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  1. From a redside kidnap target: "Look, let's work something out. You're a reasonable - well, let's work something out anyway."
  2. I recently realized I'd never seen a single episode, so to keep my nerd cred, I started watching it. Four episodes into Season 2 and, well, I'm wondering if there's a good point I can skip ahead to...
  3. I've retreated to Civilization5. I'm resuming my four-year quest to beat Emperor level with either Indonesia or the Aztecs. I'll let you know how that works out in another four years. ...seriously, though, I have no idea how people play and win on Deity level. I'm surprised I don't have permanent bootmarks on my backside from the thrashing Emperor level has given me.
  4. Yep, level 20. Blueside, you'd kick it off by talking to the City Representative in City Hall (Atlas Park). Redside, I think you could tag either of the starting contacts in Mercy Island, but not sure. No idea what issue it was. I started playing in Issue 6, and to my knowledge, the mission was already in place.
  5. I remember when people considered empath the only real healer. I also remember ticking off a teammate when she insisted we get a "healer," told me there was an empath available (I was the leader), and I chose a Storm def just because.
  6. Whenever anyone asks why I hated "Into Darkness," I ask them to re-watch it after watching these two. Khan was my hero among villains.
  7. Remember when the horse from Duillond to Celondim would veer off-trail and leap into the ravine, carrying you to a swift, confusing, and unavoidable death? Oh, wait, wrong game.
  8. These costumes really do emphasize the need for a "Headbutt" powerset, though.
  9. My first thought was, if she's a little kid, let her be a kid! The casual wear doesn't need to be that fancy, especially the boots, and the combination of backwards cap and shades really hides her age (or lack thereof). I can appreciate the struggle, though - most of the "young faces" are really "young adult" faces. Only young faces 3, 5, 10, and 15 seem child-like to my eyes. Also, using face shapes "average 2" and "average 4" seem to make the face more youthful - without making it monstrous 😨 I went with Feisty hair in the pic, but I also liked Serrated sugar, Shag, Gamine, Bangs, Club, and High Ponytail. Pigtails are RIGHT OUT. The forward cap could work though. There wasn't much I could do about the shirt. I'd hoped to go with a "baggy" or "jacket" option, but couldn't find anything I liked. As for the pilot outfit, I thought it was fine as it stands, so I'll let someone else tackle that one. Anyway, here's my first attempt: Kid Hero.costume
  10. As I get ready to wimp out yet again on staying up to welcome in the new year, I figured this would be a good song to usher out the old. Herb Alpert - Rise
  11. Not at all! So long as your immortal characters don't automatically assume they're the only immortals in town.
  12. Yep, maybe this is the way, OP. Run a "mirror image" def/corr pair in Praetoria or the Rogue Isles and see which one you like better. On a side note, my defender addiction ended hard on Live. My regular posse had left the game one by one, and my early 40s Kin/Arch defender was mostly on her own. In boredom, I tried soloing a bank mission - and found I just could not do it. My controllers had no problem soloing, nor did my Dark/Arch def (though let's be honest - that's just a controller in disguise). But the support character I played the most, teamed with the most, just could not save that bank. So, yeah, self-sufficiency was the key to my conversion. Try it and see how it goes.
  13. Not exactly a costume piece, but how about a fly pose that uses the hover animation?
  14. Love DS9, almost as much as the original series. Sisko's "Saint in Paradise" speech is probably my favorite to quote, and I loves seeing humanity through Quark's critical eyes. In many ways, I think the two shows are closer to each other than any other of the series.
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