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  1. Not that you can tell in-game by easily. The wiki covers most. Asking on these boards will usually find someone who knows if the wiki didn't help.
  2. Procs don't care about level. If it is slotted in a power that you have access to, it will work. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Invention_Origin_Enhancements#Procs "Unlike the Globals, Procs depend on the power they are slotted in to be activated in order to work. If the power isn't activated, then no benefit from the Proc. Consequently, exemplaring lower than the level of the power means the power is greyed out and can't be used (even passive powers follow that rule), which means the Proc won't work. However, the upside of Procs is that if the power is active, t
  3. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Set_Bonuses Pertinent section: "When a character exemplars down to a lower level access to set bonuses (and Global IOs that function as set bonuses) is based on the level of the Enhancement and not the power they are slotted in. Exemplaring more than three levels below the level of the Enhancements renders the set bonuses non-functional. However as long as the character does not exemplar more than three levels below the level of the Enhancement the set bonuses are retained even if the power they are slotted in is unavailable.
  4. Psionic Mastery (Mind Probe, Dominate with procs) is the best DPS set, regardless of primary you combine it with. It says something weird that the best DPS is an ancillary pool. Fire Blast and Electric Blast are, generally, considered the best Primary sets. Most are serviceable, though. Most of the secondaries are workable. /SR, /Rad, /Inv, and /Ninj all seem to be very popular. I currently favor /Elec, myself.
  5. Yeah, it is odd. Shinobi-Iri in Ninjitsu also has this problem, too, at least according to City of Data v2. Maybe they'll fix it if they get around to revamping Sentinel's in general.
  6. As noted by Oldskool above, you could make lots of beneficial changes. If you want to achieve decent resists, too, it can be done to an extent. Here is my build-plan to compare to. edit: Just realized I misspelled Oldskool's name. Corrected.
  7. Besides any slotted end-redux, nigh-perma Energize. Energize gives a massive endurance discount. I think I had to enable the "Power is a Click Buff" in the planner for Sentinel Electric Armor's Energize, if I recall, to get it to where I could see it on/off.
  8. Looks quite solid. You are way over max-HP when you have the accolades, but I don't see a fix for it. Some minor suggestions: 2 slot Provoke with Perfect Zinger for some Psi/Toxic resist Replace Decimation-BuildUp with a Dmg proc, the BU is too unreliable
  9. Here's my SR/EM build as another reference.
  10. Your build is fine as is. I don't like the accuracy in a couple of your powers, but that is my personal preference. I have a Pistols/Elec build I've been planning, so I modified it using Dark just to show an alternate version so maybe you'd find something useful. This build does have better defense and resists. It does slightly less ST damage before factoring in accuracy, but better when fighting +levels and accounting for accuracy. It does lose the cone, though. ST chain is Gloom-Gaze-Drain, no gaps.
  11. I'm not too familiar with Invulnerability, so I"ll just point out a few generic issues. You have good KB protection, so the Karma KB protection in Weave is not needed. Durability's 3.5% toxic resist is non-enhanceable. Slot for heal/absorb for the stacking Absorb or move slots to Unyielding for resistance and mule something in the base slot. You don't have a smooth, seamless single target attack chain. Using your 2 non-nuke AoEs to fill the gaps will be very endurance hungry. Just a possible issue. You could replace one of the AoEs with Cosmic Burst
  12. Build Momentum activates Momentum for 10 seconds. Swinging any attack outside of Momentum, excluding Follow Through and Whirling Smash (which both require Momentum), activates Momentum for 5 seconds. In the planner, you can toggle Momentum on and off and see the changes it has on attacks (makes them animate and recharge faster). I would probably look at using Defensive Sweep as my Momentum activator, but I'm not sure what the best chain is overall.
  13. Mask of Vitation from Carney Ring Mistresses is -50% Base Defense. https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=carnival.carnival_ring_mistress_inherent.mask_of_vitiation&at=boss_grunt And, it is very common to see two of the Mistresses in a large spawn. If the first one hits you, the second on is going to, too. Welcome to -100% Base Defense. I've always found that to be utterly, ludicrously ridiculousness. Any tweaks and improvements to the -Def system would be welcome, for sure.
  14. https://cod.uberguy.net./html/power.html?power=temporary_powers.temporary_powers.shivan_exposure_recovery_enhancer Mousing over the symbol next to they eyeball shows "persists for 604800 seconds", which maths out to 168 hours aka 7 days.
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