot.



    In a mission, when you engage in battle with an npc, and then run away, they will chase you - up to a point. For some NPCs that point may actually be through the elevators. Hard to know until you do such things. Within a minute, the npc not finding you will return to the spawn point. Seems like that's what's missing here. 

    But does it really make sense for an escaping inmate to wait around for us to prevent his escape? Nope. I think it would be better to have a timer. If they're not defeated within 2-3 minutes or some other reasonable time for most players, the event just resets. 


    That's exactly what's missing. A few things, though:

    1. There's not a "Prevent from escaping" area defined. From what I've seen and had affect me, it's fairly small.  (It's also "Help the PPD apprehend the prisoners.")


    2. Even if you get all the (first wave) prisoners, the second wave is Freakshow. Notoriously, they have flying NPCs. They take off and never come back, as well - and do so quickly and easily.


    Also, 3. I went onto test to - well, test - something I was fairly sure I recalled happening - namely, if a prisoner or freakshow gets too far away of the rather nebulous "Defeat here" area, yet you still defeat them, it doesn't count. However... guess what's stuck on test, with no prisoners in sight, for who knows how long.  Since I seem to recall defeating one that ran, with the counter in the corner, and having it not count.


  6. On 9/14/2021 at 2:19 AM, GhostDawg said:

    Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't get it. Having a moderately powered AT balanced with a LOL you lose mechanic hurt it overall.


    Every word you've written indicates you don't get it and/or don't want to get it. Has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with me.


    Frankly, it indicates the ATs don't click with you. Which is fine. There are a bunch of other ones to play. Have fun over there instead.

  7. Short form, humanform you'll *possibly* be happier with peacebringers. But try both and see. I used to have a guide somewhere from live...


    Here. This is over a decade old, so there have been changes to the game, but I'd say there's a fair amount of still valid. (11/2010.)


    Quoting a section of it...



    The Peacebringer difference.

    "What's the difference between 'shades and Peacebringers? Insult a Warshade in a bar, they'll go out, slash your tires and put sugar in your gas tank. The peacebringer will just break your face." -Me.

    That simplifies things a bit. It's a good attitude comparison (though the 'shade goes from sneaky to demigod later.) But at the same time, it simplifies things a bit too much. So we're going to do some comparisons here.

    1. Secondary effects. A Warshade slows their enemies with their attacks. Easier to keep together, a little safer with -recharge. A Peacebringer debuffs defense, making them easier to hit with followup shots (and thus easier to kill.)

    2. Steady state versus rollercoaster. A Warshade has incredible highs - and low, low lows. Their self buffs, self heals and the like rely on enemies, alive or dead. (This is the balance which lets them get such nice buffs off of Mire, for instance.) A Peacebringer is entirely self contained. When Build Up or Restore Essence come up, they're going to do the same buff for the same amount at the same level with the same slotting. No worries that you're down to fighting one tough boss versus a crowd of minions. Your buffs are always there for you.

    3. Fluffies of Doom vs Fluff. OK, this doesn't make the Peacebringer come out quite so well. The Warshade's extracted essences are reasonably long lasting, ranged attackers that add seriously to damage for a while. The Peacebringer's Photon Seekers are... um... well, a melee attack. Don't drag them behind you and expect them to explode. They had an AI upgrade a while back that upgraded them from "Dumb as dirt" to "Just somewhat dumber than an earthworm." I've had them float harmlessly right on an enemy's head through an entire fight, apparently deciding to make them die of embarassment ("Oh no, dandruff!") instead of explodiness.

    4. MF for strength versus MF "because I want to." If you read Dechs' guide like I said, you'll see how the Warshade's dwarf mire, human mire, Eclipse and pets all work together to make a Warshade an engine of purple destruction. Bi and humanform are still viable - but you do lose out on some power, depending on combination. The Peacebringer? The idea of "Self contained" carries through here. If you go human form, you don't lose much by not having Dwarf - no mez protected form*, no second heal.

