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  1. i've delete my toon and restart a farm for another toon template. I think need a better debuff versus carnies
  2. yes it's sure the Dark Mistress are very powerfull and carnies also. But -66.50% it's just abused for one power. The boss from arachnos can debuff at 30% def for 10secondes and my character can defend without problem. But if you have 2 dark mistress in 1 group i lost 2x-66.50% in 1 seconde. You can't resist and the barrier lvl 4 also. So, how you want finish the group if you die all 5 secondes for 1 power only? The boss from Malta can debuff you endurance. If you want a anti debuff armor from elec or Energie or Dark armor that not a problem. The boss from Circle of thorn are powerfull power for debuff the accuracy. You play with more accuracy or the power Focused accuracy and that not a problem. But for Mask of Vitiation there a any power for? (or maybe the -tohit from Dark Blast for exemple)
  3. that not possible. I think it's a bug because I never see a shit debuff in def. Same the Dark Astoria mobs (Talon Vengeance OR banish of pantheon) have a overdebuff. he is capped at 15% or 30% The best debuffer in def are the cimemoran Traitor. You lost almost 10% in def per hit for 3secondes. But this time i'ts -66.50% for 30secondes ???? I never see a debuff from carnies since 2 weeks.* I've launch the incarnate Barrier for 120% def. And the mobs pass the power without miss!!!!!
  4. Hi, I think there are a problem, because in 54*8 for solo mish versus Carnival of Shadow, the Boss blast a power on me with -66% defense. I've between 30 and 45% defense with Incarnate power+own armor and bonus. A good resistance armor with Radiation Armor for my Stalker 75% capped. But i never see a overpowerfull power from mobs in game. Why -66% defense why not 15% or 10%. How i can play solo in 54+/8 with 3 boss who launch the same power. I take 2 at 3 times -66% defense in 1 seconde??? It's unressistable for any player in the game. Watch my screenshot First my resistance > https://gyazo.com/1fb2b1b9edc845d3e04405dd30edaf15 Second my lost defense in 1 seconde vs 1 boss > https://gyazo.com/ed927cc11c8e95ec4643237570ed4b20
  5. Hi all. Im angry to see that bad patch on the game. The game is the game. The player who play PvP can't passed more 1 month just for earn 800.000.000 at 1.500.000.00 of influence just for try a new pvp character builded in ATO enchance at 30.000.000/ATO infl. The same for PvE. I like play in solo and build some good stuff for clear the mission in 54+/8. Now i need to passed more 2 day just for a small amount of money? I think the game are for the players. So you can maybe create a Bonus Influence Power (same double XP at P2W) but only available at lvl 50 ! The player who farm money, farm the money. Each players can play the game in solo or in team !! Or you create a Double Chance/Better chance to drop more Purple Recipes in game... OR Reward Merit convert. 1 merits = 1.000.000 infl
  6. Hi, watch my screenshot, i've enhance my power Spring Attack from Leaping pool and the damaged from Obliteration are not counted https://gyazo.com/05d6f64043e15d91db7003f9469c5d99
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