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  1. Degenerative is for Farmers Reactive is for Groupers You get more mileage from Reactive in a group setting as you have more people hitting the MOB. Degenerative is more useful for farmers hitting lots of MOBs at once.
  2. Some of us, Myself included, try really hard not to have Altitus. If you want to perfect your skills with your TW/Bio Scrapper - a TW/Fire Brute farmer might be what you're looking for. Once you have the brute filled out so you can comfortably do +4 x 8 fire farms, you can outfit any toon in 1-2 days to it's maximum capabilities. I'm talking the above expensive build, done in 1-2 days of farming. That being said, the rotation is roughly the same on the brute farmer as is the scrapper but you trade Follow Through with Whirling Smash and Rend Armor with Titan Sweep. The button pushing ends up the same so no loss of muscle memory as you switch between toons. This is what I farm with - It is faster than my fully built Spines/FA Brute - it's also more visceral. More fun - if you can't handle the screen shake when you Smash - turn it off in settings. Still fun. My biggest issue with farming is I used to fall asleep halfway through a session. Not with this toon.
  3. TW/Bio Scrapper is all about DAMAGE - absolute maximum damage. And that is only accomplished by musculature. Left side all the way up.
  4. What is Knives of Art? In game the name is Knives of Vengeance correct?
  5. Can you send out more than 1 Tornado at a time?
  6. This is, for comparison's sake, an expensive build. This is what I currently play with with it's S/L/E/N Soft Capped - and the Defensive abilities in Ablative Carapace, DNA Siphon, and Parasitic Aura let me tank whatever I want, including 54 x 8 S/L Farms in AE with no problem. This is Kaeladin's build from the Pylon Challenge thread. Winter IO's, ATO's, and Purples, On Homecoming right now, cost between 22-25 Million when there is a small supply of them. If there's 1 or 2 left, you are looking at 25-30 Million for the last one. On average I spent roughly 23 Million per IO and ATO. 10 Winter IO's @23 Million each = 230 Million 12 Scrapper SUPERIOR ATO's @23 Million each = 276 Million 10 Purple IO's @23 Million each = 230 Million 10 PVP IO's @9 Million each = 90 Million 5 LotG Recharge IO's @6 Million each = 30 Million 20 Specialty IO's Like Steadfast Def+3 @roughly 6 Million each = 120 Million 16 Low cost IO's that cost between 1.5 and 2 Million = 32 Million (2m each) 7 Normal Invention IO's that cost about 1 Million to build if you don't already have the salvage = 7 Million (not counting the ones in the prestige sprints) TOTAL 1,001,500,000 Roughly 1 Billion for this build at current market prices. Let me reiterate, ROUGHLY! I've seen the market go as low as 19-20 on ATO's. I've also seen the Non-Superior versions of the ATO's going for 8 Million + a Catalyst for 3 Million is a substantial savings. But for some reason that's not always the case. Data Link Only Full Export
  7. Knives of Vengeance Radial Invul mob has the highest damage buff of the Invul pets - @ 30% I use that on my TW/Fire Brute - I haven't done the math but since I am not able to maintain 100% at cap on my brute (not easy to maintain 675% for very long, especially if you have a door sitter) I would think that might outweigh the AOE a pet can provide. But I'd love to be proven wrong if someone could quantify a TW Brute with T4 Double Hit, T4 Musculature, T4 Degenerative. But for now Damage% is king in my toon's book.
  8. This is from one of my posts that didn't get received so well as it was buried between a bunch of garbage. DISCLAIMER: The first thing that you hard cores are going to do is dismiss Gale and what I did with it. Because it is so "against" meta or whatever the heck you want to call it, I feel like I have to Pre-Defend it. The abomination you are looking at is Annihilation Chance for -res and get the 2 slot +End bonus Annihilation: D/E/A/Rch x2 Range Force Feedback: chance for +Recharge Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IO I had an incredible discussion with a long time, and respected builder, on these and the previous forums. I will paraphrase our discussion as I don't know if he wants his name attached to said abomination. Gale If you have 6 slots to spend on Gale, you're going to want to make 2 of those slots be a Force Feedback proc for +Recharge and the Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IO. That leaves you 4 slots that can be devoted to other purposes. Slotting for additional Knockback is relatively pointless if you're using the KB>KD IO from Sudden Acceleration. Slotting Gale for Damage is a waste. You use Gale for CONTROL and to buy yourself time to do other things. So if you've got 4 slots and don't need to enhance either Damage or Knockback, what would be important to enhance in Gale? Accuracy Endurance Reduction Recharge Reduction RANGE Unfortunately, you're dealing with Target AoE Sets and Knockbacks Sets for slotting Gale with and none of the HOs that you might want to slot have the particular mix of enhancement values we'd be looking for here. Ideally speaking then, you could (franken)slot: 1 Level 50 Frozen Blast Acc/Dam/End/Rech IO OR 1 Level 50 Overwhelming Force Acc/Dam/End/Rech IO OR 1 Level 50 Annihilation: Chance for -Res And the following 1 Level 50 Annihilation: D/E/A/Rch 2 Level 50 Common Range IOs 1 Level 21 Force Feedback +Recharge IO 1 Level 21 Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IO This slotting would give you KnockDOWN practically "on demand" against whatever is in front of you within about 70-75 ft (which is nearly "normal" ranged attack distance) in a WIDE cone in front of you without needing to use HERDICANE to "neutralize" stuff for you. Note that this strategy may require multiple applications of Gale to bowl over Cimerorans who have a fair amount of KB protection, so don't expect this to be a perfect solution versus everything in the game. But it will significantly advantage your Mercs by giving you a HUGE zone of denial in front of you that can prevent counterattacks reasonably reliably ... and Gale can knock over up to 16 targets, which would be really useful. This then lets you use Gale extremely offensively ... pretty much as fast as it cools down (and badguys get back up on their feet). Use Gale to "juggle" badguys without needing to push them into corners and hold them with HERDICANE in order to prevent them from attacking you (and your Mercs). Use Gale