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  1. That's actually one reason I'm worried about a perceived discrepancy. If my teammate has a team mission transporter, I benefit, because I want to use it at the same time he does. But the personal base transporter is more personal. If I'd thought of this earlier, I'd have suggested making it like the jetpacks, one million inf for 20 uses of the base transporter. (Numbers to be adjusted based on testing). That way, on the one hand, it's a continuing gold sink. And the jump to get started is a lot lower.
  2. It's a HUGE gold sink, and it's a ONE TIME gold sink. So those who know how to make big influence will groan but be over and done with it, while those whose playstyle/level/number of alts don't add up to big incomes mean that they'll be denied something that reduces so much of the annoying tedium from live. I don't have the facts on how much inf most players have, but being on task forces and pulling out the Team Teleport with some players going "I can't imagine ever affording that", I'm not sure it's good to exacerbate a community divided into the haves and the have nots. For me, it'll be an annoyance, because I'm serially monogamous with my characters 😉 - I take one, play it until it's a powerful incarnate with all slots unlocked and at T3-T4, and then start a new one. So, when I start a new character, I've got the influence to give the new one an "inheritance" of 15-20 million. And it won't be that much of a problem to now raise it to 25-30 million. But if I was leveling multiple alts at once, starting several at the same time, big issue. It's your game, you know the numbers. But the best part of CoH was always the community. And I really don't want to see it damaged.
  3. Bases aren't just for traveling. Between MSR runs, I can pop to a base to train, sell enhancements, craft, trade in merit rewards, buy inspirations. And with the base macro and the temporary base portal (first thing I checked on beta), it returns you to right where you were (assuming you went to the base from the general map as opposed to a mission). Currently, it's usually faster to go to a base to deal with those than travel halfway across a zone (and back).
  4. I'll miss the back door for getting into Ouroboros. Hmmm... will the portal last long enough that I can drop it, change characters, and go through?
  5. I think there's an assumption that everyone has the Vidiotmaps patch installed. When I was gaming on my Mac (thanks, Homecoming, for continuing to support that, BTW), I never could get it installed. If you've got the Vidiotmaps installed, getting the Atlas Park exploration accolade is easy. Without it - a lot less so.
  6. Here's what that viewpoint is missing. Much of the time I go to a base, it's for something other than "go to another zone". I want to level up to 50 quickly so I can start earning Incarnate XP. I want to quickly sell a bunch of salvage because the storage is full again. I want to craft something. The reason that losing the ability to use the temporary base portal in Ouroborus annoys me is because, while an incarnate trial league is SLOWLY building, I'll often pop into a base for a little crafting and selling. (Including merit reward crafting, so no, the portable worktable doesn't fill the bill).
  7. The argument they made is that base portals are traveling through space, not time. But since the most obvious explanation of these teleportation powers (including the base portals) is that they're wormholes, it's not a stretch to say that wormholes work through time as well. As a practical matter, you can call a contact from Cimerora or Ouroborus, you use Mission Teleport/Team Teleport to get you to a mission outside of those zones so back in the "main timeline". That said, a base portal would seem out of place in Ancient Rome, and Silos is supposedly trying to be sneaky so he wouldn't want one. But the blocking of the temporary SG base portal in Ouroborus (it works fine in Cimerora) seems unreasonable to me.
  8. Some quick testing shows that the temporary base portal can work both from within missions (I tested it with a mission from Borea) and also from Cimerora. So the justification for "no base portal in Ouroborus" seems even weaker. Thought just occurred to me - there used to be some people who would use Ouroborus portals to try to grief people, like someone putting an o-portal over the sub for the STF. That was fixed by moving the active point of the o-portal to the glowing gem floating above the portal, but can the temp base portal be used as such? Can it be put just before a door someone needs to get to? With our current community, probably not a concern. But if the negotiations work out and we go legit, trolls may be an issue again. Can there be restriction so that it can't be within, say, three feet of a "door"? Or within six feet of another temp base portal? Even if you don't want to hold up this issue to make it happen, might be worth putting on the "to do" list. Oh, and not in the bowl of the mothership. (BTW, would be good to deny the use of the team teleport within the bowl - we've had a few low level trolls.
  9. Is the temporary base portal not working within that mission? Or any mission? If so, that will really suck. And I'm not sure the "but it's a time travel thing" is a justification - when I'm in Ouroborus or Cimerora, I can call a contact, get a mission, and Mission TP to them. I can also, from Peregrine Island, call Marcus, get a mission, and mission teleport to it. Attempting to unwind the "oh it's traveling through time not just distance" issues in the game is too late, IMO. (Same with calling a Praetorian contact from a Primal zone). If the various teleportation powers (and yes, I include base portal in this) are creating wormholes to get you from point A to point B, in theory that would work across time too.
  10. First, a general note. I've found myself enjoying parts of Homecoming I didn't like in the live version, because basically, it had me spending less time traveling than actually doing something. The purchasable Mission and Team teleports is part of it, but also a big part was the portal macros. It also encouraged some great work on bases, that might not have happened if we were still all just using our own bases. So I think these changes make the game less great, even if they are responding to something that "wasn't supposed" to be there. That there, I've tried it out, and your solution isn't terrible, but the cost and recharge for the portable base portal are really off-putting. Cut both in half, and my objections to the change mostly go away. Also, I get the "but all this is time travel rather than traveling in space", but in practice you're making the game less convenient. Worst offender is "no portable base portal in Ouroborus" - at least on Excelsior, it's where people gather for incarnate trials. They take time to build, and it's very useful to temporarily jump into the base to level/craft/exchange merit rewards, then jump back out when the league has formed. Adding a trainer, couple of workstations, and merit vender to Ouroborus would take care of most of the problem if you really feel the consistency is vital, but removing the restriction would be easier. Lastly, it's great that you reduced the level for Ouroborus, but the back door to get the portal without someone giving it to you will result in a lot more "can someone drop an o-portal near Miss liberty" pleading. Concept: What if there was a permanent Ouroborus portal in Atlas Park (and Mercy Island). Out of the way. Silos is just keeping an eye on new heroes/villains to see who is worth recruiting.
  11. I've been getting crashes, frequently, since this last update - most NOT at the launching of the buds. I've been getting the crash reporter and doing memory dumps. Should I do a full memory dump?
  12. I've been involved in a few server changes in a system FAR simpler than yours. You have my sympathy, empathy, and good luck.
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