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  1. I am very much aware it is not a life or death thing, as I've stated I have found a workaround for it, it's just a bit annoying since before that workaround was the default and with the recent changes, you can't make it default anymore. The case I was having trouble with was regarding a series of comics I was working on wherein because of the default auto picture resize, it makes anything I post very hard to read unless you zoom in on another page. I say this because my comics have always been following standard comic sizes (which I managed to keep by having to upload the picture to a different website, put the link for the image and have to manually override the automatic stuff.
  2. Well, technically it does work, but you need to type /general or /gen or /z for it to work, otherwise you get an unknown command if you just set your chat to general
  3. Dunno if anyone's reported it, but clicking general and typing your message gives you an unknown command. you have to type /general /gen or /z manually for it to work edit: also can we change the color for general chat? probably a more orange color?
  4. Is it possible that we can get alternative animations for speed of sound, say have an option to use ninja run or beast run animations for it?
  5. Unfortunately that's only for audio (and is lacking quite a number of audio files, audio files are also much easier to figure out since they're mostly named after the skill/emote/stuff they get used on. We are currently investigating animations now. btw I'm the guy from this one xD
  6. Hey hey! I was testing stuff out again, i managed to change normal running animations to ninja run (i havent touched jumping yet) but there's a problem As you can see, it looks very very weird It does get better though if you have higher move speed (i turned on sprint in this one) Here's the filenames for the run animations Currently trying to find a way to change run animation while holding a weapon (it changes back to default run if I have my weap out) if you guys find anything about it lemme know too T.T
  7. yeah. again that provoke you changed was for MA and TW so make sure you're testing on a char that's either an MA or a TW user. Also did you restart your game client when you tested? unlike sounds, it wont load newly placed animations automatically
  8. seems like that's for martial arts, make sure you're using the taunt from MA. Also i've been having difficulty with modding attacks atm, probably because there are multiple animations going on at a time when a power is activated. Either that or SFX or something else is getting in the way. An example is that i've managed to make characters do the monkey dance when using flamethrower, the problem is they dont do the actual monkey dance but stand there stuck in a chicken wing pose There's also the fact that males, females and Huge all have different skeletons, some animations can run on all three (most of these can be found on the male folder), gender/size specific ones will be placed on the female and huge.
  9. yeah, you're looking at the bin.pigg file. I wouldnt recommend touching that if you dont know what you're doing yet, start of with one of the sound pigg files if you wanna learn to mod, they're the easiest to change and you can learn the basics there. Texture (you'll find them conveniently having Tex in their names, also in the stage files) and Animation (stage1a.pigg) will be more difficult, For animation, you can swap it easily like sounds, but because of the way the game handles animation, it may or may not produce the outcome you want. easiest to change would probably be the idle and emote animations. For textures, they're dds files that you have to edit it via hex editors to include the file path.
  10. ignore the bin files for now, they mostly just contain paths for various textures, models, etc etc, and also some in game texts. (You can edit them by opening them with a notepad, i recommend using notepad++) Note: the bin files do not contain the actual textures, animations, sounds and etc.
  11. You're missing some redistributable files, check this link here if you wanna resolve that https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 The one from the link you gave crashes for me xD EDIT: Got it to work by being very patient (it takes forever to click open and to click extract). I managed to extract files from there, only downside i had is that it took forever to open stuff xD
  12. Replacement? You mean when i want the stuff i wanna mod to show up in the game? yeah, just make a data folder in your coh folder. Then follow the filepath that's in the piggs
  13. the one from here https://sourceforge.net/projects/piggviewer/ I just right click extract Then placed it in a convenient location and used windows explorer
  14. I just extracted the files, since it's easier for me to search and test stuff that way
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