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  1. My favorite stalker build and probably my #2 fav char overall is a DB/EA stalker and I oppose these changes. #1 Thousand Cuts: already skippable as a power as the existing Sweep combo (BU -> AS -> Ablating) and the existing Sweeping Strike is sufficient AoE for me, and it's free AoE that happens to come with my existing ST chain. But if you want more AoE, thousand cuts is available and it has pretty decent stats for a stalker AoE. I certainly don't think it needs to be nerfed. In a similar vein, while the increased area and target cap of sweeping strike would be nice, I guess, I don't feel like it's necessary and would go to waste a lot of the time, and reducing the recharge reduces the effectiveness of damage procs in this power. 11sec is pretty short as-is. #2 Combo order changes: Like my colleagues above I don't bother with the combo system since ablating / sweeping / assassin's blades is more or less all I use. I think the proposed changes are based largely on the 'feel' of how the combos work, which is very subjective. Personally the empower combo makes sense to me: build up, assassin's strike, placate, boom now you're empowered to hit the same guy again. I like the Sweep combo as-is in part because ablating strike is up much more often than sweeping, so every time build up gets recharged i always have the sweep combo on deck. I guess this would change if sweeping strike's cooldown were reduced but as above I don't support this. If you really wanted to improve the combo system though you could make Sweeping Strike or 1 Thousand Cuts the finisher for the Attack Vitals combo. While Attack Vitals is normally a cone PBAoE on Stalkers it's a single target effect because the finishing move is vengeful slice, which is easily the worst power in the set (long animation, low DPA, single target). But even still I doubt this would be optimal as long as nimble slice and power slice are both required to execute the combo. The fact that Ablating/Sweeping/Assassin's are just SO much stronger in terms of raw DPA (on top of maintaining 2 -res procs) says to me that without massively boosting the power of the combos and/or flattening out the differences in the powers stats, any form of 'optimal' play for Dual Blades will continue to involve leaving the combos alone. But, I don't see any changes being necessary. The set overall is quite strong and IMO still fulfills the flashy dual blade power fantasy just fine.
  2. i can count on one finger the number of times i've gotten into any form of argument or dispute with someone in game. (the number is one btw)
  3. I mean, I didn't say that it should be, but enjoy your upvotes. I just think it's weird to say "well for my concept I want to do x y and z" but then draw the line at "which AT will have the best performance under that condition?" Like... just pick whichever AT fits your concept the best. Doesn't matter to me 🙂
  4. Scrapper, but why do you care which is most effective if you're already gimping yourself?
  5. great idea. they should really add some game mechanic to conveniently boost your hit chance at lower levels 🤔
  6. once I activated Secondary Mutation while I was 3/4 of the way through one of the shadow shard zones . . . turns out this isn't the wizard of oz and monkeys can't fly -_-
  7. I don't think the BU-AS-run playstyle is dead, it's just unnecessary most of the time and especially at 50. But it's still important to the identify of the AT that Stalkers are able to do it, and it's undeniably more burst damage than the follow up / blinding feint / power siphon etc that other ATs get. The extra burst also helps get the best usage out of a stalker's smaller number of AoE attacks - when my only good AoE is say ball lightning getting the guaranteed +160% damage bonus (build up + gaussian's proc) at the start of the fight sounds much more useful than than working up to 100% from stacking follow up. So overall I think keeping Build Up is important and justified on all stalker sets and is as close to being a "required" power as you can get. It requires minimal slotting and is a huge boost to something that is in my eyes core to the stalker experience which is single target burst damage.
  8. made it! thanks again for all of your hard work, we love you ❤️
  9. damn that's good. i may steal some of that 👀
  10. you may have been the most individually survivable character on the team, no arguing that (though with IOs etc any given powerset/AT can wind up in that spot). but, part of a tank's role is not just not dying but keeping the rest of your team alive by holding aggro (which stalkers are not good at), and, the title of this thread is "best tank in the game" which is quite an audacious claim 🙂 what you are actually describing is really scrapperlock, which is now Not Just For Scrappers™️
  11. space sailboat is extremely cool but there’s something about the Mach that just does it for me 😎
  12. First time posting here but I wanted to share a character I made the other day: Kanawa, the Iron Ring of Jealousy I'm a big fan of the Dune series and my SG does a small themed costume contest each month and this month's theme is "emotions". From "God Emperor of Dune," So Kanawa is sort of a desert revenant with my crack at a Fremen stillsuit. I like what I did for the face.
  13. regardless of how sturdy you can make /bio, the fact that the rest of the team died means it can't be the best tank, since even an invincible stalker can't hold aggro well enough >__>
  14. I think you misunderstood. Yes, only in the sense that it’s possible to make mistakes and aggro too many enemies. Sure. But that’s not what I was talking about. There’s very few powers that actually slow you down from being able to defeat the enemies you’ve aggroed. The only ones that come to mind are phasing (by design) and then immobilized (locking them in spread out positions which weakens AoE) and knockback (similar.)
  15. Placate to me is a great one-slot-wonder power. The days of using it in-combat to guarantee a crit are pretty much over now with the assassin's focus mechanic and the stalker ATOs. But, once in a while you might find yourself wanting to tell something big and nasty to leave you alone (edit: or indeed for the free crit in cases like Tsuko's above). My anecdote is that I used it the other day soloing the ITF to help separate Romulus from his Nictus friends. I think Placate should grant two stacks of assassin's focus. 👀
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