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  1. Thanks for capturing these, now everyone cross your fingers that we're soon to come to a beta server near you.
  2. I think with the damage brought down a bit it should be fine. It makes solo play a bit smoother, but not just a two button slaughter fest. As you level, or if you have an end heavy build, then you can save it as a utility power at the expense of the damage it would have topped off. To me the damage should be ok, but not a nuke. I appreciate your opinion, I just don't personally agree with the idea.
  3. My issue with this idea is in group play you may not be able to control it. At least mid to high level play I tend to be in a groups where end is always topped off (think powers like AM I think it is). So if you build around running low you may not be able to actually do that beyond solo play.
  4. I wish I was that nerd. I have tons of fun making builds and would take it on if I had any clue how. Sadly I'm a finance geek and not a programming one.
  5. I’m not excited for PPM changes, my kheldian damage thrives on procs for ST damage. Let’s push those way, way out lol
  6. I wouldn't use the shields in human form. Dwarf is just better. Likely, as bi-form at that level, you will mostly be in dwarf. Human is going to be for you to buff in via sunless mire, then dwarf mire and you can do decent enough dps in dwarf. If you are not at risk of Mez, I'd drop into human to pop off gravity well and use circle as needed. Finally, I think nebulous form is the phase ability, it makes for a great either oh crap button, or a phase to herd everything to you. The shields would be good for mules. As well, my other power picks would be for muling LotG if you have some money. Things like Maneuvers, Vengence, Grant invis, etc.
  7. What kind of budget are you looking at? I start my IO builds early, but I have plenty of funds. If you are on a Common IO budget it will significantly change what you can do.
  8. Going all human will be tough. At 14 you could have essence boost for a +HP or heal, but it will be long to recharge. Not having Nova is going to limit damage significantly at that stage (we usually recommend tri-form until late game/50). If you take inner light you have a +to-hit/damage boost, paired with your attacks having -def you should be hitting fine. I'd still slot an accuracy in attacks though. At that level I'd pop inner light, then radiant strike, followed by blast. Then just work through your attack chain for that level.
  9. Outside of being debuffed, I generally don't have issues hitting. You'll miss on occasion, but not more than a few times in a row unless they are over your level generally. What level are you? What powers do you have?
  10. It'll depend on what powers you have, what level you are, etc. If you are asking on a PB, generally you can knock them down with flare and strike pretty reliably. If you have dwarf you basically alternate attacks and flare and juggle them. You will have heals to help up periodically as well. With the amount of knockback we have, or knockdown if you convert, it's really about keeping them off their feet while you damage.
  11. Clearly Photoshopped, fluffies don't live that long. 🙂
  12. Carnie mission uploading. Die a few times, usually on multi-boss fights. My favorite was 3 Dark Ring Mistresses in the pack, one a Quantum. It's an hour long so will be a bit before youtube uploads, but you can mark me down soon 🙂 Lol I totally forgot I died on the first group, was a great start.
  13. No issues yet. Made a new mission with custom critters and jumped in to test. No Crashes.
  14. With Hybrid on it was 5:34. Way better. I'm sure I can get the 7 min down, but not to that without Hybrid. I think that's a dps of 242. Better for sure, but still not the target. I may have to make a pylon specific build to do it. I already have -res and procs in my attacks so I need to think about what that would need differently. Edit to add video: Here's the build I've been doing the challenges with. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1719&c=776&a=1552&f=HEX&dc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