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  1. Radiation melee could work well with Stone armor. It would give an extra damage aura that can proc debuffs/damage and has a heal in the set also.
  2. Shield is good. Mace is good. Cant go wrong with those two. Dark Armour is endurance heavy.
  3. Dark would probably, with its to hit debuff and an extra heal. The +to hit of invuln would benefit Dual pistols also. But i imagine anything with it would be good.
  4. Shock and claw, Cosmic Razor, Buzz the Butcher for a few lol
  5. You can Tank fine without taunt. Sometimes it can be handy though. But if you know what you are doing you will use it less and less. If you can fit it get it, if not then make do. Try it with taunt and see how much you are actually using it after a while. I have played a lot of Tankers and those i didn't take taunt on i never really missed it much. The more damage buffs added to the tanker would presumably put the tanker even closer to Brute damage due to higher base damage, though the Brute will always have 200% more cap. You would need a kinetics on your team.
  6. Stalker with Placate "These are not the droids you are looking for!" 🙂 Katana/SR.
  7. I have built characters with high resists and others with high regeneration. but the sturdiest i have built so far in doing most content is a shield defence tanker. The defences can't be stripped as he is at 90%+ DDR and has ITF levels of defence with some decent resists with a few procs. He lacks healing but never really needs it, even when rage crashes, they just can't hit him and those that do are subject to some decent resists. Some mobs will be his weakness but they are not many. Invuln would be very good also if not better. Having no DDR and having Defences stripped is a big mitigation loss. 90% resists is nice but you will still take a fair amount of damage if swarmed and are open to more debuffs due to no defence. High regeneration is great if the mitigation is good too. Strip that mitigation and the healing will usually fail slowly. Plus they are also more open to debuffs. Saying that though Bio is very good, i just find SD with its DDR superior in survival.
  8. I would think invuln would work well with Staffs as invuln brings +to hit that staff lacks. Would be very durable. SR would be good also with the extra mitigation from staff.
  9. My opinions are that Opportunity is utter garbage as it is. It should not be locked to any powers just like Tankers version used to be. AoE nerf is way too much. Damage is a little on the low side still and needs a little bump. Procs help but it is still quite low for a class with little to no utility. A scrapper/Stalker is way ahead in damage. Some activation times need looking at as some are unnecessarily long. But that is all ATs i would say. The class has no useful purpose in the game whatsoever. They are fun but are not useful at all. Any other class would bring far more to the table. Once the fun factor has worn off you are left with a very mediocre AT that is surpassed in damage by a lot of other ATs even a tanker probably with its increased targets and the Sentinels reduced targets. No amazing buffs/debuffs though some T9s bring some debuffs. Survival isn't the best as you need to pump everything into damage to make them close to being viable. What they are good for is flying over the head of mobs that can't reach them and pew pewing them slowly whilst being very safe lol. They need an overhaul.
  10. I have around 30-40% resists on my SR sentinel when my health drops it caps out quite easily at 75%. Feels a bit weird running at low health but my resists are capped and i have high defence and an absorb that is nice at lower health. In a team though a support class will usually throw me a heal fast lol. Big spike damage can floor you sometimes though as sentinels dont have the highest health. A Tanker in SR i can imagine would be very durable. High defence and decent resists due to the ATO proc and a decent IO build. They have the high health to take the spike damage and the lower they get the more resists they will get. 90% is probably achievable. A Tanker with an IO build could have 50%ish S/L resists and 30%ish to the others. Throw in 3 procs of the ATO and that is another 20%ish. Add 5% from barrier or Cimemora and that is some decent resists that just gets better when you lose health on an AT with high health and very high defence and DDR. You could even go Staff Mastery and add even more resists and defence lol. So yea SR on a Tanker looks like it could be very good.
  11. Defence debuffs, slows and endurance drains to a lesser extent to name a few. But the set is sturdy and you can build some slow resist in.
  12. Isn't PvE real combat then? 😛 Just pick a Psi/energy blaster. job done.
  13. I stopped reading after the first sentence. Reads like a child having a tantrum lol. People are definitely going stir crazy stuck inside.
  14. Double stacked Active defences in shield mastery.
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