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  1. Oh my god thank you for figuring this out, and Powerhouse for putting it on The List. This explanation makes what I'm seeing make perfect sense.
  2. I've posted similar findings in an earlier thread, Reposting my combat log as well Seems we aren't the only ones to notice the bug either, I found an even earlier thread I know the devs are busy right now, but I just want to know if this is intended behavior or not.
  3. So, I actually did this and I found something really strange. It turns out that Boxing, Kick, and Air Superiority all get the bonus double damage to contained targets. Cross Punch, however, doesn't. It gets extra, but not doubled, damage when used against contained targets. I posted a thread about it in the Bug thread, and I actually found an even older thread about it as well. Neither thread got a response, but maybe this is the place to put it instead? Also, I will say that even with Cross Punch being weird, if you can spare the power picks, Air Superiority, Boxing, and Cross Punch do a lot of work on Controllers. One fun thing is that the disorient from Boxing (and I think Cross Punch also) activates containment for double damage, and chaining that with Air Superiority is a surprising amount of damage and single-target soft control.
  4. So I've been doing some testing because I'm trying to play around with a concept build. I trained Air Superiority, Boxing, Kick, and Cross Punch on my Ice/Empathy controller. I noticed something incredibly weird when I went to test out my new powers, however. I hit a pack of mobs with Frostbite to immobilize them and set up containment. Air Superiority did double damage. Boxing did double damage. Kick did double damage. Cross Punch...didn't? Like the other attacks, it does "critically hit". That is, it does get an extra tick of damage against contained foes, it's just that unlike all the other powers, this second tick of damage is lower than the first tick for some reason. I can think of a few explanations off the top of my head. First one being that the second hit from containment is not counting the synergy buffs from training kick and boxing. But, if that were the case, we would expect the second hit to be doing 30% less damage, and that's not the case. It is actually doing about 60% less damage, which makes Cross Punch an incredibly unappealing power for controllers to take. You can see all of this in my combat log below. My character is level 22, I removed all enhancements from all the powers used, I fought an even-con minion, set up containment, and used Air Superiority, Kick, and Cross Punch in succession. As you can clearly see, Air Sup and Kick hit twice under containment, for the full damage both times. Cross Punch hits once for full damage, and a second time for about 60% less. It also gets a different combat log entry for the second hit, something that the first two powers don't get. So, my question is this: Bug or working as intended? If it's working as intended, why is this happening? What's the reasoning behind it? Thanks in advance!
  5. SG Name: Paragon Physicians Association RP/RP Friendly: Yes, very strongly recommended. Theme/Era: Medical-themed characters, doctors, surgeons, biomedical researchers, med students Redside/Blueside: Both Recruitment Message: Whether you are a licensed medical professional who feels like medical ethics boards are preventing you from helping people in need, a self-taught surgeon looking for institutional support, or a rotation student who needs community service hours, the Paragon Physicians Association is here to help! The Paragon Physicians Association is a new coalition of science-based medical professionals from all walks of life. As Paragon City’s first medical non-profit, our mission is to offer support for those who bring palliative care to the front line, regardless of what their patients look like. At PPA we understand the needs of a population as diverse as the inhabitants of Paragon and the Rogue Isles, and we aim to bring the best in medical care not only to those fighting to make our communities better, but to the communities themselves. No health insurance? No problem! PPA will bring the cures of tomorrow to you today! Simply visit our clinic (address: MEDICAL-5918) and let us help you heal. Interested in working with us, and putting your skills to use serving your community? Please send a cover letter and resume to “Malpractice”, or to our P.O. box at the global address @Zinnar. One final note, as PPA is a 501© charity organization, we rely on the generosity of you, the citizens of Paragon and the Rogue Isles to support our efforts to bring medical care to the community. We gladly accept donations in the form of financial support as well as in the form of useful materials. Remember, charitable donations are tax-deductible! Please direct all donations to Malpractice, or our global address @Zinnar, as above. We are also interested in corporate sponsorship, especially for our community health outreach events!
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