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  1. So far this is only theoretic build as I am only in the 30s so far. All feedback is awesome thank you. I can move some slots around. Probably want to keep 2 in hasten for some reason less than 2 just makes me anxious lol. So far I am loving /MC but I am not loving range of Dragon's tail so I wasn't sure if I should keep it round. I have also thought about KB Protection and was thinking of working Acrobatics in there some how but I wasnt sure which skill I should drop. Also as much as I love Ice/ I was thinking of switching to Water/. What do you all think?
  2. I am thinking Temp would be my choice. I really like all the little things it gives. You could also do Water blast and recolor it red. That might be thematic for a vampire.
  3. Don't have a screen shot of totals but he is sitting at almost 50% smashing and Lethal Def, 27 melee 35 ranged and 21 AoE def. Several resists sitting in the 20s.
  4. So I love blasters and have used so many of the builds you all post here but I wanted to try my hand at it. I wanted something blasty but with a bit of blapping and decided on Ice/MA. I have cobbled together a rudimentary build from multitudes of the builds you all have made but I would love some tweaks and adjustments. So far I have got him to level 30ish and he is a blast (HA). Popping around slowing all the mobs tossing kicks and knocking people around with Ki Push. Let me know what you all think and buff on up my boy! This Hero build was built using Mi
  5. Do you have a build for this? It sounds super fun.
  6. Oh this looks really awesome thank you!
  7. As title says. I have looked around through the forums and found a few that are mostly out dated. Something I can really dump some Inf into as I have just come back from a long break and Id like to be able to do all games content! Any help would be awesome. I have no idea if it is a strong pairing but I just like the concept lol. Thanks in advance!
  8. Oh I see! I haven't done much in an actual team yet, just testing solo in +4/8. I will keep it as it is and try some group content to get the feel for it there. I have had so much fun with him just stomp through stuff I forgot I may be called to actually tank something lol. @Sir Myshkin one question I do have is with Irradiated Ground. Does it not work well with procs? I see with the 3 slots it is already over damage cap (at least I think that is what it means when the number is red in mids lol.) but I thought having a few procs in that would help overall? My very last
  9. Well I fully rolled up this build and I have to say that Dark Oblit and Gloom do feel really good and with Ageless running I havent had much in the way of End problems. I am a pale orange and blue color palette that I was able o get them to pretty closely resemble. The only things I am not liking so far are Proton Sweep and the low defense. PS seems to only hit one mob maybe 2 for only about 70 plus a couple of 24 damage ticks from a DoT. The defenses is mostly not an issue, I knew I would get hit more and my powers seem to fill me back up quick but, it does feel quite a bit squishier. I still
  10. Oh this one looks super interesting! I actually originally based my build on a Rad/SS I had seen a few days ago. I was very split on taking Energy/Soul but I ended up going Energy because I just couldn't get the attacks to visually match the aesthetic I was going for. I am going to try again though see if I can get it to match the other powers a bit better because I just keep reading the joys of the set over and over lol. I have never even thought of just fully dropping Defense all together, it seems like with my melee at 30ish% I was dodging quite a few hits. What would the rotati
  11. Well that makes too much damn sense doesn't it? lol I didn't even think of that.
  12. Awesome, I will check through this build and give it a whirl! So far the character is just a blast to play, so any and all improvements will only make me stick to him even longer lol. Thanks for the work up.
  13. Ok so I have made some of those changes and increased the Psi resist, as well as the +recharge. Have the 5 Armageddon in Ground Zero and switched a bit of the other sets around. Dropped Conserve Power for Focused Acc and freed up a slot for it to cut down on it's end usage. With the Toggles and Rad melee I am finding it a bit End hungry still so I kept 2 slots in Phys Perfection and Health/Stam. Not sure how to get the +5 on my recharges in Hasten to show on Mids but I have those in game as well. It is playing very nicely so far. I have had to work a ton but I have easily cleared +4/8 Fire Far
  14. I have to say I am super excited to try those changes you all have suggested. With the current build I am doing +4/8 Fire Farm with no incarns!
  15. I mostly slotted 5 Unbreak Guard because I originally had 2 more AEs and dropped them and , ended up putting those slots in the defenses for more Tox resist. So that is good to know! Where would you suggest I use those extra slots from the defenses and Health/Stam? For steadfast I can move it from Meltdown to Tough so it is in with the UG set with the +hp, is that what you mean? I can definitely drop Energy Mastery for almost anything! I picked it up because I just wasn't sure what I would need and knew a little +End never hurts lol. Soon as I get the Arma
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