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  1. edit: re-recording for audio
  2. edit: disregard, Mr. Vee beat me to it and reading is hard EDIT 2: my preferred way to run synapse is to solo it or run with no more than 3 players as this minimizes spawn size and especially avoids bosses spawning - this is important bc i spend a lot of time waiting for gears to spawn and with the abysmal AoE at low levels I get quite sick of killing them one at a time...
  3. There's a lot of variance across the VEATs but IMO the best thing about them is that they bring a lot to the table just by showing up, especially Soldiers. Just standing around with stacked leadership and casting Venom Grenade on cooldown is an awful lot of very efficient buffing and debuffing. -Res, +Damage, +Tohit, +Def is 80% of what I want out of support ATs so phooey that they can't also buff your team's recharge as well 🤪 Fortunatas lose the -res and have weaker leadership but their access to psi damage and psi wail, and a suite of control powers, makes them situationally better at ha
  4. the real question to me is why should it be normalized to begin with - what's wrong with saying "AoE attacks have a 50% crit chance out of hide, except for Burst" ? burst isn't a great power on its own - small radius, long cast time, pretty weak damage - so against small numbers of enemies KM is better off not using it and using its very fast attacks to cycle through targets one at a time. but the auto-crit + pbaoe means that when KM is surrounded it can go AS -> hide proc -> burst which is a super cool trick and sometimes very useful. stalker KM doesn't rely on burst t
  5. my favorite pick for underappreciated Steinman song and a truly ridiculous movie. RIP Jim, nobody wrote songs like he did. runner up is Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back, which may not be the best song but is my pick for best song title ever written.
  6. Easily capped fire resists + damage aura + Burn = fiery aura is king also fire mobs don’t come with any annoying side effects like knockback (energy) or slow (cold) or whatever
  7. Not much to be done about the low Threat generation of Stalkers. You could try to keep them in range with things like Ice Slick, caltrops, chilling embrace, oppressive gloom etc but none of those are great answers. Ice slick is probably one of the better ones though and is a nice bonus to frost and frozen aura. i haven’t run the numbers or anything but I’d definitely consider looking at /rad for a farming build as it has two candidates for a proc bomb AoE and Ground Zero can hit up to a whopping 30 targets.
  8. First two replies pretty much covered it - if Domination is dropping it's because a) you were doing something else, b) got tagged by a -recharge debuff, provided you have enough recharge slotted. It's also worth noting that if your build doesn't have perma-Hasten, the displayed recharge of Domination will actually be a little longer in-game than it is in a Mid's build since your global recharge drops for a few seconds. That in combination with a recharge debuff could account for Domination dropping unexpectedly. My preference is to leave Hasten on auto and hit Domination manually
  9. for this route I highly recommend gravity control as its AoE immob lacks knockback protection and wormhole and dimension shift are highly effective ways to pvp your (soon-to-be-former) teammates 😂
  10. I haven't played around much with any of the Presence powers but I think broadly speaking combining fear and stun is kind of a nombo as the aggro from the stun aura will continuously break the fear, and ice patch is much stronger mitigation anyway. Come to think of it I'm not sure if slotting damage procs in fear - like in sleep - makes the power completely pointless. I also don't think the Placate proc in Frozen Aura will do much good for the same reason - oppressive gloom should break it quickly - and it's my understanding that you won't be able to get free crits from it (the Placate p
  11. I share many of your concerns and have previously written about my distaste for rolling Judgement powers, and my belief that certain character utilities like say, tanking and aggro management and control powers are basically pointless - in the worst case literally a waste of animation time - when a decked out team runs into a +4x8 mob. It's worth pointing out that a lot of the team's AoE damage potential is also wasted if everyone dumps their powers at once as the mobs get way overkilled. There's a few obvious things you could do, like increase the difficulty (if not already runni
  12. two main reasons: 1) Carrion Creepers puts in absolutely disgusting work as it spawns tons of pseudopets that each do tons of damage when they spawn and can proc up to 6 damage procs with their attacks 2) I'm not sure how much DPS a fire farm mob does but I am sure that Seeds of Confusion lets you take a big chunk of that DPS and make the mob use it on itself Fire Control does alright damage as hanging out in a bonfire is not fun but Carrion Creepers in a fully target saturated environment is really gross.
  13. what, you have something against Stalkers without hide? 😤😤 (I do too) It would increase the average power level of the game in that it’s basically giving players an extra power pick to play with. Probably won’t change damage output at all but would leave more room for pool powers or one slot wonders.
  14. It's buried somewhere in the "buff dominators?" thread in General Discussion but I think a change that would help pre-endgame Dominators a lot would be a endurance cost reduction and to hit buff that scales with the Fury bar. Low level play means constantly juggling controls and attacks and missing with a control power is both a waste of endurance and potentially very hazardous, and the lower enhancement values and scarcity of enhancement slots pre-level 25 or so, I think, turns a lot of people off of the archetype.
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