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  1. The first thing I thought of are the series "Warehouse 13," "Eureka," and "Alphas," but it's not really the same. For one, they didn't build a shared history like the Star Trek franchise did; rather, they just have a few rare cross-overs featuring a character or two. Also, the series are very different in their premises - "Warehouse 13" is kind of sort of magic-themed, "Eureka" is all super-science, and the eponymous Alphas are mutant humans. And finally, the three series have different tones. The first two are comedies, and the third takes itself much more seriously. Aside fro
  2. June 9th is a ways off yet. Unless June is the new May.
  3. Great. Now I really want to see a Dr. Who spin-off where Missy is the main character.
  4. To be a little less flip, the concept seems sort of cool, and I like the Loki character - but I'm just not getting them good vibrations from the trailers. Feels like a one-season-wonder in the making.
  5. Here's a little experiment for you. Self-report your creations to the mods here, and to the folks at HeroForge. Tell the latter about the connections to this game. Ask both if there's a potential IP violation. If they both give you the thumbs-up, then, yes, you're right.
  6. To be honest, I'm sort of glad I couldn't get my old characters back. It sort of freed me up to play with different ideas and playstyles, or at least to create characters that some of my original cast "should have been" (thank you Martial Combat!). Out of my small stable of 2 dozen, I think only two are full-on recreations of legacy characters - one who is still a lot of fun in terms of both powersets and concept, and the other just to save a name I like but no longer know what to do with. It's up to you, of course, but there's something to be said for wiping the slate clean.
  7. Currently playing honest characters in Skyrim and Fallout 4, and finding it very refreshing. What do I mean by "honest?" Well, over the years I've loaded up both games with tons of mods, many of which can make your character OP in ways you might not expect. I recently figured out how to create mod profiles using a mod manager, and for each game I made a profile in which the more over-the-top mods have been trimmed away, leaving only the cosmetic and"quality of life" mods I coudln't bear to part with. In addition, I realized I was falling into specific plays
  8. After reading the TOS, I think Hyperstrike was concerned on your behalf at least as much as on Homecoming's. The IP is owned, the owners have beefy lawyers, they're well aware of HC, and are alert to the potential for infringement. Among other things, this is why the folks at HC don't want us streaming gameplay. Don't misread me - I'm not knocking your creativity, and I think your designs are pretty cool (even though I'm not a miniatures guy). If sufficient money and/or distribution is not at stake, hopefully NCSoft won't get involved. However, Hero Forge's TOS suggests that th
  9. To follow up on @Christopher Robin's post regarding Air Friar, the "Martial Arts 3" robe might work as well. You'll have to ignore the buttons, but it helps to sort of cover up that sporran on the kilt (the pouch in front). Sort of - it'll still peek out a bit when you do... well, anything. 😩 Some of the baggier pants options may be worth checking out also. They're not at all robe-like, but the "Japanese" style pants in particular might be close enough for guvmint work.
  10. For the love of all that is Holy, Unholy, or "Meh," I hope they're synchronized...
  11. This little 1985 time capsule popped up in my Youtube recommendations this morning and prompted the question, "...the hell was wrong with us?" Billy Crystal - You Look Marvelous
  12. On a related note, I'd love to see a "Hover Pose" customization for Fly.
  13. Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) ...after all these years, I still think the guy dancing at 0:41 should have been Tommy Lee Jones...
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