    *Edit - Since this was written, Light Form has had some changes, and you can with some builds (go ask in the forum) perma it. Which will take care of the mez bit.

    5. The Chosen One brings Balance. Similarly to the Warshade, your Inherent - Cosmic Balance - buffs your stats. Every Control (Controller/Dominator) character helps your protection from Control effects, and every other Epic AT (Hero or Villain) gives you Slow resistance. However, everything else is turned on its head. Are you protecting squishies? Every defensive AT (Tanker, Mastermind, Defender or Corruptor) helps your ability to protect them by giving you a damage boost. (OK, tanks and masterminds in bodyguard aren't generally squishy, but they are classed as defensive here.) Every offensive AT, such as sweaty Scrappers, BO Brutes... eh, wrong kind of offensive? Anyway, Scrappers, Stalkers, Brutes and Blasters all help you stand on the front line with them by buffing your Damage Resistance. "A Peacebringer is what the team needs; a team is what the Warshade needs." -Dechs


    (Again, remember... written in late 2010.)


    So in short, I'd basically call a Peacebringer more steady and predictable than a Warshade.  You will have Build Up or your heal/HP boost *now,* it will recharge in *this* many seconds and then give you *that* much of a boost again, versus "I mired/eclipsed in a group, I am god! ... now I've been fighting this boss for a while, there are no minions and I'm barely getting anything from one target."

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  8. On 9/17/2021 at 9:36 PM, TwoDee said:


    To spool back onto the 'dungeon master' thing, I often approach RP more from a facilitative/game mastery perspective, and at the end of the day the question I have to ask is "what do roleplayers want" and, not for nothing, but there's a reason the vast, sweeping majority of players play Heroes.  That's the fantasy they want to live.  They don't want to delve into the grit and grime of real people and real problems.  They don't want to use their precious free time reenacting Wanted, or Black Summer, or - God forbid - Watchmen.  They want to be Powergirl, or Wolverine, or Spider-Man, and that's completely fine, but it's incompatible with the much more niche "the villains win/bad end" fantasy.  From a quantitative perspective if not a qualitative one, it behooves me to meet hero players at their level, even if my preferred roleplay space is ambiguous antiheroism.


    Quoting just this bit, but skimming through... there's a lot of bias in the post. And it seems you're aware of your own, which is fine. But some of this needs pointing out.


    There has been a *lot* of discussion about why more people play heroes, and it's not just - or, I'd posit, the majority - "I want to be Captain Four-Color GenderAppropriateScout."


    I mean, for starters the game itself is labeled "City of Heroes." Yes, there's "City of Villains," but ... look up. The site's not listed as "City of Villains: Homecoming" or "Cities of Heroes and Villains: Homecoming." Heroside is front and center. You start out (unless you choose Praetorian, and that is a whole other kettle of fish) in the blue, heroic environment, unless you take steps (add -cov) not to. We no longer split by AT, other than Epics (and that's a good thing.) But from the get-go in character creation, you're heroic blue.  The only real nod to villainside is ... a click button in a box at the end.


    If people, new or old, ask where their friends are, where the teaming is, etc. they'll generally be told "heroside." Which leads to more people looking at heroside versus villainside, and that likely feeds on itself. Villainside is, at best, represented by a few mobs. Or, if you step toe into a PVP zone and someone else happens to actually be there who can fight you, you've been... defeated by a villain. And just being defeated leaves a bad taste in some peoples' mouths. *shrug*


    Then there's the environment and writing. Redside keep sgetting described as dismal, dirty, grey and depressing when conversations about "why aren't people playing villains?" come up. (On top of that, some of the arachnos maps make me *long* for the 5-layer-cake caves. That ridiculous 100-story-tall reactor room when you're on a kill all and need to find that ONE LAST MOB... ) And the writing - while it was changing a bit near the end - is just hard to reconcile with villains. Villains tend to be the ones driving the plot. Making the plans. Having their own agendas. Mission wise, you're written as a lackey and a dupe. Alternately, there are just missions that make people *really* uncomfortable. "Villain" does not mean "amoral, psycho- or sociopathic, murderapeillage is my middle name." And yet, the content railroads your character and makes assumptions about them - you'd deliver a young woman back to Bocor, you'd deliver people to be cut up by the Vahzilok and so forth.


