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  1. So, a bunch of us got together to commemorate USA's independence...Homecoming Style!
  2. While waiting out the mission timer, you come back to find a surviving Redcap has exhausted itself with ineffective attacks against you. Poor thing.
  3. It seems the Shield Drone Lore pet has the con and description of a Polar Light, not a drone.
  4. We just ran the Barracuda SF with 6 toons, but after we defeated all of Recluse's lieutenants and stepped into the machine, the temp powers were inconsistently awarded. Some got the grounding ray and ONE temp power (not 5, per https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Barracuda_Strike_Force#Defeat_Reichsman), some got just the gun, or one temp power, and some got nada. It made completion impossible.
  5. So, my toon attempted to use the Pocket D portal to access his base, but got the attached popup instead. Might be connected to Valentine Event since I never received it before today. (or maybe he's "The One" and is starting to perceive The Matrix for what it really is)
  6. In my Enhancement storage tray, I had a LoTG Def/Rech (42) and a LoTG End/Rech (50). I wanted to convert the End/Rech (50) into a Def/Rech (50), so I attempted an in-set conversion, but as you can see from the screenshot, the conversion tool APPEARED to downgrade the level-50 enhancement to a level-42 enhancement. However, what actually was created and appeared in my tray (shown in the screenshot) was the correct level-50 Def/Rech enhancement (I'd already removed the Def/Rech (42) from the tray for the screenshot). The function of the tool was correct, even if its display was not.
  7. I'm experiencing similar badge omissions and mis-matches awarded from Ouroboros missions. In my Support Request #2206, one of my characters completed the Vahzilok Wasting Disease Ouroboros arc (lvl 19) with players debuffed and using only AT powers. However, the Headstrong and Vocational badges were not awarded as they should have been. Stranger still, another character completed the Aura of Power (2.05, lvl 50) today with the No Travel Powers limitation, but instead of the Suspended badge being awarded as expected, the character received the Still badge, which is also for the No Travel Powers limitation, but for level 30-34...huh? And to top it off, the Ouroboros list doesn't even show the character as having completed the Aura of Power arc (no star)!
  8. Mildly annoyed that, here on only the 2nd of the month, I missed the donation window...again. Well, it's a good annoyance anyhow. I will be here on the first of August to make certain my donation gets in. Take my money!! I love what you're doing.
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