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  1. Woot! I made it this time! Thank you all for bring this back to us!
  2. When purchasing/crafting the enhancements for these builds would you recommend using attuned or normal?
  3. Does anyone have a good build for this AT? I stink at using pines/mids and this will be my first MM I will be leveling.
  4. Is there a #per HR/Day or weekly limt on the merit rewards?
  5. Cas, What are your playtimes?And see if we can figure out how to move the toons or reroll.
  6. Doom Star has been awakened after years of cryo sleep on DOOM Island. And with a liberal amount of head bashing persuasion he soon figured out that he had been moved to a new land. It has been about a week now since I awoke in this new place, I discovered Lady Akasha in Steel Canyon hunting the Circle of Thorns. She convinced me to team up and see if we could locate any of the other Legionnaires that may have gotten taken from the base on DOOM Island and brought to this new place. For the Legion! SG - Legions Of DOOM, The Doom Supremecy Global - @DoomStar
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