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  1. I tried this one this morning. The mission map did not work. Is that how it is intended?
  2. I've always run with SR and am intrigued by Ninja. Does it have any defence to Defence Debuff's?
  3. Hogunn

    Atomic Manipulation

    Great feedback thx!
  4. So I am levelling an Ice/Atomic blaster and Atomic seems pretty strong so far. Am I missing something? I rarely see Atomic on blasters as a secondary.
  5. I remember playing during Issue 1 just after the game opened. I was a (very) lowbie fire/fire blaster running around exploring in KR. Somebody was running from a Vahz that they had aggro'd from up in the map. It was level 10 or 11. I was, WTF is that???? Anyway, it was over quick and after that I always had a hate on for them lol. Running against Vahz with a fire/fire blaster when this game opened was Suicide.
  6. So you are saying Elec/Earth is a strong build?
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