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  1. Strengths of Kinetic Melee on Stalkers: 1) all the powers for your ST attack chain at level 8 2) fastest (highest DPA) assassin's strike in the game at 0.67 seconds 3) you get an AoE power relatively early (burst) which is the only AoE in the game that automatically crits from hide 4) utility ranged attack is useful and playing the stacking build up game with Concentrated Strike is fun [obv subjective] drawbacks: 1) No big attack to crit with to leverage the stalker ATO proc 2) overall middle of the road damage The first two points suggest that the strongest way to play KM is to not regularly use Concentrated Strike and focus on using your 1st 3 very fast attacks to build focus as fast as you can and then spend it on your nutty fast Assassin's Strike. Since Concentrated Strike can't crit and you can build more assassin's focus in the same time with your other attacks (which can crit), and your other stalker ATO means that you're casting build up an awful lot anyway, I think it's usually not worth playing the stacking buildup game. That said, I did take CS on my Kin/EA and it's a good place for damage procs and under most conditions it doesn't slow you down that much if at all, so take it if you want it. But when you're working down an AV or a pylon definitely stick to T1+T2+T3+assassin's strike. Overall I think KM is a strong middle of the road set with a lot of perks. It exemplars well and at high levels you can use moonbeam or zapp after your AS to leverage the Chance for Hide proc.
  2. i like how the highest-quality versions of this image always have the little crease marks from the original folded map 😂
  3. I kind of enjoy farming as a zen activity and a good way to kill time, get some inf, maybe a few recipe drops. I don't do it on the "fire farm" in AE in particular, but rather I run the battle maiden map on my plant/fire/fire dominator, but I don't think that's a very important distinction.
  4. welcome home hero :')
  5. clearly i have much to learn!
  6. Solo Synapse - +0x1, not sure what the rules are 😅
  7. If I had to pick one character that I would confidently throw at anything in the game I think I'd pick a Plant Control / Psionic Assault / Ice Mastery Dominator. Rationale: - You get a ludicrously strong AoE confuse power (Seeds of Confusion) at level 8. Seeds of Confusion trivializes pretty much any mob of any size and the more enemies you're fighting, and the more dangerous they are, the better it is. Very few things speed up regular fights at +4x8 as fast as making all the enemies attack each other. - Carrion Creepers does a ton of AoE damage while demanding 0% of your attention. It also scales up very nicely with the size of the mob. - You also get a standard AoE hold and AoE immobilize to manage regular enemies and you can even take Spore Burst to sleep AVs and pause the fight. - Psionic Assault isn't the most damaging dominator secondary but you get a key power that will help you solo tough targets: Drain Psyche, which is a massive -regen debuff and gives you some much needed sustainability for long fights. - Psionic damage is also useful for punching through powers like Unstoppable and other "tier 9s" that many enemies use at low health. - Ice Mastery gives you Sleet, a strong debuff that reduces enemies damage resistance. - Ice Mastery has 3 other powers that improve your sustainability - Hibernate, a power that turns you invulnerable but unable to attack and quickly regenerates health and endurance; Hoarfrost, a +self HP power, and Frozen Armor, which gives you smashing and lethal defense (very common damage types) It won't have the most single-target DPS but it'll have enough and the -regen of drain psyche means that just about any amount of DPS will get the job done eventually.
  8. i could be wrong but I think the recharge timer starts once the animation finishes so you can't say, get the recharge time down to below the animation time and fire it continuously, if that's what you had in mind.
  9. I think there’s almost never a reason to take it as it has a huge end cost and doesn’t do anything you can’t get from yellows.
  10. I took a quick look, the first thing that jumped out at me was that you should put the performance shifter procs into your body mastery powers. However, I don't think you really need those powers at all as Energy Aura is very efficient at keeping you fed on endurance. So if I were looking to optimize (for damage output) I'd swap up those power pools and start moving slots around. This build will certainly be functional and survivable as-is.
  11. This is pretty much the philosophy I used on my Kinetic Melee/Energy Aura, and it's one of my favorite builds. We all know by now that Concentrated Strike is bad, but if you find yourself wanting to use it and really enjoying the build up mechanic, it's also an excellent place for damage procs (ez 90% proc rate) which at least helps you feel better about it not getting critical hits.
  12. Kinetic melee does absolutely slap on stalkers, but it's less because of concentrated strike and more because their assassin's strike casts in like 0.66 seconds or something insane. In the time it takes you to cast CS you can almost use your t1+t2+t3 attacks which will do the same damage, plus the possibility of critical hits, plus a decent shot of recharging build up for free, PLUS you build up more stacks of assassin's focus so you can get back to assassin's strike. That said build up is definitely better than power siphon so if you're into the minigame of casting build up as often as possible stalkers are 100% the best archetype to do it, and if you're the type of player who enjoys using placate this will definitely be up your alley. (I always skip placate because it's more damage to just keep attacking)
  13. I think the only people I have on my ignore list are randos who said mean/vulgar things to me when I was on task forces (usually playing late at night and a few drinks in, so playing, shall we say, 'loose'). There's probably only 1 or 2.
  14. Slots/Enhancements -> Slots -> Auto-Arrange All Slots is what I use when Mids starts acting finicky and not letting me do what I want. 👍
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