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  1. THE NEW PARAGONS ARE RECRUITING! Following the catastrophe of Atlas Park by the hands of the powerful supervillain Agony, a new age of younger and less experienced heroes have emerged to restore hope in Paragon City. Together they form the New Paragons and vow to protect the world from immortal evil! Alignment: Hero/Blueside Theme: We are NOT a Teen superhero team, but more Young Adult. Our characters are within a specific 18-25 year old age range. The costumes worn by members of the New Paragons should be colorful, vibrant, and heroic looking. The overall theme we are aiming for is a mix of classic and modern. Comic book and media inspirations include Young Justice, Invincible, and The New 52's Earth 2 series. The New Paragons are a Medium RP SG with a heavy focus on storytelling and characters! The core foundation of the team has been established and we are looking to add new members to our roster! We are still a very new group, but we plan on telling fun and exciting stories for our members to be a part of! Our New Paragons, Issue #'s is our main story title, much like a team comic book series, but we are about to start hosting mini-events within our group. Mini-events are opportunities for members to tell their own stories for our characters to participate in, much like a character's solo series with the rest of the team guest-starring. You can message me here or in-game @Cos, or you may message our co-leaders: @Hablaguy287 or @First Player. Please reach out to us first if you'd like to be invited to our Discord.
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