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  1. Remember when people charged inf to go on Rescue the Fortune Teller mission? Before Ouroboros flashbacks and when inf and levels were hard to grind, especially at low levels? So I, being a newer player at that time, thought that when I got Dr. Trevor Seaborn as a contact, I would get on that gravy train and get me some SO money. Dummy me I didn't make anyone pay up until after the mission. With thoughts of millions dancing in my head I wound up with about 500k after 3 people stiffed me, two people paid and you one berated us and the larger CoH community for being the kind of players that rob people blind just for a badge, before also leaving without paying. Other people ran it for inf, why was I getting all that grief? Long story short, I don't miss Fortune Tellers for currency, the lower levels being a real grind and a million inf being a lot of in game money. 😞
  2. And some of us are capable of doing both at once. 😎
  3. If you want to make a new thread about adding or updating game content, that's a thing you can do. I wouldn't even disagree with you. Some of the legacy content is pretty dry and monotonous, but that's not just a symptom of the early game but of content throughout the levels. That being the case, we come a long enough distance from talking about low level training enhancements to where it's no longer germane to this thread. As for the original topic, i don't see where there's anything else to be said, on my part.
  4. The point, as I understood, wasn't about the content to begin with but whether training enhancements were worthwhile or whether the game should be made easier by letting everyone go hog wild and have SOs right out of the gate. Now you're talking about content getting stale, which has nothing to do with your original point.
  5. The essence of my point was that I don't think there's anything wrong with the early game that needs to be fixed, certainly not giving players I win buttons with SOs and proc firing powers at level 3. At some point someone has to ask how easy is too easy?
  6. It has never been the M.O. Of The City dev team, whether Cryptic, Paragon or Homecoming take content out of the game. When new zones with new content came out such as the Hollows or Croatoa, issue 0 content wasn't taken out, newer content was put in along side of the old. Same for enhancements. New options to gain better enhancements exist already and you can choose to use them, or not. If not, then you can slot TOs or run naked until you can get the enhancement you want.
  7. Agree with everything you said, Steampunkette. In addition while we're making wish lists, add the ability to do cross faction police/newspaper missions or have a Borea style repeatable mission contact.
  8. I stated earlier in the thread that I didn't find early game content all that difficult with or without TOs slotted. Sometimes I think others are playing a different game than I am. When I stated that I breeze through content easily enough, I didn't mean i took the team option (although sometimes I do) I meant that I could handle the bulk of it solo. I don't die an extraordinary amount though I do faceplant occasionally, nor do I have to rest very often, though occasionally that as well. My continuing point being that I don't see the burning necessity of eliminating something that is working as intended, as a teachable device for new players to learn how to slot and as loot appropriate for the level of content they are awarded at.
  9. It would be more than stretching the truth to say I was friends with Ascendant, but I did talk to him in game a couple of times and he always seemed willing to have a friendly conversation with anyone at any time. The latter of the two conversations was in Pocket D after he had done one of his famous one sided phone conversations with Saul all about the injustice of NCSoft shutting down the game. I can't recapture it here, but it was a moment of in game magic. Having only found out about Homecoming a little over a month ago now, i wanted my first forum avatar to be an homage to him. Sorry for the thread derail.
  10. Too bad we can't just have an all in favor vote and call it done. It's a great suggestion, especially in the early levels when you might not yet have a travel power.
  11. I feel like the thrust of this thread is "Make the early game easier for me," in a game that is already pretty easy and becomes so much so that teams in the end game find most content trivial. The ease of levelling in this game has already been streamlined so much since the early issues that I can't agree with the OP. The early game isn't particularly hard. I generally have little trouble breezing through the first 12-15 levels with not only no SOs, but no enhancement of any kind. I'll agree with one point: Training enhancements suck, but I'd argue that they are underwhelming by design. They are bargain basement loot for characters in the basement of progression. They are good enough, if you choose to use them, to get that level 9 Frostfire mission accomplished. Or Shauna Stockwell Skulls arc or what have you. When you really need to upgrade your characters with actual enhancements, DOs then SOs begin to be available, or IOs if you have the inf for them. To sum up, TOs aren't broken or irrelevant. They are working as intended.
  12. In addition to those practical reasons, there's the joy of continuing to play a favored character, who if you have managed to get to 50, fully incarnated and IOd out, you must have some affection for and getting to continue to play brings you some kind of satisfaction.
  13. If some defender are hockey players, then I'm leading the league in penalty minutes. My D3 is pure offender style, often in melee, letting blackstar fly, secure in the knowledge that between darkest night, tanker/brute aggro management and my own middling defenses, that I'm pretty safe. Regardless of playstyle, or power selection though, defenders job is always the same; through buff, debuff or heal, keep the team on it's feet.
  14. There was an emp troller on a pug I was in today becoming frustrated because people on the team weren't gathering for buffs, but instead were on to the next mob as soon as the current one was finished. In truth the team was rolling along just fine with or without the buffs. My advice for playing the game in 2019 is to just fire off your buffs while the team is engaged with the current mob and relatively gathered together anyhow. This idea of stopping a steamrolling team in it's tracks is an artifact of the past, in the age of IOs, set bonuses and incarnates.
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