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  1. It’s working for me since the patch a couple days ago, thanks.
  2. If there’s any way we could get a “claim next item in my email” command it would be much appreciated (I realize it’s probably low priority) 🙂
  3. I'll add on another small one that popped up around the same time: - Sometimes if you make a change to a keybind in the options window, then swap characters and come back, the change will be reverted. If you instead quit to desktop after making the change, it stays set correctly. This never used to happen.
  4. So my testing strategy was to choose a graphics setting in Ouroboros, then head to RWZ and power analyzer a Pylon. Apply sleet, taking an image right after application, and then another image after 16 seconds or so. Continue until the bug occurs (or I've tried so many I don't think it will occur). I repeated this first for Ultra settings, then Recommended, then Minimum, the Recommended again, and finally Ultra again. Results: Ultra run 1: First Sleet worked, Second bugged Recommended run 1: First Sleet worked, Second bugged Minimum run 1: All Sleets worked (kept going until 12) Recommended run 2: All Sleets worked (kept going until 12) Ultra run 2: All Sleets worked (kept going until 12) My guess is that there's something else going on which just makes all the Sleets work for some period of time after whatever it is happens. Some images, first from Ultra run 1:
  5. Will do, I should be able to get some more formal testing in tonight. Thanks modest & bopper!
  6. Update 2: Even on Ultra settings I still get the bug. In terms of frequency, it seems to be roughly 90-95% of the time the bug happens.
  7. EDIT: Just tested this on my cold characters and it doesn't work for me. Using recommended settings still produces the bug. Maybe recommended settings differ from machine to machine? Fascinating. Any idea which graphics setting specifically is the cause? I use custom so I'm wondering which one I might try tuning... Thanks for the testing!
  8. Just wanted to bring up that this bug is still around, and very frustrating. It makes it unlikely that I would want to run the TF given that you might get all the way to the end and just get stuck.
  9. I can confirm this. I've noticed the same erratic behavior recently on my cold characters using power analyzer.
  10. I definitely agree with this. I would even be ok with them being slightly lower than average performance if it meant they were always on.
  11. This is awesome stuff. If you ever find a way to package this into a single app somehow, I would totally use it!
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