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  1. During the Keyes incarnate trial run tonight, Anti-Matter's time freeze hold in the final phase was applied permanently to all league members. We stayed for several minutes and it didn't go away. We would still take damage while held. Even hitting the hospital after dying didn't break out of it. Only quitting the league and trial made it go away.
  2. I’ve noticed this as well as other confuse issues for many enemy groups that seem new. For instance dragging an enemy to a different mob and then confusing it often causes nothing to happen. The confused enemy just stands there doing nothing.
  3. In the arc "Blood Begets Blood", when started from Ouroboros, Marauder will spawn as +11 relative to you. I've tried this solo and on a team, in both cases on my level 50 character.
  4. I don’t have exact numbers on this but anecdotally the ally only seems to reduce my inf on a boss by about 1-3%
  5. I highly support this suggestion. I monitor my pve stealth radius to tell whether I am stealthed. I would like a way for the visual effect not to happen, so my costume is easier to see.
  6. You are also allowed 1 question mark, period, or dash.
  7. Those sets also get huge knockback resistance, which works differently than other resistances. Effectively it makes you almost immune to knockback (with a few exceptions)
  8. Agreed. I can't play any melee character that doesn't have at least some taunt aura. Even a weak taunt aura is fine.
  9. Absolutely love following this thread. I'm curious if we know the the best time for a ranged only build? Didn't notice any ranged only times that broke 2 minutes so far (other than those with regen debuffs of course).
  10. This is a good point. There’s a whole bunch of top level content where mobility matters for survivability: underground trial, MoM trial, TPN trial, etc. for the toughest content in the game, there are several sets I’d rate above stone for survivability for this reason.
  11. I agree. I think in principle all melee ATs should have some degree of taunt aura, it should just go from super weak for stalkers to super strong for tanks. The higher damage the AT the weaker their taunt aura.
  12. Agreed. I also think we collectively tend to overestimate how frequently we will be attacking. Yes if you are non-stop attacking a single stationary target as a blaster/scrapper/etc you will do a bit more damage using the +dam option. But in more realistic gameplay I have found the doublehit usually wins out due to mobility, the value of burst damage, having to use other non-attack powers, and so on. It also has the added benefits of diversifying your damage type(s) and being able to exceed the damage cap.
  13. Thanks for all the help everyone. I've gotten some good ideas from you all and will be testing out some builds. Appreciate it!
  14. Here's the build I'm using. Advice is welcome! Though any changes must keep the defense levels mentioned: Scrapper - Dark Melee - Shield Defense.mxd
  15. I use MG->Smite->Siphon Life->Smite
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