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  1. I wasn't happy with Dark Melee as many of you know, and won't use it now, 😜 but I am happy and enthusiastic with i27, there is more I liked than disliked. It is easy to get caught up in an argument. Someone says something or it is taken\read wrong and it escalates. But deep down I think we are all nice people, I have never met a bad person in game. We are just passionate about this game 😘
  2. Building for resistance + the Tanker ATO procs and with the Tanker health i would imagine a regen Tanker would be pretty sweet 🙂
  3. Yes. That is why invuln and shield at higher levels do really well. They can be built with IOs to have very high defence and very good resistance. Healing is barely needed then. A resist set will probably need some healing, which most resist sets come with . They can build defence but certain mobs will strip it easily with no DDR. They are more prone to debuffs also. That is why i put invuln and shield 2-3 but shield only with good IO investment. But Rad etc are awesome also. A question to all...Do you think the ATO proc favours defence sets more than resist sets, that cap more easily without the proc? ElecA has very high resists already. Resist sets should get resistance debuff resistance also or do some get this?
  4. Yes it is a confusing power. Used for leveling until epic powers are available apparently (most sets don't have this), yet some ATs don't get it or soul drain until quite high levels. The radius is very small and will struggle to hit it's cap. It feels to short of a cooldown really for an AoE and feels too spammable. Yes if specced out at higher levels Dark melee has just had a nerf. SM+ToF is nearly twice the cast time of the old SM for pretty much the same effect. But old SM was buffed in order to compensate for DMs lack of AoE.
  5. It seems interesting that the top performing set in your test all have +defence in them and the resist sets fair the worst.
  6. Gobbledegook

    Rad/Em tank

    Rad/EM will work well. EM is high single target but not as good AoE. RAD brings extra AoE that will help cover some of EM's weakness. Rad/Elec would have very good AoE though the single target will lack a little. Lightning rod+ground zero will clear quite a lot of trash. Both will work though as Rad will go with pretty much anything.
  7. Yes , this does favor sets with great S/L or En defenses, but to be honest that is how it plays out in-game too. -Rech and -Def was also within these mobs in small doses to have a slight impact, but not be detrimental. From original post.
  8. In my experience of Tankers i would put Invulnerability or Shield defence as number 2-3. A SD Tanker was one of the better primaries for doing a MoITF buffed mobs no insps/deaths. I certainly wouldn't put Rad Armour so low down. I would put bio offensive below Rad. It is weak to none S/L damage and defences can be broken easily. I think there are weakness to all sets whether defence debuffs, end drains etc that need to be counted for also.
  9. Not sure why you are quoting me on that post but yea that could be a problem lol.
  10. I agree. I am not quite sure how that is relevant to me though if it was meant for me at all.
  11. Thank you for that @Lines 😊 A nice response for a change is most welcome.
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