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  1. Hello! May I request expanding picture size limits? Currently the forums auto resizes anything new that I've posted (old images from before the forum changes remain safe thankfully) down to a limit of 715 for width and 750 for height. This makes whatever I post to be unreadable for some people unless you click on it and open it in another window, whereas in before, you could simply scroll down. Edit: just found out how to fix it, but i would still like to forward this request, or as an alternative, give us the ability to disable auto embedding/smart mode. Thanks!
  2. An unwanted series returns! Arc 1 is officially over! Full speed ahead on arc 2! Is Ai nyan ebil now? Did she forget someone's face again? Will pocket D ever run out of catgirls? Do all lost things end up in the D? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON AI NYAN'S NYANNING NYAN NYARUS! I die a little every time I type that title yeah totes forgot about the MADAO, who cares about him anyway
  3. (due to certain people's actions, a new story event will happen soon)
  4. (ctrl+f "nyable of nyontents" if you wanna see new chapters) (also if you want to participate in this, just talk to the cat in pocket d, or some other magical girl with the global name GinSakata, depending on how you converse with these people the entire story may change drastically and may decide certain characters fate) Nyable of Nyontents nya~ Origin Part 1 Origin Part 2 Everynyay Shenyanyigans Arc 1 Missing Cat pt 1 (Spctr's nyan nyarus) Spctr's note: Yeah I know it doesn't look like roleplaying at first, but trust me, everything after the origin story will be recollections and/or screenshots of actual roleplay that happened/is happening.
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