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  1. Jacktar

    Incarnate Rival?

    Thank you both for the info, appreciated. Will go a hunting asap 🙂
  2. Jacktar

    Incarnate Rival?

    Hi, was working to get the Buddy Cop badge and got as far as starting the Dream Doctor arc part six The life of David Mazen mish and did find Hopp and get the badge. However I then read about the above badge and I had seen Madame Bellerose as a foe stood right next to Hopp. I had to kill her to free Hopp. But apart from seeing the badge listed and apparently having to save her earlier like we do with Hopp I cannot find any other reference to her? Am at a loss as how to go about saving her and I assume redoing the Drean Doctor arc. Any guidance will be appreciated. Oh am on hero alt atm. Cheers
  3. Hi Piyerus, really appreciate the tips, noteriety now amended to reflect them, will go back in mish later tonight and get into blasterlock 😀👍 Cheers
  4. Hi help please regarding igneous bosses. I am soloing on my blaster and have the last mission of the wwd arc but all I get in mish is minions! I have foes at +2 and team size at 2 and solo bosses when solo ticked. Do the igneous bosses only appear after I attack the pillar or am I not doing something else I should be settings wise? Thanks
  5. Hi yes vidiotmaps is still ingame and still fab. Checkout the sticky post in the badges section for linkie and instructions to install. Enjoy Edit the map sticky is in the Tools,Utilites and something else section, not the badge section, sorry
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the info 👍😀 “how annoyed I get at the scientists and how dumb they are at following” lol this is just so true! It did not take me long to remember that then as now I always captured one and then ran/walked backwards all the way to the drop point just to see as soon as they lost interest and stopped following. Main power during the journey was /em slap! Cheers
  7. Hi, been logging off in Warburg for the day job and got wondering, 1. does anybody remember what order to use the three temp powers (Nuclear Chemical Biological) was generally accepted to be the “best” and what content were they best used against. 2. do these temp powers still have the same “value/impact” given all the incarnate weapons we now have? Thanks
  8. Hi, total brain fade here hence this dumb question alert! I just cannot work out how to get my alts Export data up so that I can copy/paste into the import box in the tracker! In an earlier post you say there is an export button on the character screen but I see none. I see a move server and a delete and a rename and a create new alt button but no Export. Am I missing the bleeding obvious or maybe in the wrong character screen? Thoughts and ideas will all be very gratefully received. Thanks muchly
  9. Hi guys, yes definately the Weedwacker badge, yes it does only say Defeat 50 CoT bosses. So I think that what has happened is that I went red on the alt to get my patron pool opened and in running the arc I got the 29 kills it is showing now. I then went back blueside and have been doing other stuff for a while till I started picking up the defeat badges. At least my mystery is sorted but that badge description needs a serious revision. Thanks to you both for the info and guidance, muchly appreciated. PS: I will jump back to red to finish it off tonight now I know what I need to do 🙂👍 PPS: I do have all the other CoT badges mentioned so that at least is a bonus 🍻🍻
  10. Hello, as above, been working on that CoT defeat 50 bosses badge and after scratching about for poor pickings jumped into the abandoned sewers and went to town killing the lvl 37 spawns of CoT boss Death Mages. They don’t count for the badge! Any idea why not please? Thanks
  11. A tv magazine programme way back with the guy above Antoine de Claunes and yes John Paul Gaultier as pesenters.
  12. Hi emmysky has it right, you need at least one person at each banner to defeat the spawn mobs (which I feel spawn according to number of players at that spot) till they become vulnerable. If only one person is at one banner (one banner one person and three banners with no person) they do not become vulnerable) I have spent an entire event soloing one banner with nobody else doing anything and no vulnerable phase. Then did a 4 man run with one on each banner and we had them vulnerable easily. No pimped out alts just average pick up guys. We then joined up and 4 manned each banner, sadly because we started late we did run out of time at fourth banner but we knew it would happen so no sweat. Because it appears that the mobs spawn at appropriate level to numbers of players involved it is a good and straight forward event to do.
  13. in the room at back past the door to recluse pvp zone and then go to the very back left corner and in through door.
  14. You go to start a Trick or Treat session, hit the first door and find yourself inside the police station.....duh
  15. Hi, as above I am getting no sounds(dialogue/effects) during all my cut scenes and also no subtitles. However am not sure if they do actually have sounds and/or subtitles so apologies if this is a time waster. Been through the settings but my search foo is weak. Any guidance and responses appreciated. Thank you guys.
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