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  1. People seem to really not like Poison, and only one person mentioned it here to no fanfare. I have a Poison/Pistols 50 with Psionic mastery... ton of debuffs, 3 ST holds not including Poison Trap. Super fun to play. Put all those -Res procs in this set and its great. +Chemical ammo... Yo! Someone mentioned Weaken Resolve. I have it on my Plant/Sav Doominator for just that reason, and while I usually don't get picky about animations and such, and while it is prolly stronger on a Defender, the animation time is lengthy and I find it difficult on that AT/toon to use and get a flow going. Was considering speccing out of it the other day.
  2. This. ...is a really cool idea. Some kind of tech control either additionally or seperately would be cool.
  3. ChetManly


    Had one on live back in the day. Plant/thorn that is. Loved it. Built her with only the ranged powers and I recall mowing thru enemies. Dont remember if I got her to 50, but upper levels for sure. I could be remembering incorrectly.
  4. I just got mine to 32, and I've taken every power in the set. I feel like i've read a bunch of posts of people not being stoked about Poison or this combo, but I love it. I slotted all my primaries up pretty heavy so far and basically just ACC in the guns, utilizing the secondary effects for debuffing ATM. Ank pretty much said it but ill add... ...that I have the heal and it's come in handy about a jillion times already. I have 1 Rech and 2 Heals in it currently. ...Antidote is great Mez Protec with the added bonus of Resist to some tougher Dam types, Toxic and Cold I think. I Rech and 1 DamRes ATM although that is a bit overkill with Hasten and i'll prolly spec out. ...The Rez. It's a rez. I regretted taking it at first and then needed it literally 5 times on the next mish. 1 Recharge ...I like trying to work the hold in with the Poison Trap Hold component and use it all the time. I currently have this 5 slotted, 2 ACC, 1 Rech, 1 Hold, 1 End Mod. I wanna see how and what that does but will likely change it. I'm not seeing any big -END -Rec so far. I'ts not much, but maybe it'll be helpful. If I think of more, i'll post it up. -Chet
  5. I had a TA/Arch back in the day I got up to 50 named Major Brass. I rerolled him as soon as I got in here and still just love playing the set. I didn't have him as a Proc Monster 50 or anything like that and i'm not really a numbers guy. I loved and do love playing the set. Such a great debuff set as it is and just tons o' fun to play. So, yes, there are a few.
  6. Back in the old days my forum name was Doctor Impossible. I didnt post much, but I read and lurked a lot. I was more interested in playing than posting I guess. But I recognize most of the names in here. Its comforting. I played a bit too much for my own good and when it shut down, I was glad. Since then I went back to single player console games. Then I assimilated a family, added two more kids of my own(for a total of 4) sold my business, changed my career, and moved back to my home area. Really glad it's back and it's really great to be back. Rolled a toon similar to an oldie I played on Pinn years ago with the same name and a guy on a team asked about the name and so forth and told me his old toon names. Turned out we had played together a lot. Made me feel good. Great to be back, see all these familiar names and how everyone has been prospering. Thanks for sharing, Chet
  7. I had a Mace/WP tank back in the day I loved. Took him to 50, performed great. I currently have a SJ/WP at 33 that I love. WP still needs some slotting with her, but pretty solid. I am feeling that the taunt aura(Rise to the Challenge?) which has a +Regan and a -tohit is not working right as I am faceplanting on random mobs for seemingly no reason. Thinking about it Brute vs. Tank for a second, it may not be the best choice as it requires many of the powers to dial in. With a Tank, thats fine, it's your primary. With a Brute it isn't. I'm curious to see in a few more lvls.
  8. This is such a great post. Makes me feel like i'm home again. Which I am. Thank you for this. The UniqueDragon post should be stickied as COH gospel and lore. Hell, a story arc should be made from it. The guide is great too. Also, thank you for that. -CM
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