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  1. This definitely is a drag....bring back the day/night cycles please.
  2. Has there been any official Dev post concerning this topic?
  3. Pretty sure I said that in the first post in the thread. We all know it is going away.
  4. Well I am hoping for more constructive opinions in this thread...
  5. I know the enterbasefrompasscode is being removed. I know that it is a dev tool and not supposed to be given to players. Base building has been given a life of its own and has organically become a game mode within the game. I know many people have used the command to explore basses and share ideas, using the command to create a community of base builders. In light of this I propose reducing the cooldown time of the Base Transporter temp power to 5 minutes or less. Being a temp power it can easily be disabled in certain game modes. The current 30 min cooldown makes the power much too long to be useful to the base building creators. Edited Here is the summation of this thread:
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