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  1. Hi guys, complete PvP noob but an avid badge gatherer. Have two accounts and have a lvl 50 Hero and a lvl 35 Villain both in Bloody Bay at lvl 25. Want to use the Hero alt to get the kills using the Villain as fodder. However both alts are framed Orange and not blue or red when targeted so any attacks give error message “Invalid Target” I am obviously missing something fundamental here but as first line am clueless. Any thoughts/info will be muchly appreciated, thanks
  2. There is a door way down in the ground just before you get to the dam, look for a lot of shoring structures then keep going down.
  3. Hi, as stated many many times before, Vidiotmaps and reveal are your friends. That is the easy bit, actually getting all the Safeguards/Mayhems before you outlevel them is the hard bit. But there are now contacts on blue and red that after a bit of farming will let you do them all exactly when you want and as often as you want so making all the other badges a joy to get.
  4. Hi, redside defeat badges, Chain Legacy minions and lieutenants badges are flagged as Defeat 100 of xx but they should both be Defeat 200.
  5. Hi guys, as I am enjoying all this lovely extra playtime due to being under house arrest I guess there are a lot of us in the same situation atm. I then wondered if we could arrange a huge ingame get together with a coordinated handclap for all the folks (some of them surely also players of our game) that are working to keep us safe? Just throwing this out for your thoughts please. Thanks
  6. Hi, latest blaster from zero heals to Empath (the fifth and last Healing badge) in approx 7.5 hours. Crafted the T3 healing core incarnate and picked up a lvl 50 flashback, jumped to redside Mercy and went to the P2W vendor and stood in the middle of the huge army doing drills by the side of her. Auto fire on healing power that fires every two minutes and walked away to go sleep. Woke up and checked and just in time to see what I thought was Empath ding. Got very excited. Got 21k ish healing every fire of power. Is it possible to reduce the recharge on our incarnate powers? That would really slash ding times? Go do it badgers, it is just so much easier than the old methods, and yes I did that for the original Empath back on live as well. 😊 Thanks to all posters above who did the hard work finding out the method, better brains than me tyvm 👍 Edit: I am an idiot so just ignore first line of post because my last badge was not the last at all and am only half way there. The rest is fine and my alt is back healing the army! Apologies to all 😞😞😷
  7. My main is a Scrapper so lives any da....mn place he wants 😇
  8. Hi, aw no sign of our favourite Nessie, bestest hunt in the game 😀😜👍
  9. Hi, you can stop that in Menu Options and move the levels slider. If you put them both to 50 and accept then you will never be bothered by that popup again. It is part of my new Alt setup procedure along with thE visit to Null et cetera, oh yes and key binding Target nearest foe as above 🙂 Cheers
  10. Hi, well, before Laura Brunetti was married, she was was Laura Croft, and given the size of her estates she would have definately had more than one manager! 😇😇
  11. Hi, I been dual boxing the last few days on my lvl 50 farmer and my lvl 15 farmer door sitting. I am using the same settings and same AE mission and doing one clearance of the large cave map. Over about 4 clearances I saw my enhancement drops as follows, lvl 50 average 3 enhancers per run and the lvl 15 (not training) average 38 enhancers per run! Salvage was showing a difference as well, I sell all orange drops and would have average 2 drops per run on the 50 and average 6 per run on the lowbie. All above just for info with no insight into what is happening or why.
  12. Hi, have same problem and this has been asked about on these forums before. That question was answered by a GM who said that this was an old known about bug with at present no resolution. I have tried searching for that post but as usual my search foo is rubbish so failed miserably! Sorry not to be able to help but at least you know you are not alone! Cheers Edit: Old brain apology, it was not the moving map, it was the moving Insps tray when zoning into missions I recalled. I also have the moving map when I create a new alt and forget to do the bind stuff, duh sorry
  13. Same as above, tried all suggestions, no good. First time I have ever had any error from our game, is there a badge for that? 😇👍
  14. Hi, anybody aware of any mod/ workround for sorting the drop down Badge menu ingame. I would like to sort the sub catagories like Defeats or Exploration badge lists by alphabetical order or by zone et cetera. Any way to do that? Obviously sub catagories such as Most recent and Nearest to completion et cetera do not need any sort criteria but most of the others could have sorting available. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, when doing a respec or just updating TO’ to SO’ or just basically using the enhancement screen is there anyway to keep track of what is going on in the chat box? I always seem to do my enhancement housekeeping just when shouts are going on for TF’s and other stuff I would like to join but are full when I leave the screen! Cheers
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