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  1. ...And that's a wrap! Thanks so much for coming out! 🙂 We had so much fun! Special thanks to GM Kal and GM Tempest for each making an appearance! The winners are... 1st Place Matching / Uniform - Cosmic Space Academy! Runner Up Matching / Uniform - Phoenix Flight! 1st Place Non-Matching / Non-Uniform - The Dreadful Family Runner Up Non-Matching / Non-Uniform - The Scare Crew
  2. Howdy folks! ...Tomorrow is the big day! We're so excited to see everyone at the Group Costume Contest hosted by The Brigade! Again, it will be @ 8 PM EST in Echo Plaza. See the above post for more details! Yay! :)
  3. Calling all Everlasting supergroups, both large and small, short and tall! The Brigade will be hosting a GROUP THEMED costume contest, and we are looking for participants from any and all genres or themes! If you think you got what it takes to strut your stuff in a group of THREE OR MORE, then come show us what you're made of. Here are some details: WHERE: ECHO PLAZA (accessible via Pocket D by way of the truck stationed at the lower level blue side bar) WHEN: Friday, May 14th @ 8 PM EST WHAT: A group costume contest! THEME: No specific theme required - get creative! But it MUST b
  4. Heyaaaaaaaaaa - Does anyone have a good build for a Stone Melee / Bio Armor brute? Via Mids? Please let me know! 🙂 Thanks,
  5. Ah, gotcha! And maneuvers? What should I slot that with?
  6. ...Sorry, but what do you mean by a 4 effect IO like acc dmg rec end? Could you be more specific?
  7. Hey @Infinitum... what should I one-slot Barrage with? O.o And should I slot super jump w/ the same as combat jumping?
  8. Ah sorry! I didn't realize CJ was already in there. Okay, I think I'm understanding now! 🙂 Thank you! I'm going to try this out. Ugh wish me luck!
  9. I'm already confused lol. Shouldn't I do energy punch instead of barrage? I mean, I guess it wouldn't matter b/c one of them would have to be one slotted anyway... So I'll be swapping out afterburner and putting SJ in it's place. I guess I could leave hover... could I swap out kick for combat jumping? Also, why no conserve energy? Is that unnecessary? Lol I wish I knew how I could just re-make this build with all my adjustments b/c I'm going to get lost unless I can get this all down in one set *facepalms*
  10. That one uses flight tho... I'm looking for a build that incorporates SJ as the main travel power. Kinda over the flight pool for right now lol. And no bone smasher? *gives questionable look*
  11. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey gang 🙂 Does anyone have a build (mids) for Invuln / EM tankers? I'm sitting on a lvl 50 right now and I want to get him some sets. I'm also looking to have jump be the main travel power... Can anyone hook me up? Pwetty pwetty pwease? Ok thnx bye ❤️
  12. Thanks for posting this, Aybeth! I play Lady Dawn and I didn't receive a badge - and we were definitely actively fighting the Lusca / inflicting damage. Could we please rectify this? Thanks!
  13. ...Right. And what I'm asking is how feasible it would be to make certain villains at a higher scale just for the missions / story arcs, and not having to create different concepts or enemy types within the enemy set all together. Also, I agree that the reverse wouldn't be fun (is that what you were inferring w/ your Rikti invasion vs. lvl 5 something example?). I was talking moreso being able to play lower level content specific to missions / story arcs / contact stuff, at higher levels. I was utilizing the Council as an example of an enemy type that is looked at as 'easy', but p
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