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  1. Visited today, very nice, how will we know of events?
  2. Back when I played I never got into basebuilding, since starting again I made a solo SG, simple basically just for the transport. Did I use the wrong things when I placed my locations on the wall? They are all like parchment and I like this digital tv look much better. What do I use?
  3. I have a unique job where I have to work an exteneded 16 hour shift once a week. Due to the overnight 4pm to 8am nature of the job, there is a overnight office bedroom that I stay in on site. The bedroom has a TV but my work evenings lately have been super exciting. Alas, I am getting much less sleep but I'll take it, idle time made active! 😁
  4. Yes I'm seeing plenty of people saying small team or duo if you are incarnate, what server are you on?
  5. I was on the team of 8, do you recall the makeup of your 12? I'm actively posting about this on facebook and people are saying they took it down duo 50's and smaller than 8 person teams. I can't recall the levels on my team. Find it hard to believe even with some low levels that many people couldn't put it down faster.
  6. Just started a savage/bio yesterday, to 16 and having so much fun, feels very powerful.
  7. I'm not sure what is going on, it seems if I start my browser before the game I can tab out, either way, I changed to windowed mode so the task bar is available and it works fine. Thanks all.
  8. Thank you Redlynne, didn't realize these are yellow badges not plaques, no indicator of getting them but they progress in the closest to completion badge tab, 19 in total. to get River Rat.
  9. Vidiotmaps show a bunch in the water around the perimiter, am I missing something?
  10. ....we had special guests and it was awesome 😉
  11. ...unsure what happened, any suggestions or thoughts? Help is appreciated!
  12. Sorry I'm sure this is an ultra stupid question, I see the follow button, I know I can post and bring up all posts I have activity in. Thanks for the help.
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