to open on piles of badguys as your alpha strike. Pick the one who is FARTHEST away from you in the pile you want to take on, while out of range of him ... cue Gale ... and then charge into range. You will automagically be rooted into place when you enter Gale range, at which point everything between you and your badguy will be hit by Gale and presumably be KnockDOWNed. Unleash the Kraken Mercs on the helpless baddies and hold your position where you cast Gale. When your Targets "get up" ... hit them with Gale again. You'll learn to know "when" to cast Gale to keep "juggling" them off their feet while your Mercs lay down fire into them. And every time you cast Gale, you will likely be able to proc the Force Feedback +Recharge IO, meaning you want to keep casting Gale as much as possible. Season to taste with other Storm attacks as the situation merits and your comedy appreciation permits. Think Ice Patch in Ice Melee is awesome? Try doing that to an entire dogpile of baddies "on demand" over a HUGE (Cone) area as a way to "ghetto hold" the lot of them while your Mercs are free to do what they do best ... shed brass. ------------------------------------------------------------- All that being said, In practice Gale slotted as above works remarkably well... But the SOUND is annoying after about the 30th Awoooooooosshhh. There is a way to disable the sound or simply turn down the SFX, and I want you all to know I did spend about an hour and a half trying to give you a quick tutorial on how to disable it if you so desired. But I failed, as I found the right sound but couldn't get it to disable. But if you don't like to use Gale, just don't 😛
  9. That was my initial thoughts too. it has a 75% chance to proc so it IS pretty often that it's going off. It sometimes feels like it's going off all the time. The question, is it wasted on a controller? Who, with 2 applications of any of our AOE Immob's should lock down all but the bosses and half the time it get's the bosses too. Containment is almost guaranteed baring the obvious exceptions. Has anyone out there actually tried Radial? Obviously on a team that just plows through content, anything that takes multiple applications to get a benefit from will not be ideal. But what about solo? Fire/Dark can provide the Immob/Fear component to guarantee a stun from the use of any of your attacks and for the duration of the immob and fear that stun keeps refreshing (Stacking MAG?) From a grouping standpoint, I suspect that any fear/immob from the group counts. So depending on the group makeup you could, with proper planning, create an environment where it procs pretty much non stop. A Duo with Immob and fear in their sets would do well with this Hybrid. Just some running thoughts. At the end of the day, I'd be curious where you get the most bang for your buck from all of the Hybrids.
  10. I'm wondering what the controllers are choosing out there regarding the Control Hybrid Incarnate power? Personally I've been going the Control Core Embodiment, but on a second toon with similar controls and build that extra +1 Mag seems like it might not be as useful as the control Radial Embodiment. It's difficult to quantify the benefit as we also crit control on occasion. What do you think? I haven't seen a lot of discussion about the control hybrid but it seems to be a regular pick for controllers. Thanks Tamorand EDIT - I have no idea why this post is a lovely shade of light blue..... Control Core Embodiment Toggle: Chance for Psionic Damage (Special), Chance for +1 Magnitude Toggle: Chance for +1 Mag to Controls, Chance for Psionic damage to Controlled enemies. This ability gives a 75% chance for its effects to occur when their conditions are met. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Status Resistance at all times. Control Radial Embodiment Toggle: Chance for Fear, Chance for Immobilize, Chance for Stun (Special) Toggle: Adds a Chance for Fear and a Chance for Immobilize to most damaging powers. This ability gives a 70% chance for its effects to occur on each hit. If your target is already Immobilized and Feared, you have an additional 100% chance to stun that target. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Status Resistance at all times.
  11. Disabling Common recipes is a huge lose in INF - Each common recipe is worth 100k + per recipe to the vendor. Keep them until you get close to full - sell them. - Personally I disable uncommons on most of my toons and just leave common(for money) and rare and very rare. I find that in end game - when you are building your final IO's the cost of an Uncommon IO and the cost of building it yourself are roughly the same if you include the cost of the components. Rares and Purples, it's 100% cheaper to build it yourself for 85% of rares and 100% of purples if you have the recipe already. Though I do have an SG base whose only purpose is to hold 20 of every common, uncommon, and rare ingredient. So when I do want to craft I have what I need for every recipe in game. Any more than 20 of each ends up being overkill and you run out of room fast. Could probably get away with 10 or 15 really. Pro Tip - you can right click on a stack of recipes and "see that highlighted letter in sell stack?" Usually E I think - hit that letter or click the words Sell Stack so you can quickly clear them out. Regarding Teleports: The Pocket D one is given to you automatically for spending 30 min of in game time inside pocket D - so go do a few AE missions or go do some skiing runs around the the slopes while you wait. Easy to kill time there> There is also a pay to win vendor, a regular vendor, a trainer(war witch) and there is also a gladiator arena where you can challenge people to gladiator fights.
  12. Can you be more specific? Kinda sounds like you got trolled, or might be trolling? Can you go ask your big build guys what they are talking about?
  13. Regarding your build - what benefit is the Radial of Agility versus the Core? Do you really need the jump and run speed more than the added endurance modification?
  14. @plainguy I'm curious to see your build as well.
  15. Is there a difference between the cave farm and the outdoor farm regarding XP per minute after the changes to completion bonuses? Would you be willing to make a farm that takes you down to 49 so we can use the double INF no XP setting? Others have tried to do it but there’s always a hidden smashing or lethal element to their attacks.
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