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  1. Agree, had this happen to me on a couple of alts over the last few months. Had to do a drop event and relog and pick up again and hope I got a different door. Thing is you don’t realise what s happening at first and spend ages trying to clear the longbow assuming it is part of the alignment mission and those guys hit hard.
  2. Hi, I now use Discord a lot ingame and every time I do itrials or Mo non itrial Tf’s But, I only ever listen, so join the relevant discord channel then join the voice team but keep mic muted. Actually I don’t even have a mic to use. This way I hear all the directions and banter needed. In fact I see the usual players using voice, probably about 10% of those in the league and all the rest in but muted. You can see the muted icon next to player name. No stress, no noise and I use one of the earphones only and have the other ear for “real life” sounds. A number of the leaders doing Mo’s and itrials actually suggest joining as a non talking listner. The leaders know you are listening and will occassionally ask for help by player name so I just jump to it. I also type in chat as and when. Try it, it is fine.
  3. What about one pack when you complete all blue side content that is available via Oro and one for the same completion of the redside content. I have done all blue and am at approx 70% redside and it is a lot of regular game play so not a quick freebie. I also would prefer an accolade for each side completion but a pack would still be okay.
  4. 10 February 1949.....am ingame every day and have a lot of alts and 1519 badges. Also still a competition Ballroom and Latin dancer. Age is of no importance.. unless you are a cheese or a claret! 🕺🏼🕺🏼😃😃
  5. Favourite badge : all of them Favourite location : Menu-Personal info-Badges My pressioussesss.......
  6. Nooooo...you are not “only a cook”, you are “a cook”, you stand and serve, you are a hero! Thank you.
  7. Hello, am going to try and organise a regular Swiss Draw event as and when and on different servers and need help with a bind/ macro please. I want to press a key or macro button to say in the selected chat (local or in the event popup chat line) a message something like “The nominated winner this round is (whoever is in number two spot of the team list), do NOT kill (whoever is in the number two list of the team).” The bit in brackets will be that alts name! I can then invite in the order I want to have the badge each run and because as event holder I will always be in position one, so two is the nominated player. Happy if this works better as two seperate macro/binds or whatever. Thanks guys in advance for any help.
  8. Hi, this is all you need and what I took inspiration from: forums - excelsior- tuesday night arena badge farms posted by voltor.
  9. Hi, been working on both those myself just yesterday. First there are two “ads” septad and pentad needing seven and five members. Either awards the same Pentad badge so obviously go for the five member run. The swiss draw is an eight member job. Each member gets the badge if they win so you need to run the draw eight times fir all to get it. Each run has three matches , 8 down to 4, 4 down to 2, final down to winner. So 8 runs of 3 matches for team completion. I assemble in the D so any level and any AT of any faction can come and participate. You need to take charge and nominate the winner of each run and I set up the arena match and I invite each member so I can ensure the chosen winner is always in second place on the list, cause it can bug out if not. You (the star holder) will always be in position one in list. Just make sure you keep shouting who is nominated and not to kill that member! Best of luck 👍😀
  10. Hi, currently the new calender is showing event times converted to my local time which is great. However at present the weekly event scheduled for 8:30pm ET (MSR) every thursday is showing the correct time for GMT (01:30) but the incorrect date ie it says the 16th but in UK it will be the 17th! I am just trying to work out what to do for the 24 hours early assembly time in the D, any bar tender vacancies in there atm? So short sum up, great calender, great time conversion, incorrect date conversion. Cheers
  11. Thank you for the info, this will help take the anxiety about getting called to help at real short notice out of the badge attempt. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, thanks again 👍
  12. Hello, when you accept and start the badge sequence first mission from Pither, do you go back to him between missions or is the next one “chained and so auto started” and so on for all six missions? I guess what I am really asking is do you have to do all his missions for the badge in one sitting or can you take time in between? Thanks
