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  1. Because it was irrelevant. I'm not discussing the use of sets. My original statement was that set IOs are more powerful than generic IOs because the multipart pieces have higher enhancement values than generic ones. Thus, saying that they're not as powerful as a +3 SO (with a 38% enhancement value) until a higher level (40, actually) is not factually accurate (with the proviso that you seem set on ignoring) that the enhancement is diversified into multiple parameters. 48% is higher than 38%. That's fact, and just so you know I'm done with this discussion.
  2. You just did the math. The pounding slugfest IO is 48% total enhancement. The +3 SO is 38% total enhancement. The IO is more powerful than the SO. If you don't like what is in the enhancement mix that's a completely different issue, my point is that the lower level set IO is already numerically a higher value than a +3 SO even at level 20. Mixing the enhancement value up is the point. If you paired 3 of the same type of piece from different sets in a Frankenslotting setup it'd be 48% each, acc, recharge, and end reduction instead of 38% of each of those things with a +3 SO.
  3. Multipart enhancements do not divide the value of a generic IO. A two-part enhancement is 60% +60%. A three-part enhancement is 50% +50% +50%. Numerically this means that multipart enhancements are drastically more powerful than generics even at lower levels. A three parter is literally one and a half times the total enhancement value of a single parter.
  4. Well I … had a huge post and bumped the spacebar and somehow purged it. So please excuse the very brief bullet point response I just can't type it all over. * better is kind of subjective. Yes a 25 IO is 32% and an even SO is 33% but so what. That's not really significant, and if you have ED kicking in, hardly different * a couple percent difference that gets flattened by ED anyway is leading to overly broad statements just like this and encouraging people to not do anything with IOs until 50 * IOs were actually balanced to be a viable choice to SOs at 25. If you take th
  5. I too just discovered that this global is 100% and for sure BUGGED and not working as described. It is absolutely not adding a global chance to heal to most attacks, in fact it only seems to work in a couple attacks. I placed it in Orbiting Death, the damage aura, and found that it did not fire off in: any of the 4 Dark Nova attacks or Ebon Eye or Shadow Bolt. I then dropped back to human form and tested my 2 attacks, Ebon Eye and Shadow Bolt. Neither of these attacks procced after about 50 successful hits. This was true both with the damage aura off and on. I then turn
  6. Well that's something I tested for already. When I was testing the 2 attacks I had, I did have orbiting death on and just stayed at range. As soon as I walked into a group of them, proc without further attacks. The flat chance of any power to trigger a 5% heal is 12%, so roughly 1 out of 8 attacks. So next up test server time seeing what happens if it's slotted into a human form click or a nova power.
  7. I'm glad I inspired you to try out a fun build!! It's a very survivable build just with the primary buffs. I don't play at higher difficulty (usually) so I didn't bother with tough & weave. I got to 50 and am working on incarnates, I want to get Clarion before I fiddle with my build further. (Note that I did crank up the spawn size for that Fake Nem farming mission in Pandora's Box and it was no prob. I just tend to want to bang out more missions faster on this guy.) I took power build up and stuck a Gaussian's buildup proc in it so if I want to do damage the combi
  8. I've got the Essence Transfer /Global Heal proc slotted in my Warshade's Orbiting Death power, and the proc is not working globally. It's only working FOR Orbiting Death. I'd been playing with it in for a while and mostly in Dark Nova form. None of the 4 nova attacks or Ebon Eye have triggered the proc EVER. It's been several levels and I've been monitoring. I thought maybe it was a form bug (I've also got the form enhancement IO in that power and it DOES work in both human and nova form...) so I went back to human form where I only have Ebon Eye and Shadow Bolt and harassed a bunc
  9. From the Gaussian IO set, three of the pieces are flagged as requiring level 7 if attuned, but the other three are flagged as requiring level 17 (which is correct). The To-hit, To-hit/Recharge, and To-Hit/Recharge/Endurance Reduction pieces are the ones that can be slotted at level 7 while the other three are 17. And this isn't just a typo - I had the plain To-hit piece in a level 12 character, yanked it out and used a converter to make a build-up proc, then realized I couldn't re-slot it; then I read the level requirement and looked at the AH to find the rest.
  10. Yeah I think you got it backwards. Sorta. The issue is that it's not just the base recharge of the powers but their modified recharge that affects proc chance. I agree with the logic of others in putting the status protection proc in a T2 attack since you can use that if mezzed which means there's a chance of breaking your mez with it. But that means you also need to leave out recharge in that attack as much as possible. So proc - fine, but full set? Maybe not. At level 50 the not-superior defiant barrage full set has 96% recharge meaning Ice Blast will be down to 3.93 from 8 secon
  11. Well I thought that too but last night on Excelsior help people were saying (wait for it) ICE is highest DPS because "the dpa of some of the beams are just nutso". And I was like, "even with fire's bonus dot secondary?" and people were like, "hell yeah, ICE is single target blaster king, fire is highest AoE" and I was all like …. it's not April 1. I have not ever seen this suggested much less the math chucked out in public. I don't know the math here. But this is completely contradictory to 100% of what I have heard before. So let's have at.
  12. The key to DP is to just proc the heck out of it. Suppressive Fire is skipped in the previous builds. Big mistake. With a 20 second base recharge you can put in 3 damage procs and have them fire off every time, even with a bit of recharge added. I plug something with that power and they immediately take 210 proc damage and get held or stunned depending on which ammo mode I'm in. Eventually you'll also have choking cloud and stick a Lockdown +2 mag proc in it. You'll be holding things pretty well if you close to melee range. (I've got a Nature/DP defender and the entangling aura was
  13. I will say the psi melee T1 is pretty weak. I took it at low levels just to have an attack and when I respecced later I swapped it out; I did pick up Air Superiority as a replacement for low levels and because my character is a teleporter and I needed something to bring down flyers. However, AS is not part of my attack chain as with the recharge I have at the levels I stick to its just superfluous. All the other stalker psi melee attacks are good. Naturally be sure to pick up buildup as soon as it's available, and the stalker ATO with a chance to reset buildup as soon as you can; remember you
  14. I have a nice regular base built conventionally and I wanted to take advantage of above/below level building to create a sense that it's "somewhere" other than just floating in a void like it actually is. I also just wanted to develop some skill with outdoor building. So I was watching Dacy's video on the basics of building outside and decided going under would be a good move. I got that started and have some placed floor near the bottom of the base zone instance. Now the problem is I don't know what to build. The base is a semi-mystical supergroup base and it takes up 2/3 of the
  15. If you're having trouble selecting segments of the actual base rooms, try pivoting your camera to look up and select the squares there. Anyway today the base editor decided to mock me by having Med Panel (from dividers) just act insane. I was trying to clad the walls of a regular base room with the med panels to create a look. For one thing the panels have a join seam only on one side so they are right/left specific. Even with room clipping on and the grid disabled a bunch of times they just didn't want to place to a corner or overlap or stack on top of each other. Compared to Man
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