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  1. Hello all, as the market is currently robust with people buying Lords of Winter super packs and buying and using the enhancements that come with them, I thought I would take a moment to go over the sets a bit. This came about because I was slotting a power with one of them for the bonuses and suddenly thought, "Wait, what are the values of this set? Are they good for this power?" and after opening up Pines and making some notes I thought it would be worthwhile to share them here. (I am using an older version of Pines so if my numbers are wrong, apologies; and please do correct me.) What I did was not look at how the individual pieces break down for Frankenslotting, but just looked at what the totals are at level 50 for both the regular and the superior versions. It turns out the four damage sets have extremely similar numbers, so I'll start talking about the least popular set, Entomb. Entomb (Hold) At level 50 with Enhancement Diversification (ED) already factored in, Entomb has these stats: Accuracy 66.25, Endurance Reduction 66.25, Hold: 92.75, Recharge: 97.09. These numbers are actually identical to a full set of Lockdown or Gladiator's Net. It's worth noting that Hold enhancements were not well received when the IO system was launched. The community sharply criticized quite a few launch sets, but the feedback on Holds was among the most critical; it basically resolved to "are you nuts? does no one on the dev team play a Controller?" Consequently a 2nd generation of hold enhancements was released and that's where Basilisk's Gaze, Lockdown, and the PVP set Gladiator's Net came from, which have wildly different parameter allocations compared to earlier sets like Essence of Curare. The numbers in these second gen sets are good for holds like a typical control set's AOE hold with very long recharge. Notice the recharge in this set is actually the highest parameter! As the Entombed set does not have higher numbers than a "regular" set the value might seem kind of low for the money with the proc and the set bonuses being the distinguishing factor, however the set can be upgraded to the superior version. The superior version has these stats: Accuracy 81.53 Endurance Reduction 81.53, Hold 97.39, Recharge 101.37. As far as comparing these sets to other high end ones, the numbers for the regular version are almost identical to Will of the Controller/Ascendency of the Dominator, but Will/Ascend are just a few percent higher on a few attributes; the numbers are on a slightly different pattern than purple set Unbreakable Constraint, but I would say overall Entomb has a better parameter spread with a bit more accuracy and a lot more end reduction. The set bonuses in Unbreakable are in a class to themselves, however. The superior version of Entomb actually is slightly better than Superior Will/Ascend. (The differences are quite tiny just 1-2% on a couple parameters.) However the kings of hold IOs remains Overpowering Presence/Dominating Grasp, the regular versions alone blow all the other sets away (A95, E88, H94, R100). However the ATOs can be used in any mez and that might be a better place for them, especially since people routinely skip the long cooldown AoE holds. Entomb remains a highly viable choice for any long-recharge hold without damage, however the issue is there are only a handful of such holds outside the Control set primaries; Petrifying Gaze in Dark Miasma is the only one that comes to mind. Additionally, these sets are a possibility for hold aura powers like Choking Cloud; certainly the accuracy and hold duration are great, and the end reduction is quite high. It would be lovely to trade 30% of the recharge for even more end reduction but it's just not an option in a full set slotting location. Recommendation: a good late tier set particularly in the superior form, but pretty comparable to the Tier 1 controller/dominator ATOs. Since many people skip those 300 second recharge AoE holds in control sets, the demand for this set isn't very high. It would also work well in hold auras, and for those who choose to slot damaging holds primarily for the hold and not the damage. For Controllers/Dominators who do take their AoE hold, Entomb is a good low budget alternative to the purple set, freeing up the ATOs to be used in more frequently used powers like the typical AoE stun and immobilizes. Frozen Blast (Targeted AoE) Avalanche (PBAoE) Blistering Cold (Melee) I'm listing these three sets together because they have exactly the same stats. At level 50 with ED factored in they are: Accuracy 85.71, Damage 97.09, Endurance Reduction 66.25, Recharge 58.3 In general, these are good numbers and compare well to sets like Annihilation, Mako's Bite, and Scirocco's Dervish, but typically have a bit more end reduction and accuracy. There's not much to complain about in terms of accuracy, damage, and endurance reduction. However, recharge might be an issue. These are not sets to put in any super long cooldown heavy hitters where you really want about 95% recharge. On the other hand since they all have procs you probably don't want to put them in any attacks that are already pretty fast because this much recharge is probably going to really reduce the chance of them firing. These sets are probably about right for mid-tier attacks with cooldowns around 14-16 seconds; for instance Frozen Blast in Fireball will drop the recharge from 16 to 10.11 seconds. This leaves the purple sets for high-tier powers and possibly epic powers. Notably, Obliteration for PBAOE seems to be a 2nd gen formula and it does have much higher recharge (but almost no end reduction) compared to Avalanche, which makes it look to me like it's pretty much designed for T9 nukes (since