  13. Hello, am working towards Immortal (29 million atm) using the Rest in front of Guides method. Have used it before on live and on this alt from 6 million taken to current amount with no problem. Am in a CoT map with a pocket Emp spamming Heal Other and using two blue conned Guides. About a week ago I noticed that my progress had slowed considerably and realised that the Guides were only using their ranged crossbow weapons for really small damage points. No matter what I try I cannot keep them using their Scimiter melee weapon with its much higher hit points. Have abandoned the mission, tried another mission, tried different guides in same mission and a mix of blue/white conned and same result. I clear the area around so no wandering patrols and am not social distancing and do get both of them using the Melee Scimitar before I go into rest. After a couple of hits they change to crossbow and that is that, I do get a very occassional change back for a hit or two then the crossbows come out for long periods of time. I even saw them hit me with the crossbow and change to Scimitar but then change back to crossbow before the next hit as if they were teasing me! I am completely bewildered about other things to try or do. Help please, thanks
  14. Hi, did the three arcs for Mr G by flashback last night and got all the badges so everything is working okay if you do what is needed at the right times. The wiki for the badge is the one to follow which states: Do the Macarther arc in its entirity first or you will not get the Mr G stuff for him. Mr G first arc is (Criminals of War) (Oro flashback in the level 50 section) You then have to pay attention during the second mission of the first arc of Mr G and see if you get NCP chat from Dean during the mission. If you do see that then when you exit the mission (Steal a helicopter) AND BEFORE you start the next mission you need to travel to Sharks and talk with Dean who will greet you and pledge to support you later. YOU GET NO INGAME MESSAGES TO DO THIS WHICH IS WHY IT GETS MISSED! Then carry on and at the end of the first arc you will get Dean in the cutscene. If you do not do/see this you will not get Dean to rescue in second arc. If all is well then run the Second arc for Mr G (Sweeps Week...) and in the third mission of that section (in the instanced Carnie map with all the tents) you will find Dean as a hostage to be rescued. Do not do the bombs in this mission til you find him as they will complete the mission. It is real easy to dial back the diff and run these Arcs solo that the whole thing can be done in an hour, all three Mr G arcs with all the badges, so if you do miss something it really is no biggie to restart and rerun. Good luck and enjoy This is a bit off topic, but given that players chasing the above badge for this far, will then very probably continue on for the next Mr G badge as well, that one being the Pyromaniac badge from the fourth mission of his third arc. That badge needs the player to arm five bombs before Penny Yin dies whilst fighting Penny Mayhem. The bombs are at random locations and the fight is quite short! Before I started the mission I set my Noteriaty to solo AV’s not EB’s hopefully to extent the fight time. There seems to be about nine or ten spots where the five bombs can choose at randon to spawn. Stealth and fly/SSpeed are so recommended and if you see nearby foes killing them fast is quicker than starting to arm and getting attacked and then having to restart. I never saw a bomb in the underground carpark area but rng.......! It took me a few runs to get all five, so the plan was to keep a close eye on Penny health and if I knew I was losing the race to quit to character selection screen then back in again and restart the now reset mission. Saved redoing the first three missions of the arc. On my successful run I could actually see all five barrel bombs when I exited the carpark and were all done with Penny at 75% health. Good hunting
  15. My favourite CoH memory..... A beautiful sunny day in Los Gatos September 2009 and being signed into the Cryptic Studio where I was meandered around the offices, meeting all the folks behind those ingame Dev alts, every one of whom gave me a lovely friendly welcome. Then it was off to luncheon with as many of them as could squeeze into two cars when I was priviliged to be included in all the general chit chat about game direction and why stuff like foes turned out as they did by the guys who designed them in the first place. Then finishing that off outside with an ice cream purchased by Back Alley Brawler whilst some of the others had a quick smoke. Back to the Studio to finish up my visit then leaving with my complimentary copy of the CoH “Good versus Evil” edition (12 extra character slots!) given to me by the knurled hands of BAB himself. YIN YANG My saddest CoH memory was a year later (07 October 2010) hearing that 9 of the genuinly nice people I had met on that visit (including BAB) had been let go!
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