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  1. Hope I'm not being too cheeky, but I've got two arcs I'm quite proud of I'd like to submit! Caper Arc ID: 302555 Author: @Echo13 You set out to earn a cape - but there's an interruption at the Omega Team Memorial that needs to be dealt with first. An alternate take on the blueside cape-earning mission, taking the same starting scenario but with a different enemy group and a different evil plan! A fairly short and sweet arc at 3 missions long with no huge maps. Combat Evolved Arc ID: 31561 Author: @Echo13 A series of strange disapperances from t
  2. Discord tag: Echo#6831 Availability & time zone: GMT+0, generally most available in the evenings or on weekends. Tools and software that you are familiar with: 3DSMax 2016-2020, Zbrush, Marmoset Renderer, Photoshop What you would be interested in working on: Primarily in animations & rigging, but also general 3D assets. Applicable skills: I'm in the final year of a Computer Games Design course at university, specialising in character animation & rigging. Competent in 3D modelling & sculpting. I also have some experience with texturin
  3. Even though it's not required anymore, you've decided to undertake the old ritual of undertaking a task in memory of the Omega Team to earn your cape. As usual, you talk to the City Representative, and she sends you to talk to Paco Sanchez, Sgt. Bernhard and Justin Greene, who each tell you about Hero One and how he helped them. When you call the City Representative, she directs you to return to City Hall and pay your respects at the Omega Team memorial. As you do, however, you find that you're not the only ones visiting today...
  4. Set mission enemy group to "Empty", use the "Fight a Boss" detail to fill the map; set boss to whatever you want, but make sure you set "Surrounding Enemy Group" to "Empty" as well. Set quantity to however many you want; you probably want to have it so they're not required for mission completion, and adding a "Collect An Object" to be the only required objective, to save having to search for any you miss.
  5. I'm curious how hard it'd be to add new weapon skin options for Broadsword/Titan Weapons/etc. I realise adding new meshes is a bit of a nightmare for reasons, but there's some existing weapons in game that aren't available to PCs which would make nice alternate options. The ones which come to mind immediately are the Coral Hammer (which could make a good Titan Weapon), the Knives of Artemis swords (Broadsword, of course), and the Nemesis Chausser rifle (the other types are already available, but not this one). I'm sure people could find others. Put images of the three I mean in a g
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