they used to drain end fully after use, so having end reduction in them was kind of a waste). On the other hand, Avalanche's numbers would work very well for typical mid-level melee cones and moves like Spin and Typhoon's Edge, as well as some damage auras. However some of these concerns are pushed aside when dealing with the Superior version numbers since the higher numbers just quash the regular IO competition: Accuracy 96.4, Damage 101.37, End Reduction 81.53, Recharge 72.59 In terms of the equivalent purple sets (whose stats are A59 D101 E33 R89), they have slightly more recharge but markedly less accuracy and endurance reduction. Thus the superior versions are in the ballpark with purple sets though with quite different set bonuses. ATOs are more of an issue as the ATOs cut across power type lines and typically rival these sets. However, quite a few of the ATOs have set bonuses that lead them to be split. Thus with a typical melee AT having the first gen ATO split into 2 groups of 3 for melee bonuses or whatever, and more specialized choices, purples, and 2nd gen ATOs taking up the higher tier and special powers, that does leave a pretty big area of T3-T7 powers where these sets can probably shine the most. Recommendation: while keeping an eye on the recharge rate and its impact on procs, these sets seem solid choices and probably work best with mid-tier powers to provide their unique bonuses and supplement purple and ATO use. Winter's Bite (Ranged Damage) For some reason Winter's Bite diverges from the other damaging IOS and swaps out some endurance reduction for more recharge. (This actually seems to parallel the design formula used in ranged damage ATOs). The numbers for the basic and then the superior version are: Accuracy 85.71, Damage 97.09, Endurance Reduction 39.75, Recharge 83.32 Accuracy 96.4, Damage 101.37, Endurance Reduction 49.69, Recharge 95.9 In comparison to the typical rare ranged blast set Devastation, the basic version of Winter's Bite follows the same pattern but basically just steps on it, trading about 5% less endurance for 20% more accuracy and recharge. Again, the numbers are pretty comparable to Blaster ATOs and Defender ATOs. The set seems solid. Recommendation: as above for the other damaging IOs.
  2. Avalanche is love. Damage aura? Avalanche. PBAOE melee move? Avalanche.
  3. Someone commented on the help channel I think that over 100 packs they were averaging 1.4 winter IOs. I didn't bother tracking my own openings but it kinda feels right. The thing about sitting on a winter IO with the intent of selling it later for a higher price is that you could be flipping that money and making more RIGHT NOW, so it's actually going to cost you (opportunity) money to save them. I'd sit on one that's not selling well just until the market thins a bit and list it, but that's it. Now, as the packs are about to go up in price, that would be the time to stock up and wait for later. However, I suspect that everyone's going to do that so the price jump may not happen for a while after the packs go offsale. As it is, since they're attuned, I've been yanking the occasional one out of circulation and actually slotting it so I have some fairly low level alts who have multiple complete sets of these things already.
  4. Erydanus

    Katana Secondary

    Well I uh, wrote a really huge post and the website simply erased it when I went to post it. I mean 40 minuts PFFT. So please excuse that what I write now is just a super quick summary without as much detail as I would like. - the build overall looks pretty good to me but I can see you might just chew through your endurance fast because it looks like a really fast build; you definitely are not having toggle-related issues. - I am suspecting the culprit might be Moonbeam because it looks like you spam it at full cost trying to get the tohit proc in it to fire. It's 17 end and you didn't even slot it for damage, that will add up. - it does look like you're throwing everything and the kitchen sink into accuracy buffs in this build. Most of your attacks are well-slotted for accuracy but you have a 40% accuracy buff and multiple tohit procs. Maybe it would be better to even out the accuracy slotting in your powers and trade some accuracy buffs for global endurance reduction buffs, if that's possible. For that matter you're over the softcap on all 3 positional defenses (before using Shadow Meld...!) so some tuning could stand to happen. The attack with the lowest accuracy is Sting of the Wasp and I don't like the slotting in it TBH. I thought you were going for the 6 piece Touch of Death bonus, but with your defense bonuses you don't need to make this choice; maybe just do something else here. I wouldn't actually proc either this or Flashing Steel because your recharge is so low the procs probably never fire so potentially some slots could be freed up. If you do end up juggling your build around, consider adding Scrapper's Strike to your build and splitting it in two: the 3 piece bonus is melee, smashing, and lethal defense and if its the superior version that's 10% S/L and 5% melee total. Just mentioning this as possible wiggle room in your build, since you're over cap. (I'd replace Obliterate in Flashing Steel with the 3 pieces that match what's there and put the other 3 in Sting, and then fill with a couple crushing impact up to numbers you like, this should free up at least 1 slot for an end reducer on Moonbeam and swap out a proc unlikely to ever fire with a global 5% crit chance increase.) It does look like you are pushing hard for those global recharge bonuses, Scrapper's Strike gets a big one at 5 pieces (8.75% or 10% if Superior), so again, maybe this is something that can provide you some elastic in adjusting your build.
