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  1. I have noticed several enemies in game that simply defy the rules about perception and stealth. Several AVs on the STF and LRSF are like this. I tried everything to figure it out, tests with different stealth levels, power analyzer, etc. Ultimately I couldn’t figure out the behavior. I hope you guys can!
  2. I haven't tried it on a brute, but figured I could provide one useful datapoint from my experience on a stalker: The attacks actually give a small recharge bonus and endurance discount, NOT damage as they indicate in the text in some places. On a stalker I always avoid exhaustion, I do much more DPS if I use Hemo at 4 stacks and continue with my attack chain. Hemo is amazing on stalkers (it gets a bit extra bonus from crit for some reason).
  3. In the Lambda Trial, Marauder will sometimes use his Nova Fist power without the warning message appearing on the screen. Sometimes the message does appear, but often it does not. I have not noticed this happening on live, so it appears to be only on Pineapple. (this is solo)
  4. Fun fact: there are points in the game where you can exceed the 17 agro cap. The ambushes in the final mission of the Barracuda SF can well exceed this for the number of mobs attacking you at once. Try it solo and you’ll see this. So clearly the agro cap is not quite as hard and set as many think.
  5. I don’t recall the mag needed, just that you need domination active (ie permadom).
  6. Icy assault is pretty good if you mostly care about: 1. Access to power up to make your mez better. 2. Good single target ranged damage. those were my priorities so I’m quite happy with it.
  7. That’s a good solution, just have a warning indicating what you’re getting into and let the player decide if they are ok with it.
  8. Apparition will probably provide more detail, but a couple notes from me from the test raid: enemies moved properly, and all enemies expected spawned properly the minimap worked for me and a few others, but I understand it was blank for a few people? the GM seemed to be getting healed by something at crazy rates (25% to full health in a few seconds). We think maybe a Rikti priest, but I didn’t see any nearby. Is it possible their range is off? Eventually we did kill him for what it’s worth. the alpha level shift didn’t work for any of us (level 54 minions appeared purple) EDIT: see Apparition’s post for far better details
  9. I actually don’t mind the reduced range and aoe, but I really would like the inherent to be better. It’s terrible as is, both in how effective it is as well as how coherent/understandable it is. Perhaps just a Always on small -res added to all attacks or something, similar in concept to the blaster inherent. That way they would still do substantially less damage solo than blasters, but perhaps catch up on large teams.
  10. I had a great time at the test raid. Other than the items Leandro already knows about (no EBs, enemies not moving, and no minimap), I think this should be great!
  11. Update: This seems to never happen if I set my team size to larger (e.g. x8). My guess is that it is either coded as a chance per mob killed, or maybe with a maximum numbers of mobs needed to kill. Therefore you would only see the bug solo. So perhaps adding a guarantee for getting the key if all mobs are killed is the way to fix this.
  12. FYI, the pylons in the normal RWZ zone are now level 54. I'm not sure if that's intended or not, but just wanted to make sure folks are aware.
  13. I would request that you please set the minimum number of players to 1, just like for task forces. It would also be nice to do this for the incarnate trials if possible. Thanks for all your hard work!
  14. During the "Find the source of Reichsman's power" mission of the Barracuda strike force, sometimes the key to access inside the base won't be awarded even when all of the Axis America soldiers have been defeated. Often it does work so I simply log out then back in and retry the mission if this happens. I've been doing this solo, so I'm not sure if it's specific to that.
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