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  1. Additional LGBTQ Events: Saturday June 19th at 11pm EDT, Chaos United on Everlasting will be holding a PRIDE theme Costume Contest in Atlas Park! Monday June 21st, Chaos United on Everlasting will be running a special Mothership Raid with a contest and prizes! Tuesday June 22nd at 8pm EST, at the Black Cat Club on Everlasting! Wednesday June 23rd, the Femme Fatales will be running a costume contest and trivia night with 300 million in prizes! Thursday June 24th, at Black Friday on Everlasting! (Watch this space for events/details)
  2. June is Pride month, and we'll be celebrating again this year with music, events, comradery, and Pride in Our City!!! Date: Saturday, June 26th Time: 1900 UTC (12PM PST/3PM EST) Server: Everlasting Location(s): Parades starting from Mercy and Atlas and then migrating to Pocket D This year's costume theme will have you Show your Colors! with a flag of your choice (for examples: Various Pride Flags ), and we'll be holding three contests for: 1. Singles 2. Couples/Groups 3. Biographies And not only will there be billions in
  3. It sounds like it may have been the Flow Lightning ability used by some of the Sibyls: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Talons_of_Vengeance#Sibyl_.28Lightning.29 It functions very similarly to other ground mechanics like in Apex, the Magisterium, or Minds of Mayhem.
  4. Congrats to the winners! And stoked to take third amidst such solid competition!
  5. I loved the arc! It felt like a wonderful continuation into the universe's lore, with some neat hooks for the future. Now, for nitty gritty, I just have some minor corrections I might make regarding mission text for 'The Graveyard Shift'. In the interest of not being too spoilery with my screenshots, I'll try to blur all but the salient details, but consider this a caveat for those that haven't done the blue side arc yet! Regarding Chapter Two: I would suggest changing 'small time' to 'small-time' in its usage here. Regarding Chapter Three:
  6. It's hard to know what to say. Neutron was a genuinely warn person, the type of person that leaves an impression for their kindness. It was always nice to hear him in voice, and it is an honor to have gotten to meet him. I hope he rests well.
  7. These are some fantastic changes, and testing them out so far I haven't had any issues with them. (And to echo @ArchVileTerror, it would be amazing seeing the Walk animations proliferated across genders at some point as well.)
  8. I'd like to chime in with my displeasure in regards to the Shinobi-Iri change as well, and to echo a lot of what has been said. This change kills a lot of flavor, both in terms of playstyle and aesthetic. By pairing Shinobi-Iri with Ninja Run or Beast Run, combined with some tailored slotting, we were able to realize the character fantasy of having that speedster ninja without being locked to the standard run animation just, you know, sped up. We could have the monstrous and beastly minded terror barreling through the Etoiles. And though it might mean sacrificing set bo
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