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  1. I was running the "Rise of the Vampyri" arc via Ouroboros and as I went through the missions I noticed that the mission objectives (glowies) weren't making their usual sound to aid in finding them. I haven't come across this in any other missions. I'm not sure if this is a bug just for this arc. I checked all my audio settings in game and on my PC as well as restarting and it was still happening. I was able to complete the missions fine. I thought I would mention this anyway!
  2. When the game was first released it was shown to me and I was skeptical. I'd never really been much of a gamer so it didn't hold much interest for me aside from the subject matter as I'm a lifelong comic book fan. After much cajoling, I finally relented and rolled my first character, an Empathy/Dark Defender. The person that had talked me into playing had a MA/Invuln Scrapper and we tripped through the first few levels having a blast even though we didn't know what we were doing. Once we met other players and eventually made a SG together is when the game really opened up for me. Eventually I
  3. Vigilante or Rogue? Your character can start as Villain or Hero, that's not important to the question. All I want to know is what you choose to go to blue and red zones? I usually choose Vigilante. No other reason aside from those are the types of heroes I usually enjoy in movies and comics. Usually good but not too good to do what it takes to bring down those who need it! I will choose Rogue once in awhile though if the character concept calls for that more.
  4. I'm fond of the alignment powers (Fear Incarnate for Vigilante, Frenzy for Villain and so on) but I dislike using them often due to the character not being able to move/cast other powers for at least three to five seconds afterwards. I was informed by one of our wonderful DMs that the root time is intentional 😢. I would like to suggest looking into this to make the powers easier to use, even if the recharge time would be pushed back a minute or two! Thanks for any consideration!
  5. Something that I have wondered since OG launch (which I should have figured out by now but oh well) is: How is 'Superadine' pronounced? 'Sou-pear-ah-dine'? 'Super-eh-dine'? (suggestions from in game general chat on Everlasting:) 'Super-eh-deen'? 'Super-ah-deen'? Help! Such an important question!
  6. I started the Warrant storyline through Ouroboros and the mission 'Save Syfotine Industries' seems to be bugged. It won't complete though I have gone through it carefully and tried to log out to reset the mission. Since it's through Ouroboros, there doesn't seem to be a way to abandon or use the complete mission feature as it's considered a task force. I can't get a hold of any other contacts due to this and my character is essentially stuck. Any tips?
  7. Capes have been staying stiff when moving, fine while stationary. Especially bad when stopping from using movement powers (fly, jump, etc), though it happens while using attack powers as well.
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