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  1. This was one of my favorite characters before the buff, but with the EM changes it's even better now. Hoo boy. Highly recommend FA/EM post buff.
  2. I am incredibly happy that they kept Faraday cage as a pbaoe while enhancing the ease of use of it. I know that it still leaves a bit of an odd taste in people's mouths compared to the usual bubbles, but I rather like the idea of being able to drop a big bubble on a spawn or set down a nice fight zone for an AV, etc. There are times on my Sonic chars when I've had to get the heck out of the fight because I suddenly ate a bunch of incidental damage and now oops bubble gone. I think it's an interesting twist on the protection bubble that has its own advantages, and with a 1s cast is now not that big of a deal to drop it on top of a fight and scoot.
  3. I may be one of the odd ones out, but I actually kind of like Faraday Cage conceptually... even in the 'frantic pace' of the game. I appreciate it for being different mechanically. I do understand the concern about moving from fight to fight with it though. What's the cast time/recharge/end usage on it?
  4. I was actually going to write this from the exact same stance. Gay, doesn't bother me at all. But also think it doesn't fit the game's naming conventions either. Electric Affinity sounds fine and dandy and nice and neutral.
  5. That is my assumption and also my biggest fear, so that's why I am asking now so that logic behind the chains could be taken into consideration. Losing a bunch of jumps to pets when there's players that could use the benefits of them would be frustrating, to say the least.
  6. I love the concept of chaining, but what is the logic on the chains, if any? Will it prioritize players over pets, or run the risk of a bunch of MM/controller/etc pets taking the effects that I really wanted to hit an actual teammate?
  7. Time to toss a few builds down that I put together. All of these are 45% M/R/A def. Hide in my mids is enabled but the 'attacked' flag is set to suppress it, so it's accurately reporting. These are all incredibly expensive but money is whatever. As an aside, none of these are meant for exemping. I have a character I use for exemping already, everything else I play to cruise around at max level with incarnates, so it is built for Ageless. I didn't pick any other incarnates on these beyond Ageless (disabled) and Alpha slot. First up is STJ/SD/MU with Musculature. I think I like this one the least, as much as I like the idea of using Musc. This is not perma-hasten and is relying on FFB proocs in Shield Charge and CU to fill in the gaps. Next is STJ/SD/MU with Agility. I think this one turned out more competent overall. Permahasten, tighter timings on the chains. I left in FFB procs because lazy but they are probably not needed because of higher global recharge. Can likely swap them to regular damage procs. Finally, a friend who plays STJ stalkers came to me and said, 'I really don't think you should use a pool snipe. Have you considered melt/fireball?'. So here's an STJ/SD/Blaze with char/melt/ball. Char wasn't as wasted of a pick as I thought it'd be. It did preclude me from using a travel power, though I was suggested I could omit Spinning Strike in favor of that if I wanted. Travel Power is pretty far down the totem poll on necessities for me, though. It actually got picked up in prior builds for the def slotting. I kept the FFBs in this one for the purely theorycraft idea of squeezing down the recharges on Melt Armor even more, but it's already at a 10s gap so that may be completely pointless in practice. If it is, just swap in regular damage procs. The last build is also probably the most competent just by virtue of spending so much time doing this and having progressive 'aha!' moments that didn't translate back to the first build I did, which was the musc one. Also there's various +5s missing on all of these but it's mostly on attack powers and not the defense ones where I was very particular about maxing those out. If I did go with gutting spinning strike I'd pop in SS or SJ with a slow res IO and then redistribute 1 slot back into AAO and maybe slot out stam/health a bit more just in case I do ever exemp down on this character. Losing that 6.25% rechg bonus wouldn't be devastating anyway.
  8. I've got a skeleton for the above laid out in mids, but I'm wondering if anyone has played this setup? I enjoy stj a lot but I'm not particularly a fan of how tiny the AOE attacks are on it. I was thinking shield charge and ball lightning would pick up a lot of that slack, and then leave you with Zapp to add into your rotation as well. With that said, I see more stj builds without a pool snipe than with. Street is pretty self contained with its gimmick but the Snipes are also really strong and I'd expect they'd still have a home in the rotation? I'm not home right now so I can't post the skeleton of what I've got, but I was looking less for builds and more for thoughts from experienced stalkers or those who've played this combo in general.
  9. I have been playing a fire/rad tanker for my farmer for a while. I started it when we first caught wind of the tanker buffs. Boy, that was a bit of a wait! While the clear speed was 'fine' and passable before, it's much more solid now. I, personally, went the tanker route because 1. i've played brutes to death but never gave tankers as much of a chance (even before brutes existed) and 2. FA has a rep for being ultra squishy, but that's just not the case with tanker values. Even on live I wasn't a big fan of a character whose only purpose was to live in fire farms and do nothing else, so this time around I whipped up a tanker that I felt comfy bringing to all forms of content.
  10. Villain/Hero population won't be an issue as more and more people realize that you can go to Null the Gull in Pocket D at any time and change sides.
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