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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't KB to KD conversion also prevent enemies from getting blasted into the walls?
  2. Has anyone ever felt like Peacebringers are a burden to play because they feature Knockback in every single one of their attacks? Has anyone ever felt the same way about Energy Blast toons? To me it has always been frustrating having to only 5 slot these kinds of characters in order to get rid of the KB for the melee team members. Well what if there was an enhancement that behaved like Luck of the Gambler: Increased Global Recharge Speed, but instead of increasing the Recharge speed of all of your powers, it converted the knockback on all of your powers to knockdown. Maybe it could be named something like Unstoppable Power: Damage/Global Knockback to Knockdown? That way PBs and Energy Blasts can be far more competitive thanks to the amount of slotting that just got freed up. This is just theory crafting but what do you guys think of it? Good Idea? Bad Idea?
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