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  1. Its an issue 24 thing or homecoming. Accuracy isn't an issue on the pre shut down servers. I think the still not finished issue 24 that was in beta before the game shutdown didn't catch this because they were busy testing so many other changes.
  2. Always felt like the upgrade powers should be replaced with something else and the upgrades just come automatically at the appropriate summoning level. The upgrades would be built into the powers summon powers or made into toggles like dual pistol toggles for those that maybe for whatever reason dont want the upgrades on so they can still opt out.
  3. Except in stone armor you basically have god mode stats without having to touch set bonuses and if you invest in set bonuses you can be softcapped to everything and 90% resist all which is why stone armor has penalties to this day. Electric armor on the other hand requires set bonuses.
  4. I agree but some aren't defeat alls like those in the shadow shard many think are defeat alls but its just one or two npcs that ran away from the glowie. Sometimes part of the spawn its broken too and npcs that should have been standing with the rest of the group next to a glowie are in another mob.
  5. I'd like quick activation time that the experimentation teleport has put into regular teleport and translocation. Besides not being able to teleport behind walls and stuff like tsoo sorcerers thats really all that sucks about teleport is that long activation time.
  6. IDF have a nice rocketpod launcher that would work quite well with this set and we could use the assault bots blaster gauntlets for your t1/t2 powers. I also think the arachnos flier laser chain gun would make a nice attack. Clockwork have the chest beam attack as well. Yep I've always wanted power armor and lol at the people asking do we really need this? The hell is wrong with you?
  7. Always felt cox has damage backwards most of the time.... These super long animations don't do enough damage to justify standing there and for the power to miss as often as it does even on high accuracy builds is beyond ridiculous. The aoe medium damage stun suggestion is a better upgrade. CC's on a damage character are only useful in pvp wait nope not since the castle pvp update. Also wouldn't mind seeing the energy storing gimmick that energy dominators have ported over to energy melee. That makes the slower animated stuff cast faster like a fast snipe style melee attack.
  8. Even if instant healing were a toggle again it still wouldn't be as nice as will power or bio armor. Not if you want to fight anything remotely challenging anyway. Mog nerf + most issue 16 and beyond enemies and npc updates means most everything has -regen, -def - res and -hp debuffs. Of which -regen is obviously as the op stated a form of resistance you need but also already not having any resist or defense toggles (one auto power) means -def/-res debuffs hurt even more. Its why bio armor and willpower are over all more useful and not broken. Will power/bio don't even need t9 clicks to be good once you have some sets. What i'd suggest is giving them debuff resistance to all debuffs and making instant healing a toggle again and putting that on test server for awhile. See if its still shit at that point and what people are able to do with it. Otherise just enjoy willpower/bio or really any other set.
  9. thats nice. Though I never see performance shifter proc that often. Atleast I havent on homecoming.
  10. The whole procs per minute bullshit has really nerfed the way procs work and now if I understand everything correctly no matter how many you slot once they reach the limit as a whole they all go on a cooldown and wont proc anymore. So if you've got one in stamina, one in quick recovery and one in physical perfection if each proc should proc 1 times they all go on cool down. That is to say you won't get 3 procs in each power. I really wanna be proven wrong on this but that's how I've seen most procs work, especially utility procs like this. Before i24 you could put performance shifters on your character and solve a nasty endurance problem even with its then 10% or was it 25% chance to proc it was very very useful.
  11. Ops idea at the very least should be an option. Personally I only use ouro to rerun missed arcs and if you're on a team and everyone doesn't want to stay the entire time you can't invite more people when they quit. One of the other servers scaled up all story arcs so you don't have to even worry about this now and ouro is still there for re-running favorite arcs if you should decide to do so as well as earning ouro-badges so I really don't see what the problem would be. Except for a few select villain groups nearly all npcs have 1 - 50 versions that exist except for a few such as: outcasts, trolls, hellions, clockwork and lost which technically become rikti and clockwork become psychic clockwork. All they have to do is give the enemy groups that are missing high level versions the stats and extra powers and everything is good. I'd also be okay with the contact exemplaring you so long as you could still invite other people at anytime during the arc. Street sweeping could use an update as well since the option to do so at 50 leaves you with no real choices. If zone npcs were like the rikti invasion npcs that scale with you like gms and stuff you could hunt anywhere. Make the red marked neighborhoods spawn purples and reds while the yellow neighborhoods spawn oranges and yellows. Wouldn't want to force the street sweeping update on those that may not enjoy it though. Maybe make adventure zone versions of each map where the street sweeping tech is in effect while others can still go instagib a group of grays in classic zones.
  12. They happen like once every 2 hours in several zones at once and no longer happen in atlas park since the zone revamp. I dunno its pretty easy to dodge the rikti roll.
  13. Wow, getting bad memory is like extremely rare now days though I am not familiar with hyperx. I usually suggest corsair for memory/power supplies.
  14. The widow fixes don't seem to be working. Still showing way more defense than mindlink could ever grant. It would be also be nice if the widow/fort powers didn't include from hide damage. Mids did at one point not count hide damage unless you had it toggled on. edit: thanks to an above post which also was incorrect (atleast for me) i changed the scale to 1.0 and that display the correct values which I get ingame of 15.78% defense all mindlink.
  15. Also the only thing I feel is wrong with energy melee is the cast speed. Like many powers in this game it doesn't make sense to me for any power that takes longer than 2 seconds to actually cause damage that it has roughly the same amount of damage as a quick firing 1 - 2 power or just barely more. That to me seems backwards and with the last two powers taking 3 to nearly 4 seconds to cause damage they really should hit harder and not miss as much as they seem to. But slow activation powers not doing enough damage is many sets on all ats. The easiest change would be to take what dominators have for energy assault and apply that to energy melee. You get stored power and then abilities like total focus activate much quicker.
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