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  1. Does the first section now mean that Practiced Brawler won't root? Can't log in to test, unfortunately. The change to Rest is awesome! TB faster is very nice, too.
  2. Here is my SR/Fire build for another point of reference. The survivability tool Immortality Score as your HP falls is magnificent.
  3. I suspect that when they ported Claws over that they didn't want to have to build animations for the Granite form.
  4. It did. From the patch notes (March 31st): Dark Melee Shadow Maul (Tanker, Scrapper, Brute, Stalker) is now a much larger, faster cone that's actually capable of easily hitting multiple targets - especially on tanks! Arc increased from 45 to 120 degrees Recharge increased from 8 to 11 seconds Cast Time reduced from 3.07 to 2.35 seconds Damage lowered from scale 2.156 to 1.6184 DPS reduction is minor, it has only been lowered from scale 0.653 to scale 0.645 Target Cap increased from 10 to 16 for Tankers
  5. That is super weird, but also kinda neat.
  6. Caulderone


    Here is the related information on the wiki: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Invention_System https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Invention_Origin_Enhancements The first link points to the University where you can craft them. There is an Invention tutorial you can do there, which is discussed in the third paragraph of The University subsection. You can also buy them on the Market, too. That isn't necessarily the cheapest way, unless someone is dumping them cheap after working on crafting badges. Edit: Forgot to quote you so you got a reply notice,
  7. Yeah. I don't see any other way right now until one of Zed or Felis Noctu have time to edit it and push it out. Not sure it is really worth the effort to do it for now, though, as it doesn't hurt anything since you know what it should be and it doesn't effect any other calculations.
  8. I've posted this in a couple of similar threads in the past: Add an option in the Incarnate menu to check a set of boxes and disable the level shift and incarnate shifts. That way, those who want to experience actual +4 difficulty in DA can have it. I do think those check boxes should be ignored for iTrials, so as to not penalize the whole raid for someone forgetting to uncheck the boxes. For now, a Tier 1 or 2 Alpha, Destiny, and Lore (or no Lore at all) is the way to do so.
  9. Focused Accuracy + Tactics seems like overkill. FA alone leaves you well past 100% tohit on +4s and gives 86.5% tohit debuff protection. Just a thought, and it would give you another power pick to play with. This is coming from an Accuracy snob/junky, btw. I love FA.
  10. I've never been clear on that bonus. It says "while stealthed" you get bonus damage. Does that stay on all the time, or is it just the first hit from stealth?
  11. I assume she meant getting at least 60% or more accuracy enhancement value slotted per power? That's enough, by itself, to get you to 90% against +2s.
  12. Yeah, the question I'd have is when does the +Defense start now? If it doesn't start at time 0 to cover you during the animation, that would be an issue.
  13. Here is what I just came up with as a possible starting point.
  14. I think most of the Sentinel Regen builds I have tinkered with in Mids, I ended up with 18-22% defenses, 30-50% resistances, lots of regen + the pulsing Absorb, and nigh-capped HP. I haven't actually played one, though. I don't think hitting maxed defense or resists is realistic, but the pulsing Absorb from Instant Regen looks to be awesome. I have seen several posts in this section talking about how well the set takes damage over time. I think the general feeling is that the Instant Healing version (absorb) given to Sentinels makes the set solid and viable compared to the other
  15. I build for 95%+ final tohit vs +4s. Even though you are +3 once you have Alpha tiered up, there exists levels below 45, and I want the +4 challenge level as far down as I can take it. I also tend to love Focused Accuracy, though lots of folks poo-poo it, for the ToHit Debuff Resistance and Perception Debuff Resistance and +Perception. I can't stand missing. It makes me nuts. Most of the time when I respond to build review requests, accuracy is the first thing I pick nits over.
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