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  1. I present my contribution to the CoT leaderboards! Another sub-2 min solo CoT! https://i.imgur.com/UmUN0L9.jpg 1:54 secs and definitely with more room for improvement.
  2. So on the regular Reunion Mo Incarnate Trial run last night, we had an incident where the teams reshuffled and we somehow ended up with 9 players in team 3. Now, this would probably be very ideal conditions if we had brought along a WS/PB but it somehow didn't seem like intended behavior. It looks like the issue comes from the original leader of team 3 (Sacred Rose) joining after Muleta from team 2 was moved to team 3. As the leader, Sacred's spot was reserved so she was forced in the team even after a late join, despite it already being full. Muleta is swapped at [1:05] and Sacred rejoins as leader at [1:12] resulting in the team of 9. Another unrelated issue that is also part of the video, is a huge drop in fps around the time Nega-Pendragon is close to death. Starting at [7:50] and continuing for about 40 seconds, we all collectively experienced a mega fps drop (0.39 fps as the lowest according to the in-game counter). Something always likes to cause lag in that fight, but it seemed that it was greatly increased this time around. Likely the army of Lores?
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