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  1. From my experience of my Rad/SS Tanker Vs my SS/Rad Brute is..... The Brute has higher damage AoE but hits less targets than the Tanker making them very close in trash clearing. But the Brute is much better at killing harder targets like AVs with superior single target damage. The Tanker is tougher but the Brute is more than tough enough for most content. My Brute actually has better resists than my Tanker due to using Rune of protection and Meltdown and rotating them, which my Tanker doesn't need to do really. The health is lower though on the Brute. Basica
  2. I agree with @Infinitum. I see no reason why EA should not be ported over. It would be no better than some other Tanker sets. SHield and invuln are nigh unlikable. SR will have very defence and can hit 90% resistances on top. To name a few other defence sets.
  3. You have a swarm of cimerorans in MoITF buffed and you will definitely feel it with 90%resists.
  4. Yes they do and that is why they are good. But you can't afk like a shield can is what I said. But less time healing and just outright killing is better. Maybe Dark can if you put the heal on auto lol.
  5. This I already know.
  6. I think you are misreading it. I never said resist sets can't do it. I have done them also. I said it is easier on shield or invuln that is all. Even blasters have done it. 90% resists is amazing. But getting hit only 5% then reducing that by 70-80% or so is better.
  7. I have had my invuln Tankers defence reduced to negative numbers in MoITF though, even with 60%+ defence. But it's still tough as hell.
  8. Just over but I'm not sure the exact figure without checking in game. 91-92% I think or thereabouts. SR is the highest. But shield is fairly immune. 5% chance of being hit and reducing that hit by 80% or so is far better than 90% resists only. <<< For others viewing.
  9. Yes invuln is better but less offensive. Yes perhaps all sets should get some DDR or reduce some others with SR being the king of DDR. Shield gets 90%+ though on a Tanker so they are pretty much immune.
  10. My main is a Rad/SS Tanker. But I also have a Shield/SS and /EM, also many other Tankers. You need to be ready with a heal, recovery/barrier etc on a Rad Tanker. But it's still good. Shield can just afk a lot of stuff and still survive, whilst also offering offence. No I don't undervalue resistance sets, but my numerous pimped out Tankers has shown shield to be exceptionally sturdy. More so than a lot of the other sets. @Werner [email protected] would testify to this I reckon as well.
  11. Yes resist sets can do ITF but they won't be able to sit in a mob afk like shield can. They will have 90% resistance only so will still take a fair amount of damage but shield will ignore damage completely due to high defence and DDR, barely getting hit and that which does get through then gets hit with very good resistance lowering it to even more ridiculous levels. Shield defence is not the best set to try to get Tankers nerfed as it is probably the most OP set going. EM is OP also hence why a lot of players rolled them when EM got buffed. Also it is very
  12. Not every Tanker set can do that. The DDR in Shield is very high and the cimerorans can not break through it. Very high defence and very high resists that shield can give makes content stupidly easy. I would say DDR needs looking at, not just Tankers. Maybe it should not stack. Try doing that on a resist set or willpower etc. The defence will break if any and the healing may not keep up with the damage inflicted. I would say shield may be broken.
  13. Maybe add some things from Kinetics like +recharge/movement/damage. Maybe make power siphon similar to Soul Drain but adds +recharge and damage and a small movement buff. Or the animations get faster as you attack. Some reason I think of Sonic the Hedgehog when I think about KM 🤭 ... Rolls into a group knocking them down and gets the Build up buff and gold coins everywhere haha.
  14. I reckon a regen Tanker with Tankers resilience, a good IO build and 2 stacks of the tanker proc plus barrier could reach 60-70+% resists fairly easily. It could end up being surprisingly durable with Tanker health.
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