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  1. Then who are their executive assistants?
  2. I'm getting an itch to build a brute again, and I was looking for combinations that seem particularly suited to Brutes. Stone melee looks and feels great, and I read a bit about it in this topic: There's some good pairings in there, but two that stood out in particular are /rad and /elec. I can think of several cool themes to make either work, but I'm more curious to hear from the Brute forum denizens about pros/cons etc. Thoughts?
  3. Excellent builds and excellent advice. My alt-itis seemingly cannot be cured. Maybe this will be the one... šŸ˜‰
  4. And apologies for the double post, but I wanted to respond to this. It perfectly encapsulates what's wrong with my mind haha. I sometimes run into the "paralysis by analysis" dilemma. You speak wisdom. Thank you.
  5. DM/Shield is an interesting thought. And you're right - I've made some stalkers that do stupid damage but it just doesn't scratch that scrapper itch. Do you have a build for this combo?
  6. Hello Scrapper forumites. I've been tossing some ideas around in my head, and I'm writing this post as a way to get some clarity. It seems to me that scrappers have a strange place in the AT pecking order (inasmuch as there is one). Especially with the tank buff, (and stalkers having been buffed late on live) it feels like scrappers are the odd man out. Brutes can dish out quasi-comparable damage at max fury and are tankier. Tanks are tankier and, while the damage isn't quite there, have loads of AoE. Stalkers are the undisputed single target destroyers. Where does that leave scrappers? I say this with love as I was a scrapper main on live and have made more scrappers than I can reasonably count. I know that their crits are still delicious, and certain combos like TW/Bio are most potent on scrappers. But beyond a few things like that, are there certain areas where they shine far more than the other melee ATs? I'm sure I'm simplifying things a bit, and I don't mean to be down on scrappers. More looking to be educated and spark a little debate about where scrappers stand. Thanks everyone.
  7. WOW thank you so much! Great information and super informative. You're an MVP. Now we wait for @StrikerFox to show up. šŸ˜‰
  8. Do you have any builds you'd be willing to post? @StrikerFox
  9. Would you be able to post a build? I made a StJ / SR stalker based on this comment and it's feeling like a lot of fun. More than I've had in a while. I'm just unsure of an endgame build. And feel free to make it super expensive - the more the merrier. šŸ˜ƒ @Crater Kate
  10. Iā€™m rolling a shield/ss right now. Feels super strong and has great AoE.
  11. Hello all! After combing through multiple topics, it looks like StJ/Bio stalker should be a candidate (if not in the lead) for highest single target DPS. Thoughts? Also, does anyone have a high end build they'd be willing to share? Much appreciated!
  12. Looking forward to rolling a dom and I've settled on Mind/Nrg. Can anyone help me with an endgame, permadom build? I'm fairly new to doms, but money is no object. I've heard mind is a great primary and eng made sense as a secondary with all the range for my play style. Thanks a bunch!
  13. Hello all! I've had an idea swirling in my head and was wondering what everyone else had to say about it. Recently, I was in an AE farm with a Stone/Rad Melee tank and he was killing bosses in a +4/x8 map. All enemies were boss type ONLY; no minions, lieutenants, etc. Contaminated + mud pots + judgement seemed to be how he was taking them out. It also appeared they only did S+L damage. Would this work better as a brute? So, would a Rad melee/Stone brute perform better than a tanker at a +4/x8 boss-only AE farm? Also, I was wondering if this kind of farm was even efficient (in terms of xp/inf per hour). Furthermore, are there other classes that could complete a farm like this? I wasn't sure if other powersets/ATs could tank that much damage from that many bosses or if it's far easier than I'm imagining. Sidenote: he did claim he was trying to design it to be an AFK farm (so you set up near the first spawn, mud pots eventually kills them, other patrols make their way to you after first group dies, etc). Didn't know how likely he was to design such a thing (if it's even possible). Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. Thoughts?
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