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  1. Hi, I had a couple of suggestions for capes. Suggestion #1: I originally came here to post about possibly having capes that adhere a little less closely to the character model. Long capes as they exist now end up clipping with some of the larger belt and/or boot/foot options, not to mention the obvious shoulder and helmet option clipping. Some of these are unavoidable, but a few of these could likely be corrected by having the cape/collar situated slightly farther away from the character, allowing a kind of cushion for those bulkier objects. I think this kind of adjustm
  2. I took a hard look at the numbers for the Hybrid Incarnate power Support Core Embodiment. The detailed info says that the power grants +12% Strength to all Defenses. However, when I use the power, my character's Defenses are only increased by 7.2%. Is anyone else encountering this? I'm not averse to being told that I'm misunderstanding the Detailed Info of the power, so if that's the case please feel free to straighten me out. Thanks.
  3. Temp power jetpacks are a thing. They make getting around certain zones possible, so I like to have them. However, I would like to be able to use flight without having the visual of a jetpack on the character. For a lot of my characters, having a jetpack takes away from the thematic presentation of the character. I know I could get Fly, Hover, or Arcane Flight, but that requires a power choice when all I want is to use it from time to time and am willing to pay the INF to do so. I'm just hoping that, at some time in the future, characters can have this as an option.
  4. Hi, Let me preface this by saying that I know this seems like a big ask. However, it seems to me that having the ability to import and export base settings should be possible using the architecture that is currently in use. That could just be my own ignorance talking, so I'm fine with that statement being shot down as being completely off. My understanding is that the information for a base - like the plot, the rooms, the walls, the ceilings, all of the base items, including the locations of all of these things and how they interact with one another - all of this information is
  5. As I understand it, the higher Stealth numbers (a la Invisibility) don't kick in immediately with the recent changes to the Stealth power. I think it takes a few seconds, as if you had attacked or been attacked. I'm not certain about the timing/number of seconds it takes for the higher numbers to come online. Maybe you were activating the power and then being spotted prior to the higher numbers kicking in?
  6. My pleasure. The description on the wiki was vague. It stated: "Sets the number of degrees for rotateleft/right". This description left me with the mistaken impression that you could use /speed_turn 180 and it would spin the character in place 180 degrees. Upon some testing I figured out what it was actually doing. I have changed the description on the wiki to the following: "Changes the speed of your turns using keyboard keys. (Sets the number of degrees per tick when using keybinds for rotateleft/right)" The reason the system wasn't throwing an error
  7. Nevermind. I finally figured out how to ACTUALLY use /speed_turn. My mistake. Please disregard.
  8. I know this is a niche command, but I was trying to test the slash command /speed_turn before trying to add it to a macro or bind. When I type it (example: /speed_turn 180, which should spin my character in place to be facing the exact opposite direction), nothing happens. When I say nothing happens, not only does the command not execute, but the error and system channel does not send a prompt telling me that /speed_turn is an unknown command. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I'm missing? Thanks.
  9. I skip Web Grenade when I have the chance, just because of my personal tastes. Caltrops - Proc-trops are okay with me. Not as useful as the days of yore, but still useful. Oh, their intended use? Secondary for me because they're not very good at it, as detailed above. Triage Beacon - Mobile Triage would be a worthy change. Hell, give it tank treads and let it roll around behind you lol. I would also favor a change in the way it provides its benefit. It's a pitiful alternative when compared to other powers of the same kind. I would also favor a change in the way it provides
  10. IIRC, the run and jump increases that come with Infiltration match those that come with the Prestige runs (Beast, Ninja, Athletic). Sure it comes with out-of-combat Stealth and Defense bump, but both are strictly inferior to the Stealth power. All Infiltration gets you (besides and extra LotG mule) is an effective and minor trade-off of less Endurance for less Defense/Stealth.
  11. The design choice of "only the largest buff applies" was a good addition to the game and can certainly be put to good use in this instance. Solid suggestion.
  12. *original comment deleted* This was my mistake for attempting to slot a purple and a Winter Enhancement prior to lvl 50. Please disregard.
  13. I'm down for this. I have a couple of MMs that would definitely seem mildly more interesting to me if their minions didn't look exactly like the minions that ever other MM ran around with.
  14. I agree that the indication exists, but to have a slightly more obvious indication for powers that have crash costs that are respectively and prohibitively high wouldn't be entirely unwelcome.
  15. The biggest benefits, IMHO, that I've seen in this thread are: Hasten needs some rivals in other powersets so that Hasten isn't an automatic go-to power for most power-gamer builds. Flurry is seriously lackluster and either requires rebalancing or replacing. I'm personally a fan of changing things that 1) never or very rarely get used, or 2) absolutely must be used unless you're specifically ignoring mechanical superiority. Alternatives to a mechanical must-have are a fair compromise. Having a defensive power as part of a Speed pool, from a design standpoint, seems
  16. With the new changes to Fly, it is a serious sacrifice to use Prestige or Temporary Travel powers that are thematically aligned with your character. I know I and several of my SG-mates are agonizing over losing the benefits granted by the Issue 27 page 2 changes for the sole purpose of using the Temporary Powers available at the P2W vendor just because it matches out costumes or character theme. This includes options like the Goldbricker Rocket Pack or the Small Longbow Jetpack and all other temp powers of that nature. It's a shame that something that is a simple clone of an existing power isn
  17. I'm down for this. Maybe this could just be a Mastermind build with a mildly different philosophy to the power selections, though the different advancement of the pet may cause some issue. This hits the same notes as Druids and Rangers from classic D&D with their badass pets. So I'm definitely in favor of this general idea.
  18. 3 AE Mission seems far too few. I'm sure this served a very specific purpose on Live, with its subscription-based model and all. But with the current setup, I believe the limit doesn't serve any particular purpose and is doing a disservice t the community. I mean, sure, I've created a couple of different accounts to get around this specific limitation. That's always an option, but it seems unnecessary and somewhat wasteful. How much extra effort is wasted on creating and maintaining these accounts, both on behalf of the player and also the devs (extra login accounts, extra forum ac
  19. I ran into exactly the same issue and posted a suggestion in that forum. Hopefully it pays off.
  20. I'm fine with that. I just want it for the story content while allowing the players to portray their characters at their full potential.
  21. In creating AE content, I have had a few ideas that I wanted to pursue but have been hamstrung by some of the limitations of the existing system. I would like to make some suggestions that might make things slightly more open for creative storytelling through the AE system. Standard enemies are restricted to their original level restrictions. I believe it would be tremendously useful to be able to use standard enemies outside of those level restrictions. I understand that enemies raised to higher levels would be inherently inferior because their attack options would be lack
  22. I was working on AE missions and making custom characters. I went to the Brute, Scrapper, and Stalker Primary sets and all of them include "Call Hawk". This is absolutely not part of those power sets lol.
  23. I found some PPD that gain access to White Dwarf and such. Unfortunately, I'm trying to make enemy Nictus. Fountunately, I was able to work around some of it by creating a Custom Group and importing only Dark Dwarfs and Dark Novas from the Nictus Enemy Group. It means that the only enemies that spawn in those mobs are always Dark Dwarf and Dark Nova bosses, but I guess it's better than nothing.
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