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  1. good catch, I didn't see that. I'm happy if those changes go live.
  2. Are we close to a live build on tanking changes? I feel like we are down to small tweaks at this point.
  3. Ran a pylon on my tank Elec/Tw...5 minutes. Felt good for a tank.
  4. Agreed. This change is not going to put a street justice tank anywhere close to AV/Pylon killing speed of a SJ stalker. In a team setting especially, where death is not likely, the tank is not going to output the damage of a pure damage AT.
  5. I'm so ready for this to go live 🙂 , can't wait for a more powerful tanker build.
  6. Question on accuracy displayed on powers in the GUI. If I assume I’m fighting +4 level enemies, what accuracy should I look to get to. Sometimes my powers are at 140% + and I’m not sure what that actually translates to. I’m guessing there is some room for me to not over slot accuracy And maybe fit in other enhancement values.
  7. Elec/TW Tanker. Came in just about 8:30, which is something like 202ish dps right?
  8. Here's the pylon test I ran for those interested, about 8:30. Messed up my rotation a few times. I think I could maybe get it under 8 if I played well enough.
  9. Yeah, I dug through the combat log after and it was the toxic that was consistently showing damage. For all practical gameplay it's a non-issue though.
  10. Just did a test, waiting for Youtube to upload and I'll post. Got to 11 monsters and I think 3 of them were the fungoids. The toxic eventually did me in. I did not use inspirations or trigger my incarnate abilities. I think if I played my best I could have done a bit better, but it was a fun test. I actually did a pylon test after, and even though I screwed up my rotation quite a bit, I did that in about 8:30. Not exactly record breaking, but fun as a tanker. Could probably get closer to 7 min pylon kill if I played better. Recording the videos makes me nervous or something lol.
  11. I've never heard of the monster island challenge. I'll have to take my elec/tw tank in there. I wonder how much I can handle. I'd venture to say a lot though as I never have issues surviving. My build isn't in front of me but I'm at the 90% resist cap for all but toxic (35% I think), and negative energy (65% maybe). Also sitting on 32.5 defense to to s/l/e/n I believe, so a purple away from softcap. With the heal and endless endurance, I never go down.
  12. I'll just wait for the next batch of changes. I just hope when they get to the proc changes it's not too bad. My warshade needs procs to have a good ST damage chain. They really are good at upping damage for lower dps toons.
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