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  1. Per the gif above, this has been rehashed over and over. The aggro cap is not per AT. It cannot be modified like that.
  2. I think they meant something like flagging an IO as attuned, which the planner doesn't do atm.
  3. They meant in the planner, I would assume. The answer is no. Just set the IOs to max level of the set is the closest the planner gets. Not aware of a tips and tricks guide, either.
  4. The Night Widow gets Mental Training (equivalent to SR Quickness) which gives 40% slow resist. Fortunata doesn't get that. Obviously, I'm relying on the planner at the moment (which could easily be wrong), but nothing else shows any slow resist on Fortunata. I have the Winter's Gift IO planned, but that is only 20%. Is there something the planner is missing? That would be awesome.
  5. The formula is: 3 + (7 * ((100-hp%)/100)) So, starts at 3% base and adds up to 7% more as your HP bottom out. It also follows the advice of Chiun from Remo Williams: "You must run VERY fast!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmSmZRCl6A4
  6. Willpower needs to be in melee range for RttC to work. I believe the Hami tanking tactic involves being at range.
  7. Now I am torn. I have two versions of the build. One is a tweak of the last post. Two is with Sorcery as per your idea. I don't like the idea of flying through the Shard w/o Afterburner, but the slightly better resists and the up 1.5 minutes down ~2 minutes Rune is nice looking. V1 V2 edit: I basically wanted Teleport for getting out of caltrop fields, so the Sorcery version works fine for that. Either works for the minor utility purposes I envisioned.
  8. I'm not sure if this is accurate, as this post from Captain Powerhouse indicates it is Mag 4 for 13.6 seconds. Mag 4 is the same as other sets (once the Beta fix for Willpower's aura comes live). The duration may be slightly different (planner lists some of them as 17 seconds), but the tick rate on any of them should make that irrelevant? Most tick at 1 second intervals. SR is 0.5 in the planner (unsure of accuracy on this), but even at 1s, over 13 seconds of duration should make them all similar, right? edit: Doh! Missed Uun had already covered this earlier.
  9. You should update that to her V2 entry.
  10. Look at the description of the power in the game. The description in the planner is off. Shinobi is a stealth power, not a combat jumping equivalent.
  11. Hadn't realized that. It is attached to Combat Training: Defensive according to the in game text. I know the values for that on Super Reflexes. Do you know the values and where it starts?
  12. For some reason, I never thought of Proc slotting in BP. Interesting.
  13. Great spot for the Preventative Medicine +Absorb (works for you, not the target).
  14. I was talking about Static's build which is running Stealth w/ 4 Red Fortune. For just muling LotG, not a problem.
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