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  1. Umm thermal has an aoe heal too. But like I said I've played lots of MMs and also have an incarnate demons/nature. Nature is just as overbloated as time since it's one of the newer sets. However if you utilize the aoe hold it leaves you in the center of a pack of mobs and because demons are bulkier pets that also have alot of aoe cone attacks they tend to disperse in a surrounding manner around you. So at times when you need to heal alot of them you can miss one because of having to aim the heal. That's irksome to me since resists doesn't stop dmg it just mitigates it. So if you want to slow down your mobs dmg you gotta be in the thick of things with your aoe hold waiting for it to hold them. Then as I said your demons start "crowding" around you and the mobs and because they are some fat ass hefers they tend to social distance and spread out more than the other pets. Thus I still think dark is the best pairing for demons. Adding all those -tohit debuffs and the fear means very little damage comes through to your pets. Then on top of that with all the resists they have the dmg they receive is low so it's not stressful to heal them right there and then. Tar patch keeps mobs "lock down" and with intuition alpha tier 4 you get a very respectable stacking of slows with the tar patch and your demons prince. Mobs just stay put and melt while trying to hit you and your pets effectively blind.
  2. If you want to be a steamroller then 2 primaries that are just a notch above others. Thugs and demons. Some say bots are good but honestly that's because the assault bot carries the set and the rest of the minions are underperforming. Of the secondaries time is also a notch above the others. Yes we can make arguments and builds for others but no other set has everything you need to solo and melt mobs. Capped defense -tohit -dmg heals recharge buffs +dmg and -res. Yeah it doesn't have alot of -regen for AVs but you can easily purchase envenomed daggers to stack with your own -regen. Demons are best with thermal. You get high resists to pets, aoe heals, and -res and debuffs to melt AVs. But from play testing dark performs amazingly with demons. Demons have innate high resists and dark just has so much debuffs that it's effective +def assuming you get your fearsome stare and darkest night on a majority of the mobs. That layered defense really keeps your pets safe as they stack -res on -res to melt mobs. So my 2 cents after making tons and tons of MMs thugs/times just feels so strong. My thugs/time has 240% global recharge with the Chrono shift buff. 45% def to melee and 45 to range. My pets are all def capped with extra and they all have the unique IOs so they have 35% resistance too. Now to the negatives of MMs. It's alot of babysitting. A patch or 2 ago they removed the behavior of your pets moving so when they are threatened or under a dmg patch they still stay put. Now it seems to be reverted and they run to the high hills still which can be really annoying. Another thing is that because the minions are under leveled they are subject to level penalties when fighting +4 enemies. You can circumvent this by fighting incarnate level content because then your supremacy buffs their levels to your max level as well. Just be aware of course that those mobs are generally tougher.
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