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  1. I always wondered what that was... didn't know it was a bug. Will you guys also fix the Call Reinforcements issue where when the power recharges before the pets die, if you use it nothing happens and it wastes the power and runs the cool down again? Make the pets die, then have it respawn new ones or something? Every other pet does that when the power recharge is up before the pets expire, except Call Reinforcements.
  2. -I would like to see new powers and new AT's over time to keep things interesting. -I wish there were more magic themed powers. Seems like the power pool sorcery is the only thing magic themed. I want entire pool sets of sorcery type stuff. Or at least make new animations for existing powers that look magic themed. -I think it would be interesting to make the veteran levels mean something. I know the first 100 levels earn you Incarnate Salvage, but what if every 100 levels for example we got the opportunity to pick a new power, either in our own chosen primary and secondary powers or in a new pool set. Maybe grant us a couple power slots every 50 vet levels. -New Incarnate Powers would be interesting; Maybe fix or buff the Interface Incarnate Powers, it seems like out of all the Incarnate Powers, Interface is the most useless compared to the great buffs/powers you get from other Incarnate Powers. -Improved graphics are always welcomed. Bring CoX to the present (if possible) with graphics. I understand that current graphics are part of why people like CoX as well, so maybe make a separate graphics options for modern looking effects and details. -Make all incarnate salvage email-able to any toons. I have some toons that I have Incarnate salvage built up on that I don't need that I would die to get to other toons on my account that are much harder to gain Salvage on. Make it so we can email (along with Empy merits) Astral Merits, threads, and even basic common, uncommon, rare, and ultra rare salvage and more than 1 at a time too. Instead of 100 emails to email 100 Incarnate Threads to a toon, it would be nice to be able to send 1 email with 100 threads. Same with Reward Merits. -Maybe develop a system of dealing with server name conflicts so more than one person can have the same name which would make playing CoX so much nicer and server hopping so much easier. -An eventual return to Super Group Base Prestige earning. I don't care about base stuff being free for those who love to base build, hell I love to base build. I have spent hundreds of hours base building massive builds in max plot bases in my time, but I think removing prestige severely negatively impacts comradery. Maybe make a separate category of bases when registering. Those who run Super Groups and those who Base Build. Base Building bases could be pure cosmetic, free to make, but no function like storage, med bay, or base tp, and Super Group Bases can be like they were on live where you start from the bottom and work it up. Part of Super Groups and having them was the pride in what you have earned and accomplished together to build an awesome base. How much someone earned and their activity was a bases of how to properly promote them and the SG Ranking of Prestige was a good idea of how active a SG was and if you wanted to join them. I miss that.
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