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  1. I started on something like this, but as you say got stalled out by real life and also seeing that Homecoming was working on their own thing. Anyway, if anyone wants to take what I've done they are welcome to. You can see a demo of where I was here: https://cyraplanner.web.app/
  2. Great info! At the same time I don't want this to de-emphasize the need for a fix to the bugs, as there are several reasons to want to lock leagues. We reeaaaally need a fix.
  3. Several incarnate trials have very high mag mezzes. If you want to be self-sufficient for those it can come in handy.
  4. Is there a shortcut key or a macro I can make to launch the new built-in Freebies Menu? I used to use a macro for the old manual freebies menu which made it convenient to launch. I'd like to do something similar for the built-in one if possible. Thanks.
  5. Mikewho

    League bugs

    Forgot to mention: The reshuffling is particularly frustrating because it usually means the league leader no longer has the star, making it more difficult to re-organize the teams and invite those who got kicked.
  6. Mikewho

    League bugs

    I’m guessing this has been reported before, but just to get fresh eyes on it because it affects so many of us: 1. Leagues reshuffle teams when you get into an incarnate trial. This happens more when the league is locked, but can happen regardless of league and/or team locking settings. 2. League members will often get kicked when trying to load into an incarnate trial. Again this happens more with league locked, but can happen regardless of settings. There are several other related bugs but I’m hoping they will be linked to these two primary issues.
  7. Can confirm that this has happened to us multiple times
  8. I would say a rad corruptor or defender. Plenty of debuff for the AVs and GMs, lots of tohit debuff and a heal for gold side, gets most of the good powers early, etc.
  9. I love corruptors. My only tiny issues are with sets like sonic blast where you should practically always go Defender, and the current state of procs being a bit more favorable to Defenders due to build flexibility. Someone had mentioned the possibility of having Scourge start to kick in slightly earlier, which I think would solve those issues. Other than that I just can't get enough of corruptors 😄
  10. Is it possible Panacea in this case is applying to the enemies erroneously, since rttc has things that affect enemies? Would be a hilarious and unfortunate bug.
  11. I’ve noticed the same thing, even with vigilance deactivated.
  12. Loving all the updates! And still hoping you’ll get to enhancements/sets eventually :D
  13. Agree with all this. A larger scourge range would solve a lot of the issues I had in mind.
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