    Playing redside, *far* too often I have to just ignore what the game *tells* me my character is doing and/or wants to do. But part of that is just the difficulty in writing for playable villains in an MMO. I don't want my character railroaded into actions they'd never take ... and so I rarely find myself playing redside, even though I do have characters that most certainly are "villains," to some degree, and belong over there.


    I think playing redside is what turns people off of playing redside. If we could *play our villains as villains,* as the planners, the instigators, the ones going for the big score, or going for revenge, or even "this is what they know, life's hard, to get what you want you need to beat it out of someone else," without having to know the ins and outs of AE and without being depicted as a dupe, pure evil or just pants-on-heads stupid and unaware, there'd be more people playing redside.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Glacier Peak said:

    I dunno about broken, I ran it on Indomitable once the timer reset just fine. What is likely occurring is an inmate escapes to a far away location in the zone and they need to be defeated before the next wave spawns. 


    Yes, and when that happens, the event cannot be completed, thus the description of "broken." I've completed it before, too. I've also had it become unable to be completed because of exactly what you described - and the mob *does not* come back, or doesn't count when it seems to. "It sometimes works" is not exactly the most confidence inspiring description.  If my car "sometimes" worked, it'd be in the dealer for repair or replacement as a lemon.

  10. Eh. Personally I think I see this as too much chance for confusion vs "just stop for 3 seconds and slot it when you can."


    I mean, given how many times basic questions are asked in the help channel (which, not a complaint, it's what it's *there* for,) "I slotted a level 50 enh and it's not working!" leading to several minutes of discussion before someone asks "What level are you?" "12" would probably not be uncommon as a result.

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  11. 14 hours ago, Aida LaCanthe said:

     However, many older games (re: CoH era) consider not the direction a movement makes you look, but the direction a movement moves the invisible camera behind your screen, which is horribly unintuitive and results in the "normal is inverted and inverted is normal" behavior that CoH has.


    I don't know that I'd call this "unintuitive." Maybe it comes from being a big flight sim buff, where (like in normal flight) pushing a joystick (or mouse) forward makes you dive - IE, head towards the high-drag region known as "ground," or look down - and pulling it back makes you climb. But even without that, if you move your head forward, eventually it's going to tilt down, and pull back = up.


    I've found the other way to be the unintuitive one, and utterly impossible to get used to.

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  12. Yeah, that event's been that way. Either a prisoner runs off somewhere, or one of the Freakshow (often one of the fliers) runs off in the second portion and breaks it. I know I've tried taunting one back into the general area and had it not work (one that specifically ran.) I've also tried just a generic "prisoner" to see if it would count (it doesn't.) The third phase is usually fine as you just have to defeat the three named/special prisoners and they don't normally run off.


    If I recall, this didn't (or barely) made it onto live, too.


    Frankly, I think this could be "fixed" (or cheesed, to be honest, but looking short term) by not requiring the specific mobs that spawned to be the ones killed (other than the three special prisoners in 3rd phase.) Make the walkway and area enclosed by the cops a "neighborhood," and let us draw generic prisoners or Freakshow into it to defeat X number if the ones supplied run off.

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  13. Ugh. Already don't like that setup just from the quoted bit. I don't like having Arachnos - a hostile foreign power - *building bases* in Faultline and Siren's (and part of Atlas, apparently) already. It's just ridiculously stupid.  "The villains own half the city" is just that writ large.


    The only way a "villain" should "own a city" is something... oh, Crey could pull off, where they're a big enough corporation they "own" a large chunk of the economy, have political clout, etc. - enough to influence events and hide things. I mean, if at any point the USSR owned Brooklyn, it wouldn't be tolerated.


