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  1. ??? i just use a snipe or sweeping cross if the AS proc goes off and CU isn't up yet, it's not worth waiting around for. although with the discussion on another thread about 'lockout' on the AS proc going off it does seem like it goes off every other time I use AS which lines up very nicely with CU, since CU has about twice the recharge.
  2. My understanding and I could be wrong: 1) PVP drops can drop from any content, I would say at a rate in between rare recipes and purple recipes. I have no idea if they drop more frequently in PVP content. 2) PVP IOs have a second set of bonuses that is only active in PVP content (their first set of bonuses always applies) 3) PVP IO set bonuses are like that of purples or attuned enhancements and are always active regardless of level 4) The PVP procs do more damage / fire more often (?) against other players, but are on par with the standard 3.5ppm damage procs in PVE.
  3. I 'farm' on my Plant/Fire/Fire, but its on battle maiden-style maps (specifically, the battle maiden mission). Definitely not slow in terms of clear speed but can't handle sitting at the aggro cap, so no asteroid farms for me.
  4. I'd really like to see one based on the whip attacks from Demon Summoning. I think Thunderspy has it under Psychokinetic Assault.
  5. I leave Hasten on auto and manually click the Domination power. My build has a lot of leeway in Domination (like 20+ seconds) and frequently I want to delay Domination by a little bit so that I can make good usage of the endurance bar refill. Once in a very long time I'll miss it, but usually I'm looking for the power because I need more endurance anyway!
  6. I would recommend that you slot Ball Lightning with a few damage procs (my personal choice is 5pc positron's blast, skipping the one with a recharge component, and the bombardment proc) rather than for mitigation as it is a great attack and you have spinning strike if you need AoE knockdown, but overall StJ/EA/Mu sounds very strong and your build looks good. I have two xxx/EA/Mu stalkers and endurance definitely isn't a problem as long as you're vigilant with energize (i frequently forget to use it if i'm not taking damage though, haha).
  7. The CoH character generator is great, but even with all the sliders turned down it's tough to get a male character to look sufficiently fe- oh, you meant the power set! my bad. I have not been impressed with Traps. IMO it only has a few powers that are conventionally 'good' - Caltrops, Acid Mortar, Force Field Generator, and Poison Trap. And even these, which are the best of Traps, don't strike me as being that good. Their modifiers aren't significantly different from debuff powers in other sets and they come with significant drawbacks like the setup time and the fact that your powers can be destroyed. People say that it solos well, but I think that's just a polite way of saying that when you're solo you get to play at the slower (in my opinion, glacial) pace that Traps really works at. Maybe I just don't like the set.
  8. I've tried kin/ea, db/ea, stj/rad, and bs/shield. I wound up not enjoying bs/shield, but the other three each have something that stood out. Kin/EA was definitely the most fun overall and exemplars down the nicest, but the other two are definitely stronger characters. Currently putting together a savage/ice!
  9. Machariel

    Help with BS/EA

    Parry does stack with EA; generally speaking everything in this game stacks with everything else. I wouldn't say there's a 'clash' with Parry and EA, but I would say that Parry should be pretty much redundant with /EA's defenses, which are excellent, and anyway any time you're casting parry is time that you're not doing damage. Energy Aura plus tough and weave and set bonuses can definitely be 'incredibly tough' or as far as any Stalker can be. A brute will be tougher no matter what (higher resist caps, more HP) but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Stalkers are plenty sturdy. I was gonna recommend Ninja Blade over Broad Sword, but I won't, not because it's not better (it is) but because I see what you're going for with the Broad Sword animations which I do think fit Vader's character better (assuming you're going off of the Ep IV-V-VI lightsaber fights more than the flashier prequels). I assume you'll go Mu mastery for the lightning which is excellent because Mu is very good. πŸ‘
  10. My main, Blightfire, is a Plant/Fire/Fire dominator. Now, a big part of her character concept is that she has exactly one core skillset: indiscriminate, fiery, vine-based destruction. RP-wise she is pretty useless or counterproductive in all other situations and is accordingly misanthropic. And, I love my main, so my favorite CoX memory is the one where I felt most like my main. I remember one Lambda Sector Trial where the rest of the league wanted the XP so they decided to clear all the IDF on the streets, but I was cheeky and jumped the walls and started working on the mobs inside. Confused IDF do tons of damage to each other especially when tightly grouped up and there's no other teammates to interfere with things like holds or debuffs 😳 so Blight's just absolutely giving them hell, and as I'm jumping from mob to mob I'm watching the rest of the team steadily circle around the map. I don't know if everything just clicked for me or if the rest of the team just had relatively slower composition, but I finished clearing the last group inside just as the outer ring was cleared. This story stands out for 2 reasons for me: 1) The sliding doors opening to reveal an empty courtyard and my character there just /e waiting, just tapping her feet 😎 2) someone chiming in chat, "Well, looks like SOMEONE ate their Wheaties today!" πŸ˜† And just for a second I felt like my character had the spotlight πŸ™‚
  11. Machariel


    in general chat ”stalkers are bad, placate slow” they must learn focus
  12. I remembered hearing that in bind files it'll execute the commands back-to-front, which as far as I can tell is completely false and maybe I had made it up, but at least it (and your post) gave me a concept for a kind of zen beat poet that rapped backwards. πŸ˜‚
  13. Cool find! I wonder if there's any speed strats that would be improved by this finding. πŸ’‘ Also I wonder why the S/L defense caps out but the heal mod keeps increasing πŸ€”
  14. try /bind z "local you suck, $target!" edit: useful resource: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/The_Incomplete_and_Unofficial_Guide_to_/bind
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