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  1. I had the same trouble. At login I reset the graphics to default and it seemed to have fixed the issue.
  2. Yeah, it is definitely working now. Played all day.
  3. And suddenly, today I can play again. Been on for 30+ minutes with no map server. Curious.
  4. Also, I have been able to play Everquest, which is much more demanding.
  5. Not my issue here. I just recently opened up the laptop and cleaned the fan. This problem started last Sunday (5 days ago) and I have not been able to play since. At this point I'm thinking of dropping the game altogether.
  6. I'd love to know a solution, as I haven't been able to play the game since last Sunday because of it. But apparently, we get no response here.
  7. It's great for set bonuses and the Kismet Accuracy bonus. I six slot it and get all the bonuses I can, since on stalkers it is the first defensive power.
  8. Okay, this is just ridiculous. As a final effort, I completely unistalled the game and Tequila. Even from the registry. Then I reinstalled it all. The issue still remains. Honestly, I'm a bit fed up with even trying now. Getting close to a week of only being able to log on for under 5 minutes. I have no idea what to try now.
  9. Well, I guess I cannot play the game anymore. Four days of this issue and no end in sight. I've tried different servers, revalidated 4-5 times, updated drivers, tried 32 and 64 bit, tried safe mode. Nothing keeps me on for more than 2-3 minutes. And this issue started just a few days ago. Up until then everything was perfect.
  10. I know of multiple people now having the same problem, so it isn't just me. Hopefully they will track down the issue and fix it.
  11. I have this same issue. Win 7 64 bit (I've also tried 32 bit in the game. Dell Inspiron n5050 laptop. Intel Graphics 3000 integrated, of course. I even updated the drivers after the issue started. Reducing option is not working. For me, this issue just started on Sunday...which is a high internet traffic day with Spectrum, so I figured that might have been the issue, but nope, still there today. Reducing my options does not work. I also tried completely uninstalling my video drivers, restarted the computer, installed a fresh download of the drivers, restarted, and it still has the same issue. And yet, I can play more graphically intensive games with no issues.
  12. I've tried both. And the issue has continued into today. 😞
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