  5. If you compare the quickly recastable shields from sets like cold and thermal to the team-wide buffs that Nature and Empathy get, there's a big difference. The team wide buffs are on a long timer, everyone has to hug the caster, but the caster benefits too. With the direct shields that used to be single target you can spam them any time, even on someone who was away from the group or is revived. Making them AoE at all was just a convenience QOL for the teams - it happened along with masterminds being able to upgrade their minions in AoE. They even extended it to speed boost and the damage portion (but not the mez resist part) of Increase Density. Fortitude and other single target direct buff powers didn't become team-wide either. Just the basic protections. Since you cannot target yourself, none of these powers given an AoE after the fact affects the caster, and in return the OGDevs didn't mess with them much at all (I think the end cost of mastermind equips was upped). If not including the caster in the buffs allows the AoE without the power being rebalanced, I'm fine with that. I wouldn't want every shielding power to work like Wild Growth (90 sec effect, 225 second recharge).
  6. It was stated when Super Packs were implemented shortly after launch that the Winter Packs would drop to 10 mil in price for the winter event.
  7. It's been a day and no responses so I'm just going to say it. It's a weird (random) combo. It's not bad it's just …. what are you going to do with it? The build would completely depend on what you want to do. It's a very random pairing that doesn't really synergize or complement. You have a pretty good set in your left hand and a really good set in your right hand, are you right handed or left? Are you going to play it like a Nature Affinity defender except with an innate invisibility power and the ability to selectively hold and confuse more difficult targets while focusing on support, basically trading off the blast secondary for a small handful of controls? Did you see yourself primarily soloing buffing your pets? The secondary isn't going to be very helpful I that case. The phantom army is invulnerable. You can buff your phantasm but just aoe buffs that affect you as well, it's not like an Illusion/Empathy controller spamming Fortitude on their minion. Nature is very team oriented though it does affect the caster as well. It does give you the personal hold aura power which I can see being helpful to an illusion controller, but I can also see it going to waste. My actual advice, but not the advice you asked for, would be to play a different type of controller altogether for your first controller. Illusion is one of the 2 more unique control sets, it just plays really differently than most of them.
  8. This. It is SO EASY to get money. This discussion is reminding me of Rift, a game where typically you just used money for resurrection costs and training fees when you leveled; most armor was provided by zone events and dungeons; you needed a little more money to buy a mount at a few levels, but the cost of the mount at 50 seemed really high to people who were used to doing nothing but living off the cash that dropped from defeating monsters and selling the trash drops. It was about 50 gold and the typical person who made 0% effort to make money would arrive at level 50 with about 10 gold and be shell shocked. But that was their own fault. If you put 0% of your play effort into making money you're going to get no money. If you put maybe 5% of your play time into making money, you'd make a LOT! And I'm not being theoretical here. You could learn mining for free at a trainer right after you left the tutorial, and if you just collected the copper ore along the road to the capitol in the middle of the first zone, you would have 1.5 gold worth of copper by the time you got there for literally just taking the time to click some glowies along the road over a 10 minute period. If you actually farmed a little bit on the way it was closer to 5 gold. People at 50 shocked they needed to come up with 40 gold could have just spent 5-10 minutes every couple days in the newbie zone picking up rocks off the ground and selling them on the auction house to have all the money they needed for that mount. It's really like that in City as well. You can make money selling orange and yellow salvage. You can make money by not using a double xp booster that removes influence gain. You can make money by using merits to buy salvage and components and selling them on the AH (guides are posted for this). If you want to play this game making 0 effort to make money you can still do it, you can eschew the invention system and you can kit yourself out with SOs all the way to 50. You won't be able to solo +4/x8 content but you can play this game in super casual mode and see everything. If you want the "goodies" you have to make the effort and that means figuring out a way to make money that works for you. Farming is one option but it is not the only one. Nothing 1-off is going to be an income stream. People talking about how great the Winter packs are bought more than 1, on the average got enough enhancements to resell to make a profit. It's that simple. You just have to make a choice. It's not my responsibility to do the emotional labor of forcing people to stop being willfully ignorant about their options.