    Don't even have to go into the article after that.

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  14. 14 hours ago, Cyrickain13 said:

    So yeah serious case of alt-itis 


    Cranking out 1-2 50's per week until I get bored again. Some serious questions though....


    Characters can have more then 1 build? Which is awesome.


    Should I do IO's for the build I dont play  much?  IE - Hasten with 3 Recharge IO's or get them special ones? I am sure I have more questions. Glad to be back in CoH.


    Wy are you "cranking out" 50s? There's this whole other game, 1-49...


    And yes, you get build 2 unlocked at 10, 3 at 50. They have their own enhancements, pool selections, etc.


    As far as "should I do IOs," it's your character - do what you want with it. *shrug* Will it be as enjoyable without them, or do you need perma-cap-etc-etc-etc?

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  15. 12 hours ago, BurtHutt said:





    Edit: Though if one were to be added, I'd want it to be turndown girl. With commentary.

    "You're taking that power? Fine. I suppose it's your life..."

    "You're putting slots there and think you have a chance?"

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  16. So, there's a good bit hidden away in the .pigg files - people can swap textures, sounds, etc. by searching for items and either modifying them (client side) or putting a replacement file in the appropriate directory.


    What I'm curious about, though, are those clues that come up as you do missions.


    Now, yes, you get a souvenir when you finish a story arc giving you an overview of what happened, sure. But on the way there? Lots of other clues. Some are kind of boring ("You found a gun!") and some give interesting little details ("email" exchanges with lore info and the like.) The Wikis are missing some of these, or they're questionable, and those of us interested in lore minutiae can miss these puzzle pieces.


    Is it possible to extract these in some readable format?

  17. 13 hours ago, Wavicle said:

    Give the Council a couple of Nictus weapon mobs at level 40 or 45+ that do unresistable Nicti damage not just to Kheldians, but to Everyone.

    AFAIK they are the only enemy group that does not really get more dangerous at the high levels.


    Technically the Galaxies are "nictus weapons" themselves (along with some of the Vampyri and War Wolves.)  ;)


    However, Nictus damage was "designed" specifically to counter Kheldians, lorewise. It wouldn't make sense to have that start damaging everyone. (And that damage type was pretty well gutted - Qs and Vs just do negative energy damage now.)


    (Heh. The image in my mind right now is someone with a powerful magnet going "I've scrambled these drives, you'll never get the data off... And now I'm going to scramble you!" Then trying to stick the magnet on someone and watching it fall off. That's pretty much Nictus damage vs Khelds, versus everyone else.)


    7 hours ago, TraumaTrain said:

    At high level they should have Praetorian Resistance guns and occasional Resistance advisors.


    This, however, makes sense, given the Calvin Scott arc (I'm forgetting who actually gives the missions.) Plus they've gotten their hands on War Walkers. I'm sure had Live been live longer, we'd see them appearing more (I'd hope we would.)

  18. Hmm.


    I flat out don't use "seeking" type lists. I prefer to just have connections happen. Might be a response to a SG recruiting, or an event, but ... yeah, I don't put "personals" out.


    Discord -

    Usually if I'm on one (actively,) it's a SG or coalition and I'll have a subset of characters there - since the few I'm actively on generally have a "cast of characters" for RP. Quick reference sort of thing. Rarely updated with "recent events," since the people involved know what's happening.


    Here -

    I started a list of characters. Also quick references, also not really "live." I don't tend to go back and edit them.



    I've started pages. Eventually I'll get them done - this would probably be the closest to a "master list" for me, at least for my primary RP characters and ones I otherwise find interesting, character-wise. The ones I'd most likely try to keep up to date, though that falls behind as I'm horrible at updating and wiki-ing.


    Virtueverse itself, IIRC, had some database issue. When I went over to look at a few old characters there, the info was ... wrong. I'm kind of not bothring over there.


    So I guess in general I'm fairly scattershot about what I put where and what I do with it.

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