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  1. I can't believe I got the name "Earl Slick"! Unfortunately, within minutes of making a placeholder character, I found out it's the stage name of a famous guitarist. I know I've said it before, but we really do need a "sad trombone" emoji.
  2. Today I learned that Hubris Comics in "Fallout 4" is probably a shout-out to "The Tick" comics. Minor spoiler - one of the characters in the original comics is named Barry Hubris, and he goes insane when the Tick steals his schtick.
  3. Mid-fifties. And I say that without irony - I stopped keeping track years ago. I have to do the math these days when I'm called up on to state my actual age. However, I do know that I was 40 (plus a handful of months) when I started playing CoH, mainly due to life-changing events that happened when I was 40 (plus a handful of months).
  4. Also, Baldur's Gate 3 again, with a woefully underpowered computer.
  5. ...ouch on the Mahjong. Though it does bring back memories of my first and last office job back in the '90s. Anyway, back in Lord of the Rings Online after feeling a bit of shameful joy at Amazon's cancellation of their LotR game. If you're ever on Landroval and see Vafri the Mennonite Dwarf, give a wave!
  6. Can I say it? Can I? I'm gonna say it. Ahem... "I remember when Giga Pengu used to be impossible to kill." - BitterVet, 2021
  7. Breakout offers the "Jail bird" badge, and the Praetoria tutorial offers "Avid Reader". Of the three, Outbreak is the "hardest" to get (and by "hardest," I mean most tedious). For the other two, you just do a little stair-climbing, or a little talking, respectively. Edited to add - the Galaxy City tutorial also has a badge, but, to be honest, the badge ticked me off so much on Live that I never bothered with the GC tutorial again.
  8. ...hrm. Maybe this thread should be renamed "Reveal hidden contents."
  9. Bewitched spin-offs? Do you mean the series about their daughter that lasted for about a day? Or the movie that made some nostalgic nods to the series? The Dr. Who / Torchwood thing tracks, but, much as true Whoovians might get angry, the only thing consistent about that universe is that the Daleks make a surprise return and need to be destroyed once and for all every third episode.
  10. Nearly all of my characters had at least an "elevator pitch" bio in my brain before I even started creating them, and that bio is pretty much the reason they got created. A nifty idea hits me, and I hit the character creator with it. The two exceptions are my Archer/Martial Training blaster - I wanted to try the powersets together - and my Darkness Control/Nature Affinity controller who started out with a particular look in mind, and I picked the power sets to complement that look. Both have bios now, but only after several levels and name changes. So I guess I'm kind of the inv
  11. One caveat (also Latin!) about Google Translate - if you translate from English to another language, be sure to reverse the translation. For example, 'flagellum rubrum' back-translates as 'red whip' in English, which may not mean what you want it to mean.
  12. Take the many "real" names of those who posed as Red Skull, and mix-and-match until you get something that you like. Johann Malik, for example, or Sin Maxon. Throw in the names of authors who wrote for the character, or actors who played him, and you've got an open field. If you really want to keep the "red" and "skull" parts intact somehow, I'd recommend playing around with those words in Wiktionary.org or Google Translate.
  13. To butcher the Chuck Yeager quote, if a PUG can finish a TF, it's a good PUG. If you get a story or two out of it, it's an outstanding PUG. On Live I was picked up by a SG team who didn't have enough people online to do a thing. The difficulty was set at full max, and though we weren't doing a TF, it was some mission that I remember as being pretty darn tough. On the one hand, I was absolutely amazed at how efficient the team was - they steamrolled everything in their path, and the final Arch-Villain went down almost before I got to see him. On the other hand, I was completely
  14. When I ignore anyone, I always clear my ignore list before logging off again. Boom, infinite ignore slots.
  15. Count me in for the Struldbrugg mouse club. Two buttons, a scroll wheel, some sort of wire connection to my computer, and I'm good. If a game requires more mouse buttons to play, I'm probably not interested. The only bit of fancy I require is a quiet mouse - got tired of feeling like a telegraph operator years ago. That said, I've noticed a general decline in the quality of pretty much anything over the past year, no doubt due to the pandemic. Food quality, clothing, electronics, everything. Feels like the bar was set low just to get stuff to market, and I fear it might stay l
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