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  1. Here is another useful link to add to the above. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Exemplar_Effects_on_Enhancements
  2. It should not be in the roaming/temp files area, nothing permanent should be. You should do an uninstall from add/remove programs and download a fresh copy of from the other thread, then do a fresh install, paying attention to the install location (or telling it somewhere specific to put it). The builds should be saved to a folder in the Documents folder, so those should be unaffected.
  3. Assuming a basic restart doesn't resolve that, that looks like a Windows issue, not a Tequila issue. I found this, which may be helpful: https://www.wintips.org/how-to-fix-windows-features-list-blank-empty-windows-10-8/
  4. Tequila requires the .Net Framework 3.5. The newer version doesn't work. That seems the most likely issue to me base on some quick googling. Try installing it and see if it helps. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/install/dotnet-35-windows-10
  5. The planner shows it as 10%, which matches the passive effect for the others, too. So, that is likely correct.
  6. When you right-click on the empty enhancement slot and choose either IO or Set, you can see 50 in the bottom right corner. You can then simply type any level you want, the 50 will change. The only limit is that standard IOs are only available in 5 level increments (20,25,30,etc). If you type a number above or below a given set IOs range, it will automatically choose the low or high end.
  7. Oddball interaction for you. Using the Tanker->Energy Mastery power Physical Perfection. Add Regen.Tissue + Regen, works normally. Add Power Transfer: Chance to Heal to 2nd slot, RT:Regen works normally. Add PT:CtH to first slot and RT:Regen to 2nd slot, RT:Regen does nothing in calculations now. Very odd.
  8. What I did. Extract the zip to its own folder. There are two folders included that matter, Data and Images. I opened Data, selected all, copy. Then, I opened my Mids folder, went into the Data folder and pasted. Any "replace" options, select yes. Then, I did the same process for the Images folder. Worked fine for me. Maybe it will for you.
  9. It is very low priority, frankly. The new sets are way more important. I just wanted to toss it out there in case fixing something else might fix it, too, or if I was missing an easy database edit.
  10. Another very minor issue that has been going on for a good while that we run into periodically in the Tanker forum: Superior Might of the Tanker's resistance buff is enhanced by Musculature (not in game, but in the planner). I haven't figured out a way to self-tweak the database to correct for that.
  11. You can resize the window, just like any other window on the desktop. You have it crunched down.
  12. Clobber and Whirling Mace were flipped in the Jan. 23rd patch (page 4). WM now comes at 20, Clobber at 28.
  13. Just in case, with Musculature toggled on, the bonus from SMotT is being boosted in the planner. Be sure to toggle off SMotT or Musculature to verify your resists. PS. Super Reflexes can do the same thing in the Debuff Resist section, swapping End/Recov for DDR, plus even more Perception.
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