  9. You're not guaranteed any particular item in these packs. You get 1 rare item, which is often the rare enhancement associated with the set but maybe it's a respec (which is basically worthless on HC) or the Windfall power. You get a semi-rare item, and then you get 3 common things. On the AVERAGE, you will get an enhancement in every pack, but that means sometimes you get 0, sometimes you get 1, sometimes you get 2; someone who bought a bunch of winter packs said they got 1.4 enhancements on average. If you just want a rare enhancement, whether it's the winter set or an ATO, just buy it on the auction house, most of them go for right about 8 million. People are buying the various packs for 10 mil, keeping merits & rare salvage, and selling the enhancements that aren't the ones they want for about 8 mil. When the winter packs cost 25 mil, the enhancements were being sold for 22-25 mil. When the winter event ends the price will probably go right back up there. As @Galactron said in the post above mine you do not need to be a farmer to make plenty of money in this game. While I do have a 50 I generally "silo" all my characters other than I now provide generic level 25 IOs in the supergroup base. I have a level 24 alt who was up to 60 mil the other day from playing the market casually as I moved him from day job location to location. I wrote an entire treatise and cost breakdown about how much money you save leveling by crafting generic IOs and not wasting money on SOs, for instance. Other people have literally written out step by step how to make money on the AH and so on.
  10. I'm curious what you went with! Also, was there anything particular about rad armor that was throwing you? I'm doing a scrapper with it and it was just new enough to me I didn't realize what some of the powers did/how they worked until I got right into playing it. Looks like the taunt & debuff aura is what's cut for Hide so that's not a huge difference.
  11. Well remember that time someone got ganked by an ambush while walking up to Valkyrie and he got on the official forums and complained that Positron just stood there not helping and the developer replied "that shit cons gray to me." (It is after all the basis for the name Ukon Gra'i). Of course, now those contacts will help with your ambush or other hostiles. But BAB? BAB is across the street my man. And that shit cons gray to him, so you go in and if you come out screaming and running with Skulls chasing you … maybe he'll help. On a more serious note it is really nice he's there, I like to go train at him to get away from the lagginess of the big crowds around Ms. Liberty.
  12. That's exactly it. Originally you had to choose a patron permanently. Players hated it but Positron stuck to his guns - it was a gamemaster choice he was fixated on though, not a game developer balance choice. Eventually it was relaxed and when going Rogue allowed switching they had to give heroes access to patron pools and cook up some generic pools for villain ATs who went hero. If you ever wondered why the Patron pools are all very similarly structured for villains, but then the generic epics are complete mishmashes this is why. It was one of the few decisions the original devs made that I really strongly disagreed with. (For instance if you look at Ghost Widow's pool for stalkers, and then compare it to the Dark general pool they're very different but actually they could have been about the same; the disparity is so bad it almost feels like you're penalizing yourself to not flip evil and take her pool.)
  13. Let me remind everyone that Gravity Control used to have an "Assemble the Team" type power called Fold Space in it and it was removed to give us Singularity; our former Tier 9, Wormhole, was then moved lower in the set. I'd personally rather have had them keep Fold Space than Dimension Shift, but as it is now you can get the temp power so it doesn't really matter. I actually don't agree with the fundamental premise of this post, though. The Gravity Control powerset (like all powersets) represents a core selection of abilities and it's up to the player to interpret the specifics; pool powers can be utility tools that are extra abilities for some players or specialized versions of the core powers for others. I love how Redlynne "wormholes herself" with Translocation! Now that's creative. I guarantee you that someone took this set because it was the best way to create the effect of something that didn't have an explicit set or even just did what they want better. For instance I have definitely met players who emulate having the kind of telekinesis that can routinely bind people in place (as opposed to that 1-off push power in some mental/psi sets) with Gravity Control. Maybe someone else customized the power and is calling it magic binding spells. Whatever works for them! But you shouldn't take your personal vision for how the set works and assume everyone else shares it. In direct counterpoint to TC's comment "because who the hell ever heard of a superhero that literally manipulates gravity and yet couldn't fly? " I give you Harry Leland (RIP) a member of the X-men's foes The Hellfire Club. He had a sorta-gravity power, offensive density increase. Basically, his powers had the effect of Crush and Crushing Field and if he hadn't died. maybe he would have done more things along the lines of the powerset. But no flying for him. While it's true many super heroes are able to expand their powers in utility ways to create travel powers and personal defense, not everyone does. Some people can only affect others with their powers, explicitly. It's just headcannon talking here. In conclusion Dimension Shift still sucks, everyone I've played with who has it and used it thought they knew what they were doing but actually still screwed things up, and at least once got me killed. I appreciate that in a set with 6 great powers, 1 good (Grav Distortion Field - it's on par with every other AoE controller Hold, they all got nerfed together) and 1 semi filler power (Crush, which tbh has its uses because it's a mag 4 immobilize and that means instant containment on a typical Boss) there's just 1 stinker that's easy to skip so I can get a superfluous bonus pool power, which in my case actually does happen to be Afterburner.
  14. I just took Captain Mako's pool on my Ice Blast/Cold Domination corruptor on live. It's a mix of water, dark, and shark powers, the main prize being Hibernate.
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