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  1. They are the CEO's in the ass kicking business!
  2. I have a Rad/DM build but heavy on procs.
  3. We have 2 builds on each character. Build one for Tanking and one for more dps and switch as needed.
  4. Thing is Tankers are tough with very little effort. You could go full on survival build but it is overkill for pretty much all content or you could just get to a good place in survival and then bump up your damage. Mobs that die fast offer no threat. You can be the Tanker that just Taunts and stands there letting the team do the killing or you could do a considerable amount of contribution to the teams dps whilst tanking. You can be the Tanker that is unkillable surrounded by 20 mobs for 1 minute slowly taking damage before they die or you could be the Tanker that is surrounded by 20 mobs for 20 seconds before they die taking a little more damage but for a lot less time. Invuln is very tough out of the box and needs only a few holes plugged, why not then invest in more dps.
  5. I was thinking of TWs or other end hungry sets mostly. But yea invuln isn't bad at all.
  6. One bonus on Rads side is it doesn't need endurance help whereas Invuln might need it. That opens up Rebirth or Barrier Destiny for extra survival. Also more damage is more survival, kill them before they kill you. With enough mobs around and enough +recharge, Rad Therapy will fill health and endurance up also quite often and that's only if they break through the Absorb. But invuln is great also.
  7. It will do any content. It will clear 54 mobs in a few AoE's, with just a boss or 2 left. Good mitigation, some defence, fast recharging heals and attacks and very good AoE damage. It does just fine. Latest version. Let me know how it works out.
  8. Elec is Good but Rad is a little better to be honest. Both will cover endurance. Both offer +recharge. Elec is slightly easier to cap resistances and has some nice psi resist. It is weak to toxic which is quite common. It has a damage aura. Elec can be weak to knockback also. Rad has more heals. It has some psi resist and is weak to ice which isn't common. Rads aura reduces to hit and defence and can slot a resistance debuff proc. It has 2 mini nukes when procced out and one acts as a +endurance. The Tier 9 is better and more useable than elecs. My vote is \Rad.
  9. I remember back in the day Teams of Rad Defenders being a thing. All stacking Accelerate Metabolism. Damage/recharge/recovery, Is that still a thing? Would that be 200% damage/240% recharge/240%recovery and very fast movement speeds, Rotating nukes.
  10. Footstomp>Ground Zero>Dark Obliteration>Rad Therapy>Foot Stomp all procced out works pretty well for me. Not a lot survives that really. Move on to next group and repeat. Rage crash does lower dps but it does not stop the procs, so keep hitting.
  11. I can't give you exact figures but i know on my SS/Rad and DM/Rad they proc a lot. There are plenty of procced attacks to cycle through.
  12. There are Claws/electric Brute builds out there and some really like the pairing. Rad armour is similar to electric in quite a few ways. Might be a good place to start looking. I did this proc heavy build though.
  13. Probably not a lot really. Maybe hold of combat jumping and get cross punch or KOB earlier. I did have a small endurance issue when I changed the build. Though I have none of the acco!ades yet. The high recharge and lots of AoE ,plus rage\hasten crashes can be end heavy. Try a performance shifter proc in gamma boost if so to help. Musculature radial also will help. I went rebirth destiny but you could go ageless. Rad Therapy will usually fill you up though.
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