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  1. Gotta make a copy of the zone minus its current spawns and then add new spawns with the correct flag for those enemies. You would have to do this with each enemy group that you want to be used. Currently we have rikti, zombies and recently nemesis that have event versions. So the same would need to be applied to new villain groups. It can be done but there are lots of people here that would rather shoot it down than try. I would suggest starting with zones like peregrine and founders on blue side, Grandville and St martial redside and neutropolis/imperial city gold side. So lets see, peregrine island has: rikti, nemesis, carnies, cot, malta, crey and DE so two enemy groups are already finished there
  2. I still hold out hope they will give us all the npc costume parts like we had on titan icon/paragon chat.
  3. You trashed his post with a /jranger and then feel the need to point out what kind of person he/she is? How smug of you.
  4. The playerbase is going to fracture if you continue to nerf. City of heroes has a tiny playerbase because it spent more time nerfing and less time adding content and things to do. You can choose not to believe this but you’d be wrong. Nerfing only applies a fix to a perceived problem rather than fixing and addressing a problem. A perceived problem meaning perception because what you think is op or hard isnt op or hard for everyone. That’s why if we add harder challenges that you can choose in the difficulty menu or hard mode taskforces and trials. It’s a fix for everyone without making powerset A or archetype B useless, op or no longer fun to play. But you can choose not to believe this and take the easy way out and wonder why people eventually stop playing.
  5. Blah blah blah are you in heat in something?
  6. happened on live from time to time the global chat would crash and things like friends list and searches didn't work correctly. Probably the same problem you ran into is linked to that. Check the system message when you try to invite them and see what that says the next time.
  7. yeah optional which is what all radical changes should be. You want harder npcs then put in the options instead of nerfing powersets into the ground. With this they could perhaps even add more badges such as defeat 1000 enemies in creysfolly while in patrol mode. Badging is optional and always has been other than to unlock specific contacts/tfs so this gives them more options.
  8. Yep same bs we got from brawler all those years when he said can't won't, not possible and we ended up getting those things like power customization which was never going to happen. It a matter of adding a copy of an existing zone with different ids and putting different spawns there and linking the zone to a door. Either through ouroboros or a pop up like the train and selecting peregrine island (patrol) at the bottom of the list and then testing this on a test server.
  9. Only if this is added to the difficulty settings; meaning optional. Defense powersets are pretty useless when the enemy has piles of accuracy.
  10. Thats a backalleybrawler bs level of an excuse simply not do it. Sorta like saying the aggrocap cant be removed when another server already did it...
  11. Part of why I included having patrol versions of every zone or the zone exemplar system so this change would be optional and not forced on anyone.
  12. If the zone event stats or giant monster stats are applied to all npcs in every zone or even hazard zones it would allow you to street sweep anywhere as often as you wanted. The npcs would lose combat level and instead con orange, red, purple etc depending on the neighborhood. npc dfficulty Green neighborhoods - white Yellow neighborhood - yellow Dark yellow neighborhood - orange and red Red neighborhood - Red and purple the game already sorta does this if you are new and minimum level to the zone. they could try this in a few zones especially mid to high level or make alternate “Patrol Zones” of each zone. So for those that dont want to partake would not be forced to do so. Even an option of being exemplared down by lets say the trainer of the zone. Visit ms liberty and she temporarily exemplars you down until you enter a mission or leave the zone. But this also needs to allow inviting people during the exemplar. Much like inviting people during ae. What sucks the most about ouroboros is not being able to invite after it starts. Its a do or nothing deal and teams dont always last as long for ouro like they do for tfs.
  13. Noticed this on my scrapper when testing a recharge build. When the crash occurs and the shield begins to lose strength (as in the gray bar decreases) applying a second application of ablative carapace will only refresh the remaining absorb rather than give you the 2nd applications full strength. I assume this is because paragon didn't want you have a double strength shield on high recharge builds and they put in a bandaid to keep you from doing so; much like you can't stack hasten. This can result in a the 2nd application being as low as 1hp absorb if you don't let the shield completely dissipate. Ofcourse in most encounters you will lose the shield from damage but during those lucky encounters this makes the power useless. It would be like using dullpain when you have perma dullpain and not getting the heal effect. -notes- *At full absorb strength in a non combat situation *Used ablative carapace and then use it again to refresh the buff as it dissipates. *instead freezes the bar nearly depleted *resulting in a very low absorb application (50 absorb instead of like 1200) *occurs regardless of offensive, efficient or defensive adaptation. I assume this could happen with other absorb powers but I haven't seen it happen on my nature affinity.
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