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  1. Is there an API for getting things from Discord? it's got pages for each server listing all "chat", presumably including things like fire alarms starting and such. Rikti raids would require some interesting parsing of the LFG channel.
  2. You can check it out, The Conscience of the King, by @GadgetDon. I think I'm as done with it as I can make it.
  3. Would love to try. I'm working on one where there are some real kludges to make it work - I want the player to create a cloned body, then walk the mindless body out. I'm generating a hostage event after something gets clicked, but the hostage can appear anywhere in the room. And there are a couple of bits that scream for a cutscene.
  4. I've got two arcs that had beenDev's choices on live. #14322 The Butterfly Effect - Dr. Aeon wants you to help with a little experiment #14323 Architect Files: Stolen! - Dr. Aeon tells you that the files for the AE have been stolen, and wants you to get them back.
  5. Just created an arc for high end characters, #26016, the Conscience of the King. Some parts aren't quite what I want, much due to limits in the AE, but I'm looking for feedback. Penelope Yin wants help with an old friend of hers.
  6. "Send it to its room" - Great. "for a short time" - not great
  7. It might well have had a jail. Good point.
  8. Discovered it by chance, not sure how hard to replicate or even if it's worth trying to fix. As Eye of the Wolf, I face planted in a mission with a full team. Since I was separated from the group (big part of why the face plant), I asked for a port. After a short while, I clicked "Hospital". At that same time, someone ported me to the group. I arrived, fully razzed and healed (I don't have teleport prompt turned on). I'm guessing that the "rezzing" from going to the Hospital takes place a short time before I leave the map, and the porting aborts the exit. Hmmm, wonder if being ported would cancel out clicking an "exit mission" if timed exactly.
  9. This morning, on my iMac (running High Sierra, 10.13.6), Homecoming won't launch. I run Island Rum, "ready to play", and now I get a Wineskin alert with the options of "Install Software", "Set Screen Options", and "Advanced" If I trash it all and reinstall, would that fix it?
  10. Still can't figure out where to put them on my Mac install? I'd love to have VidiotMaps back, as well as restore some old AE files
  11. I haven't recreated them all yet, but some of my favorites: Roncobot (a Cray intelligent AI merged with a Ronco household cleaning bot) General Mayhem (Soldiers MM) Professor Ocnor (Robots MM, spell the name backwards)
  12. I'm back, GadgetDon, with notable heroes Mr. Murgatroyd, Point of Balance, and the Roncobots.
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