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  1. SG Name: Canine Chic Base Code: CHIC-10348 In-Game Contact: @Ruaidhri This is a personal residence, located on a personal island to the North of Talos. Designed as a place of both work and leisure, it features amenities tailored to its owners tastes as well as his professions (cape on or not), with friends and guests in mind. Enjoy the view of the natural hot spring from the balcony, or enjoy the waters for yourself. It may belong to a fire starter, but the water's just fine.
  2. For folks that want to convert the knockback in their powers to knockdown without compromising their builds, would it be possible to create an IO that could be slotted into one of the different sprint powers or Rest itself?
  3. Theme: Emerald, elegiacal, effervescent. Suggested by Hawt Dawg and worn by someone with a better chance of pulling it off.
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