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  1. Thank you very much indeed for clarifying 🙂
  2. Aha, now I get you, I keep mixing To Hit and Acc. Basically To Hit remains the same but since the +acc bonuses apply afterwards, for a +4 AV, there's no difference between 45% def and 55% def, their chance to hit will be 10.5% anyway and the extra def would only be helpful to counteract def debuffs. Did I understand correctly now?
  3. What you tried to explain me has NOTHING to do with that. You said literally that AV softcap is 55% (which as you just saw is bullshit) and also 45% was too low def for +1 and +2 foes which is also a pile of crap since foes to hit is 50% up to +5 lvls above you. There's a reason why i don't believe what you say, and that is it. So basically, to floor a +4 AV id' need around 50% def (not 55%) and any foes up to +5 lvls above me have exact same chance to hit (50%). All in all it is nothing like you said, but hey, keep gimping your builds to squeeze that unnecessary 10% def or more, y
  4. Thank you very much indeed. It's pretty much what I thought.
  5. Hello, I wonder if you guys can help me clarify something. If I am not mistaken, for regular content, foes up to +5 lvls have 50% chance to hit you (with a few exceptions). That means that, taking into account that the game always keeps 5% chance to hit no matter what, defense softcap (no debuffs accounted) is 45%, that as far as I know has not changed. Does same math apply for EB's and AV's? I was under the impression it did, but I am being told that for EB's / AV's the softcap is 55%. I have a hard time believing that for EB's and I think it would be very stupid if AV's needed a
  6. Invuln might fit if your space pirate is wearing some sort of armor, same goes for WP. I am particularly fond of DB/Inv though. Being Sci/Fi based, DB/Elec might work too as a concept and I bet that is a mean toon. Obviously Ninjitsu is not to be considered since we're on pirates and not on ninjas. SR might fit the concept but I think Inv and WP are the ones that fill the concept the most and my favourite is DB/Inv.
  7. Personally haven't found the need to slot KB prot beyond Mag 8 that gets me covered for 90% of foes in game so no need to use such an end hog as Acrobatics.
  8. What are you trying to get with that build? 1.59 end/sec with half your toggles off, you took for some reason acrobatics and focused accuracy for not being able to afford any of them on. If you are looking for survivability, DA offers good survivability if you have the endurance required for it but not sure what are you after exactly here. I'd go for something like this, softcapped to melee and s/l dmg and an endrdx alpha slot, cardiac in this case since the acc seems ok (sorry, just realized your original build did not have Alpha slot yet for the heavy end usage). Anyw
  9. My personal favourites for Claws are Claws/Fire and Claws/Inv for scrappers. The all time favourite though is Claws/DA but that one has to be on a stalker. Claws/Fire is hard to handle at the start and you need to put a lot of sets to make it truly shine but, oh man, once things click in place, that is a truly awesome combo. Back in the day, Brute forums were quite active praising the excellences of claws/elec brutes so I guess a claws/elec scrapper could also be good.
  10. Not tsoore it's such a big deal anyway... <.< >.> what? I HAD to do it ya hear me?
  11. That was a classic back in the day, the other one was the Defender Manifesto which, unfortunately, I have been unable to find.
  12. I had a DM/Fire Brute and he was a great farmer. I can't see your build, seems the link is not full. Thing is, with DM/Fire you can do a lot more than just farm, but in any case, all you have to do is add some additional AoE dmg (Dark Obliteration or Fire Ball, both fit thematically) and you're good to go. Stone/Fire and Psi/Fire also make the hell of a farmer.
  13. Yep, I would really love seeing more Battle Axe options in the costume editor and personally wouldn't mind seeing a few existing ones tweaked a bit. Is it doable?
  14. Since you already have Invuln brute and tank and already have DM, I'd explore the following options: Ninjitsu: Kat/Nin or DB/Nin SR: DB/SR Fire: Psi/Fire or Ice/Fire DA: Kat/DA, MA/DA or Mace/DA Shield: Fire/Shield, Elec/Shield or Axe/Shield Of course, if you don't mind repeating from your chars then DM/SR, DM/DA or DM/Invuln
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