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  1. A couple end-game ones with Arachnoids kinda suck.
  2. Hail of Bullets glitch in planner. Uncheck the green mark at the end of Hail of Bullets and it will resolve. The defense buff from HoB only lasts 5 seconds anyway, so better to plan without it and then get the bonus when you use it.
  3. A friend of mine plays an Elec/StJ tanker with capped S/L/F/C/E/Psi, 70+ N, and 50+ T resists. He has less than 10% defenses all around. He does just fine, including tanking Lord Recluse (using a jetpack to flip instead of getting knocked back). Solo, he has no particular issues that a few small inspriations can't fix. We're all talking overkill here, obviously. Teammates do bring along benefits in buffs/debuffs/etc.
  4. Very nice looking build. Your ToHit versus +4s isn't very good until you turn on FA, which you do have so that isn't a problem. How is your End usage when running FA against +4s? That's what always worries me about TW. Then again, Ageless may be enough. Edit: PS, I struggle with coming up with reliable attack chain on TW. Do you have a consistent chain, or does it just vary too much?
  5. The same thing that gives everyone grief, energy drain. SR has no resistance to it if hit, and some are auto-hit. Hence, Ageless radial. Though, Rebirth Radial does add ludicrous survival due to the +regen, too. Here are the numbers at full HP, which aren't too hot, but you don't care about getting low on HP, mostly. This assumes SMotT procs, slightly worse without. S/L 61.28 F/C 58.30 E/N 57.44 T/P 65.13 The jump in survival rating as your HP decrease below 60% is pretty ludicrous. Those numbers fairly well suck. Edit: I planned for damage boost in Musculature alpha, as neither Agility (already capped defense) nor Resilient helps much (Resilient doesn't boost set bonus resists, so only effects Tough, as rest of resists are set bonus). SR doesn't get much from the defensive Alphas, in other words. Edit2: Oh yeah, the other problem child. When low on hp (30% in my prior examples), single massive hits (5K+) do get reduced by up to 90%, but can leave you vulnerable to another one. But, how many things hit that hard back to back? I dunno that answer, but they still have to make the 10.5% tohit roll twice in a row.
  6. Hover gets you to 56.2 Ranged. UGG. Just realized the planner isn't adding the passive HP regen bonus from Melee Core unless it is turned on. Your above numbers should be a bit higher from the extra 2.34 hp/s regen. I didn't realize how much the base regen from Melee Core is when cycled on. Instead of trying to type out all those variations, I'm just going to attach 3 files, modified original from above with hp regen bonus added, that + melee core, that + melee core + owts. Edit: Updated prior post with fixed shield.ods file and corrected shield numbers. Edit2: Numbers still include the 4.9% resist from Scaling IO (30%HP) for consistency. Last Edit?: Shield and SR both take great advantage of the +Absorb tank IO and Prev.Medicine. This isn't calculated in either. I'm taking Assault Core for daily use after the tank update comes through. I also need to build a Melee Core for extreme tanking, as that regen bonus is insane and the resist bonus will let SR hit resist cap with more HP left. I hadn't even thought of it, as I was hunting damage for solo. shield plus melee core plus owts.ods shield plus melee core.ods shield.ods
  7. Glad you had a good flight! Just for general informational purposes for Infinitum and others, Brute and Scrapper SR scaling resists start at 50% versus the tank's starting at 60%. Instead of giving tank a larger resistance value per point, they gave them an earlier starting point. So, brutes/scrappers at 30% HP would have 20% resists vs tank at 30%.
  8. Yeah, I should have done the 30% HP for all 3. I thought of that AFTER I posted, but was too tired to fix it last night. I'll do that below. This adds 4.9% more resist from the IO for all 3 and 30% resist for SR. I'll also attach my high level (33-50) build that got those numbers and the 3 spreadsheets with the numbers in them for each build. Shield: S/L: 228.09 F/C: 132.10 E/N: 117.42 T: 98.46 P: 66.89 Invuln: S/L: 113.44 F/C: 35.01 E/N: 22.26 T: 11.12 P: 6.7 SR: S/L: 229.56 F/C: 192.59 E/N: 183.51 T: 73.13 P: 73.13 Caulderone_33_50.mxd invuln.ods SR Tank Survival 30hp.ods shield.ods
  9. Assuming 1000 Attack Damage Per Second and 600 second Survival Duration, which is the numbers I believe Bopper was using. vs. +4 AV, incarnate tohit (63.75), Melee attack, I show that Shield build at the following survivability scores: S/L: 152.11 F/C: 98.25 E/N: 89.64 T: 77.08 P: 54.58 *Note: These would be the same for AoE, but drop for Ranged. Edit Note: Your defensive numbers included Phalanx Fighting having 1 ally in 8 ft. range. You are still incarnate-capped to Melee and Aoe without this, but Ranged suffers even more if no allies are near you. Same with Invuln. build (assuming perma-DP and 1 target for Invinc.): S/L: 113.44 F/C: 30.41 E/N: 20.18 T: 10.14 P: 6.33 *Note: This doesn't take into account the actual Heal from DP once per 2 minutes. My tired brain will have to wait to tomorrow to try to average that in. *Note: Defense debuffs would have the most adverse effect on this build of the 3 here. Same with my SR/ build (assuming 30%HP remaining for scaling resists [744.2 hp]): S/L: 229.56 F/C: 192.59 E/N: 183.51 T: 73.13 P: 73.13 *note: AoE and Ranged would be identical (all 3 incarnate capped).
  10. Quick and easy self fix. Options->Advanced->Database Editor Click Main Database Editor Select Stalker Defense->Shield Defense->Active Defense (double click it or single click it and click edit in bottom right) On the Basic Tab (where it starts), click the box next to "Power is a Click Buff" Click Ok Click Save and Close Click Close You'll probably need to reload the build. Now, it is a click buff you can toggle on and off.
  11. No, you cannot. The planner doesn't have an easy way to block this, but it does not work in game.
  12. No, you cannot. The planner doesn't have an easy way to block this, but it does not work in game.
  13. A pure resistance build can work for Electric Armor. I helped my friend build an Elec/StJ and he has been rolling along perfectly fine. His has purples, where as yours didn't slot any. This has an effect on the Toxic resist value, which the build I'll attach shows, as his Toxic is over 50% (before Might of the Tanker). I sorta converted that build into Elec/Elec/Mu and didn't use any purples or winter IOs, as you didn't in your build. I am not a fan of the Rune in your build. It is down way too much of the time. You can instead build for having that much resist all the time. The below build has 90% S/L/F/C/E/Psi, 78.3 Negative, and 34.3 Toxic, all before MotT. This build isn't streamlined or optimized, as I just redid it from memory. Ignore slot levels and power levels. I just threw it together. His build also has 4 slots in Power Sink and uses purples, which gets more recharge, Toxic resists, Fire/Cold Resist (meaning I didn't have to go hunting it in other slotting), etc. So, it has room to grow if you added purples in.
  14. Umm? Meltdown has a 480 second (8 minute) recharge with a 60 second duration. Your build shows a 263 second recharge with hasten up, which isn't perma. Were you looking at the recharge for Ground Zero?
  15. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Signature_Story_Arc According to that... "Each separate reward can be chosen once every 162 hours (6 days, 18 hours[1]), regardless of which episode is being played – all episodes use the same reward timer per reward choice"
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